Ahaha it’s weird my wild thing pose… and for me corpse pose it’s so hard because I relaxed so much that I fall asleep ahaha…

Thank you so much Valencia! <3 you’re a extraordinary person!! #yogislovedad

One thing I love about my dad: just because he is my dad.

#summerlovingyogis Thanks Bree I enjoy too much your challenge.


Catching up the challenges:

#yogislovedad: 3 things I love about my dad: The way he smile when he will made a joke/// He knows about everything, he is like a library walk/// His voice, since I was kid and I just listen his voice far away I felt safe and I just smile! and even that I almost have 28 years old I keep feeling the same way <3.

#positivesummer: Thanks all that joined us on this challenge! If you want to join me for july I am hosting a new one #enjulyyourpractice.