summers in sunnydale

Sometimes I randomly start thinking about students in Sunnydale noticing Faith hanging around, I mean it doesn’t seem like a stretch to me, the High School doesn’t seem that big (possibly due to the high number of fatalities…) and Faith isn’t easy to miss. I always imagine some conversation like, 

“Is she new here? She’s pretty much always around, but I don’t know anyone who has any classes with her.” 

“No, I thought so too at first, but I think she’s just Buffy’s girlfriend.” 

“Buffy? Oh, you mean that blonde who’s never around except when like freaky stuff is happening and spends all her time with that British guy, the librarian? I thought her name was Bunny. Wow, learning all kinds of new things today, I didn’t know she had a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, I heard they’re always going on moonlit walks and stuff, and Buffy came out or whatever at her party remember, her mom threw a fit about it, y’know, and Buffy was all ‘this is who I am,’ and then those guys attacked.”

“Man that was weird, do you think those dudes were like a gang? I heard she was in a gang.”

“Could be, maybe ms. leather pants is in it, that’s how they met, haha?”

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sterek and malec for the shipping meme?

I can do Sterek, but I don’t watch Shadowhunters so I don’t know much about Malec, sorry.

  • falls asleep on the couch: Stiles does, he’s always up late working on schoolwork, especially when he has to do his thesis, but then later he’s always up late working - I imagine Stiles most likely being a deputy, and I imagine him pouring over the files of his latest case and he just forgets what time it is, and then Derek, who is one to wake up in the middle of the night usually, gets up for some water and when he sees Stiles passed out, he picks him up and brings him to bed and Stiles mumbles and blinks awake when Derek gets him in bed but then he just sighs and lets Derek strip him to his boxers and then curls around Derek when Derek’s done and they fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. 
  • makes friends with the neighbors: For this I’d actually say Derek because I see Stiles being annoyed by them and ranting about them to Derek, and at like neighborhood barbecue’s Stiles is the one who opens his mouth to say some asshole-ish thing because they’re just bubbly and sweet and a little condecending - even though they don’t mean to be - and then Derek is there before Stiles can say anything, chatting with them and putting an arm and around Stiles’ waist, comforting, and then Stiles just stays quiet and rests his head on Derek’s shoulder and then their neighbors coo at how cute they are and Stiles lifts his head, narrows his eyes, opens his mouth, but Derek talks over any words he says and Stiles scowls and just goes back to Derek’s shoulder, playing with the neckline of Derek’s t-shirt, tuning out their converstaion. And Derek is the one to bake cookies or brownies after the neighbors cook them some cookies - which Stiles scoffs at but begrudgingly eats because cookies - and they invite him in and they chat. And then Derek gets a text from Stiles all “where the fuck are you???” and Derek texts him he’s at the neighbors and Stiles charges over there all like “You’ve been here for HOW LONG?” and Derek’s all “just a couple hours” and Stiles leans up and whispers in Derek’s ear “if you leave right now I’ll blow you” and Derek tensing up and then hastily says goodbye to the neighbors who smile and wave at the door as they leave and Stiles is like grossed out and all “they’re so perfect, what the fuck, are they even real?? Are they barbie dolls come to life???” and Derek just laughs, which ends in a choke and then gasp when Stiles wraps his lips around his cock. 
  • is the adventurous eater: Stiles, definitely. Like, anywhere they go Stiles will order some crazy mix of things, or try the escargo and so on and Derek just sits there watching Stiles eat it with a disgusted, but admittedly fond look on his face. One time Stiles has stuffed his face with gross octupus crap and Derek just sighs, leans his elbow on the table and says “I love you so much” and Stiles looks up, mouth full, eyes wide and blinking and then Stiles tries to say it back and ends up spitting some octopus on the table and then there’s mad scramble to clean it up, and Derek’s laughing while Stiles glares at him. 
  • hogs the covers at night: Stiles. He doesn’t do it on purpose, but Stiles is human and needs the warmth and Derek just sighs and tugs half of it back over to him, but then Stiles ends up tugging it back and Derek eventually will just growl in frustration and roll over to spoon Stiles, and Stiles will sigh happily, burrowing into his Derek blanket, content, and Derek will bury his smile in Stiles’ shoulder. 
