4. Make a postcard and send it to a us

Making a fimo/clay Totoro model from start to finish, which I then photographed for the postcard, drawn using liquid and pencil eyeliners. I’m not sure whether I should include actual photographs together with the drawings. I will probably change the layout for this, because I don’t really like the placement of the last two photos.

Summer Project- Photography

Our summer project was to take photographs of our Summer adventure, I spent most of my summer in the Co-op but I did get to go to Edinburgh for a week during the Fringe Festival. Edinburgh is one of the nicest places I have been, the city is beautiful and its surrounded by hills. I took my mini Diana camera that Josh got me for my birthday. I have only used it once and I dropped the camera as I was taking the film to b e developed so I never got to see the images. So I knew using the Diana would be hit or miss. These are the photo’s I used:

St Johns Church, Edinbugh

Giraffe statue, Omni Centre, Edinburgh

North Bridge, Edinburgh

Scott’s Monument, Princess Street, Edinburgh

The Images came out quite blurry, but I think it gives them quite a nice effect. Clear photographs came sometimes all look the same. I added quotes from the book ‘One Day’ to most of them.