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So it’s been a while since l’ve seen a good movie. I been dying to see a movie that keeps me on the edge of my seat while trying to figure out the plot. Im a huge scifi geek and I love to see movies that are packed with action, adventure and good graphics. However, recently I have been disappointed with some of the movies that have been released. So, when I finally saw the trailer to After Earth I automatically thought, “I gotta see this”!
After Earth is basically a scifi movie starring Will and Jaden Smith. In the trailer Will is some kind of general and Jaden is a ranger in training. They go on a mission but crash land on Earth. This is where the trailer really gets interesting. Will then tells Jaden that earth is not a good planet and that everthing on it is designed to kill them. Addtionally I also liked one of the quotes Will’s character says, “Danger is very real..but fear is a choice”.
This movie seems like its going to be epic. It’s being released June 7th and I can not wait to see it! I have also been watching some reviews on the movie trailer. There were a lot of skeptics but overall it seems like it’ll be a hit when it is released in theaters. Some reviewrs where a little worried about the movie because its directed by M. Knight, but I’m confident that its going to be worth seeing. So far, I liked mostly all of the movies Will and his son Jaden have been in.

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Seriously cannot wait for this!!! Man of Steel, behind-the-scenes and some new clips.  Always interested to hear about the creative people behind the film and how they come up with their ideas!  #creativity



Ruby Sparks (2012). Directed by Jonathan Dayton + Valerie Faris. Starring Paul Dano and his belle Zoe Kazan.

My dear friend Paul is at it again. He’s just a fantastic talent. The film has a July 25, 2012 (US) release date. Go see this film and tell a friend. #rubysparks