  • forgets to do the dishes: Derek. Stiles is surprisingly good at remembering, but Derek hadn’t had a ton of dishes for so long, just the bare minimum that he wouldn’t have to do them that often, but now he does and he forgets and Stiles shouts it out to him from the kitchen that it’s his turn to do the dishes, helloooo, and Derek huffs, shuffles into the kitchen, and Stiles is usually ranting about Derek forgetting to do the dishes, again, when Derek takes Stiles in his arms, dips him, and kisses him. And Stiles is like “wha???” and Derek’s smirking. “What was I saying?” Stiles says and Derek brings him back up and kisses his nose and Stiles smiles dopily at Derek, biting his lip, and Derek moves to do the dishes and Stiles stumbles. Then he just turns to Derek and is all “you did that on purpose” and Derek grins and Stiles huffs. Works every time. 
  • tries to surprise their partner more often: Stiles. He’ll try to surprise Derek with nice things all the time because Derek needs nice things, okay, he’s been through a lot of shit and he deserves nice things, okay??? And Stiles will just get Derek random presents and Derek will be all “it’s not even my birthday though???” And Stiles will be all “idc, i wanted to get it for you” and it’s just small, silly things like a book he knows Derek loves but doesn’t have yet, stuff like that. Except Stiles does save his biggest surprise when he proposes to Derek, and all Stiles does is just kneel before Derek in their backyard or in the grogery store aisle and ask him and Derek couldn’t have been more surprised. (And of course he says yes ;))
  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor: Stiles, lbr. Somedays he’s just so tired he can’t be bothered with it, and Derek sometimes says nothing and just picks up his clothes, but other times he grips about it to Stiles, and one time they get in a petty fight about it and Derek ends up throwing Stiles dirty clothes on him and Stiles yells and grabs Derek to pull him on top of him and then they just end up making out, of course.
  • stays up til 2 AM reading: Derek, because Stiles loves reading but Derek is like…okay, if reading could be considered a passion, it would be Derek’s. And he just gets so lost in whatever book he’s reading that he doesn’t realize that it’s 2AM, he has to get up for work the next morning and he needs to just put down the book. And Stiles usually falls alseep next to Derek, even with the light on, his breathing steady, calming to Derek as he reads. Or Stiles is out asleep on the couch, whichever. But Derek eventually makes himself stop and then he turns out the light and curls around Stiles, who smiles in his sleep when Derek’s arms come around him. 
  • sings in the shower: Derek. And Stiles sometimes joins him, probably already dressed and he has to brush his hair, his teeth, and sometimes Stiles laughs at how offkey Derek is, and sometimes, if he doesn’t have to go into work so early, Stiles joins him in the shower, and Derek turns to Stiles, singing softly as he wraps his arms around Stiles’ waist, pulling him close, and it turns into humming as they sway under the water, and then they kiss lazily, sleepily, passionately. And then when they eventually pull back Derek continues to hum as they wash each other, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. 
  • takes the selfies: Stiles. Derek still avoids technology if he can sometimes, but Stiles is the one with the instigram and facebook and crap, and he loves documenting his and Derek’s relationship and he loves being able to post a picture of him and Derek cuddled together or kissing or making silly faces or doing anything, really, and putting a caption about how lucky he is to have such an amazing boyfriend. And then Scott would probably comment that Derek’s lucky to have Stiles too, and Stiles always shows Derek the posts and he sees that comment and wholeheartedly agrees, and Stiles actually blushes, and Derek kisses his cheek and says “I love you” and Stiles is all “ugh shut up I hate you” and Derek laughs and Stiles is all “Stop! Why do you have to be…ugh!” And Derek laughs harder and Stiles is all “I love you too! Dumbass!” because he can’t handle how much he loves Derek but he does, he really fucking does and then they slow bone on the couch, woot woot! (Later, Stiles thanks Scott for the comment and Scott’s all ‘why’ and Stiles is all ‘cause it got me laid so good’ and then Scott yells and plugs his ears and is all ‘i’m not listeningggg!!!’ as Stiles describes the way Derek made him feel, laughing at Scott’s gagging noises)
  • plans date night: This is totally both of them, for sure. They take turns planning date night and sometimes it ranges from completely unromantic, just watching a movie on the couch together, to full on fancy restaurant with suits and ties and shit, and then somewhere in between. One time Derek takes Stiles to an amusement park and late at night before they leave, Stiles tells Derek it was the best date ever, and they make out at the entrance to the park and a few people yell at them to get a room as they walk by, and they just ignore them, lost in their own little world where it’s just the two of them, madly in love with each other.


These are all of the COOL locations I found around the school that were Jenny Calendar related and took photos with my friends. It was easily the best Birthday ever. I’m about to turn 23, so what can I do next?!

And lastly here are some awesome photos I took that you might recognize: