4. Make a postcard and send it to a us

Making a fimo/clay Totoro model from start to finish, which I then photographed for the postcard, drawn using liquid and pencil eyeliners. I’m not sure whether I should include actual photographs together with the drawings. I will probably change the layout for this, because I don’t really like the placement of the last two photos.

Summer Project- Photography

Our summer project was to take photographs of our Summer adventure, I spent most of my summer in the Co-op but I did get to go to Edinburgh for a week during the Fringe Festival. Edinburgh is one of the nicest places I have been, the city is beautiful and its surrounded by hills. I took my mini Diana camera that Josh got me for my birthday. I have only used it once and I dropped the camera as I was taking the film to b e developed so I never got to see the images. So I knew using the Diana would be hit or miss. These are the photo’s I used:

St Johns Church, Edinbugh

Giraffe statue, Omni Centre, Edinburgh

North Bridge, Edinburgh

Scott’s Monument, Princess Street, Edinburgh

The Images came out quite blurry, but I think it gives them quite a nice effect. Clear photographs came sometimes all look the same. I added quotes from the book ‘One Day’ to most of them. 

Too many feelings...

        Yesterday was a giant, crazy party in my head. I don’t even know where to begin. Well…I went on a summer project this past summer in Vail, CO. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE! God taught me so much and changed my heart in a million ways for His Glory. Ahh I can’t even think about it without my heart fluttering… :) So logically, at TCX this past week, when they brought up project, I was super excited yet I definitely did not surrender this coming summer to the Lord. In the moment I guess I was thinking that I had already done that… that I gave Him this past summer (that sounds horrible, for every day of my life is rightfully His) , and He rocked my world. Why would He ask me to surrender a summer in this way again? I had already felt His leading for my future over the course of TCX. My heart for missions was expanded, my love for God’s people was enlarged, and I could easily say that I felt the Lord was calling me into the field of international missions at some point in my life. Ha surprise, surprise…
       So there I sat yesterday morning…completely confused as to why I felt the way I did. The only way I can describe this feeling is by saying that I felt it the night the Lord called me to lay down my relationship with my boyfriend at the time, and I felt it after deciding that I was NOT going to go on project last year even after being accepted to Vail. (Needless to say… that feeling led to a breakdown of my own will and surrendering to what the Lord was calling me to). This absolutely terrifies me in a million different ways. I just want to cry and cry and cry. I have no idea what any of these fleeting ‘feelings’ mean, but I do know that I need to be seeking my Lord and Savior in this area especially right now. Who knows what He has for me. A summer project this year might not be it. Lalalalalala. Your will be done.

Summer Project
Went to the mall for like six hours to escape the heat. I remember my feet hurting. Should’ve asked for the number of the cute boy who was working at Subway. Bought Rita’s for my grandparents. Worried about them more than ever. Came home to eat our salads. Watched an awesome sunset with Anne’s mom and brother, Ted (along with my mom and dad). My dad admitted to being embarrassed about falling off a chair in front of Ted.

Summer Project
July 16
I’ve sucked at updating this for the past week. I went to the beach with Anne and Darian but came home to a stressed ridden family. Nonsensical fighting has permeated the air, and with it; the heightening talk of death. My grandmothers health is rapidly decreasing and she will soon succumb to the cancer that has seemingly attacked every aspect of her body. My disabled grandfather is in ruins, as he is without a constant caretaker. I haven’t written because this is all too overwhelming to comprehend. I’m just sad. I haven’t cried yet. A big thanks to Ash for gifting me two cigarettes as a stress reliever. Sorry I haven’t updated on my summer.

Summer Project 1 (2 more school final days)

Trying to make positive changes everyday. I don’t know if I’d consider my hair a “positive” change… But hanging out with more than one person at a time is hard for me, and I did that.
Plus seeing my brother was a change. And he looks like he’s changed, too. Here’s to hoping we can both move forward and evolve into a better version of our present selves.


These are 10 images that i have numbered down from several shoots i did over summer and consider to be my best images.

My  thoughts and views on my summer work now would be that i did really well, i experimented with lots of different shoots, i did portraiture, still life and i put my own personality and thoughts into what i was shooting. It was quite hard to decide what images to put on this page of best images as i had so many which i liked. I think i put a lot of effort into my projects and achieved good quality images. I think that i did have some good ideas and achieved the ideas in my images well. I think i manipulated the images well and with these images it’s clear to me that i am interested more in portraiture.

If i could do these images again i would probably try organising a better location for the freckle black and white shoot and using different settings or a different lens for the zombie shoot. The zombie, horror, movie shoot was probably the shoot that i was most disappointed with as the lighting didn’t go completely right, it was always slightly darker than i wanted the images to be which frustrated me and i tried to do my best in photoshop to repair the lighting but if it had gone right the first time then i would have found my images more appealing although if this didn’t go wrong i wouldn’t know what to do next time.


This was an amazing kids area of the National Gallery of Victoria designed by two Melbourne based, Italian designers known as Mathery studio (Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli)

Joe and I walked in and had a look around we immediately wanted to start playing but were scared we were too old, thankfully we weren’t.

The aim is to encourage children to reconsider what drawing is. They turned so many objects into crayons including cutlery and then added them onto helmets and shoes. Pictures 3 & 4 show the wax balls that are made of crayon. instead of moving the crayon around on a piece of paper you moved the piece of paper around in a crayon.

It was such a fun interactive experience that I think would allow anyone to really reconsider drawing.


Summer Project
Really great day. Finally gave my dad his finished Father’s Day present. He seemed to like the shirts I designed for the boat.
Then I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Anne and Darian. Anne gave her number to a boy named Corey who ended up having a girlfriend and being douchey. “Stalked” this guy in my grade who I think is interesting and insanely cute. Sat in St. Martha’s parking lot. Sat in Dairy Queen parking lot. Sat in Caln Roller Rink parking lot. Why? I don’t know. Finally went to get sodas at the Downingtown Diner (Darian was dying of thirst). Played with straws. Anne gave her number to another boy (technically his mother). Pat ended up being much nicer than Corey.