Canberra Gothic

- The highway stretches dark and infinite before you. Marsupials attack. The entrails of their fallen comrades spill out across the asphalt. The roads are not a war zone, but you will always win.

- The trees are green, the lake is green, the milk is green, The House is green. Everything is green.

- There is a bike rider on the path. A magpie swoops. There is no bike rider on the path.

- The sculpture is not an owl. The sculpture is not a penis. It looms, thick and solid above you. You feel threatened anyway.

- The window washer on Northbourne opens his mouth to speak. Car exhaust and burnt rubber billows out. You smile, take a deep breath. You love the smell of Summernats.

- The windows of your ex-govvie are frozen and you can’t see out. You go outside, scrape the ice off the glass, your breath steaming around you. You go back inside but the ice is back. The ice will always come back.

- Looks Good Mown Eh, Lisa? The pun makes you smile as you pass. Looks Good Mown. Good Mown. Mown. You keep laughing, you cannot stop. You hope you’re laughing for the right reason.

- The car has been tailgaiting you for years. You try to pull over. You can’t. One day it will catch you. One day that car will win.