Okay throwing in the towel on this one - I am so sorry Shishio, so very sorry >_>;; Good luck with your thesis, Mel!

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Hmmm, for now I’ll give my top shoujo mangas yeah? Taiyou no Ie, Koi Dano Ai Dano, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Oresama Teacher, Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Koe no Katachi, and Orange? :3

Aaaah, I do read Nozaki-kun, though I’m not up to date. It’s awesome. <3 I shall start Hirunaka no Ryuusei after watching Zankyuu no Terror and Aldnoah Zero, then! I’m adding the others to my read list too. I’m in a shojo manga mood recently, so it won’t take me long to finish those. XD Thanks a lot, hun. \o/ I hope we will get to talk lots about those series. /o/

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Kamui, to match with your URL hehehehe

3 things I have in common:

  • we’re both short
  • we both love Akane
  • I have scar on the side of my face (though not as large as Kamui’s scar haha)

3 differences:

  • well first of all I’m a girl
  • I don’t murder people for revolutions (or do I?)
  • i have better tastes in jackets (sorry kamui lol)

send me a character name and i’ll tell you three things i have in common with them and three things i don’t

Haha sorry definitely not the best handwriting! (For some reason I tend to alternate the way I write the letter “a” subconsciously) Tagging kurasuchi shizuos yatori-will-be-my-cause-of-death summerhalcyondays atlasflames soyalahh starrymangos if you wanna do it! (I thought it was kinda fun p(^_^)q ) Thanks for tagging me grimaquez!!!!

noragamis said: Yeah Noragami’s sales not doing great in Japan sigh
summerhalcyondays said: Aaaaah does that means Noragami is a flop? That honestly is disheartening…

I wouldn’t say a flop or that it’s bad and honestly the ranking in HMV doesn’t really count that much, stores which aren’t Amazon or Animate don’t tend contribute much to the sales this season… On Wednesday we’ll get the numbers of how it did but I predict that vol.1 will do better than most of the Winter anime which look VERY BAD.

Monogatari and Shingeki are still releasing their BDs and Spring has many strong titles so this Winter season is the worst selling in recent years. Noragami at least had good manga sales boost and the anime sales look fine even if it isn’t a hit 

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translation project for dies irae then? *sparkly hopeful eyes*

Kiddo. Please. No. Do you have any idea how many months it took me to translate just one route from that other far far easier VN? Granted its writing style was terrible (to me, remember I’m a weirdo with horrible taste) and I kept burning out on it because a lot of things were really irritating me, but…no.

I am translating some scenes and will be uploading videos of them…hopefully…but yeah, no. No. No. There’s a reason why Dies Irae is on the “basically impossible” tier of VNs in terms of translation.

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space dementia - muse

You make us wanna die
I’d cut your name in my heart
We’ll destroy this world for you
I know you want me to
Feel your pain

Space dementia in your eyes and
Peace will arise
And tear us apart
And make us meaningless again

might as well write down the whole song lmao rip i love this sm

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WAIT WHAT?!? How many chapters is the manga? The scanlations are way behind but… oh man, that’s kind of bittersweet. ;( Btw, this week’s Zankyou no Terror ep. was really good… *hinthint* lol

Apparently 143 is the end. What everyone is flipping out over is a leaked copy, but…yeah…it’s…yeah that’s probably exactly how the mangaka is ending it. And it’s not bittersweet - it’s just like, how to say. I was “!?!????"ing at someone who was all "I guess it’s only ever going to be known for its bad ending now,” and I just went, “It’s not even a bad ending…it doesn’t even count as an ending.

A writer can choose to end their work how they please, but it will be evaluated on the basis of “was it a good story?” It felt like a cancellation end, except it was done on purpose. That’s not a “tragedy” - that’s just lazy. At that point as a creator I would think that no matter what kind of ending I wrote, I’d owe my audience either the bread crumbs to piece everything together, or closure.

Yeah in my manic-depressed haze I sort of dropped everything I was watching this season…will catch up… I just have reluctance x100000 to pick any of them up again and I don’t know why.

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Honestly my plan was to catch up with the manga…then I got home, stared at my screen, and went, “I’m not going to waste time on this shit when it’s only going to get me to 143.”

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PLEASE VENTURE TO THE HNR FANDOM WITH EXTRA CAUTION THO (especially if you end up shipping the same pairing as me…EXTRA CAUTION) and yeaaah once I’ll have this thesis out of the picture letssss

I shall make sure to stay out of those fandoms. <3 Don’t worry. XD

Honestly though, I’m worried about your schedule. O_o Try not to force yourself too much… ;_;

summerhalcyondays said: Yess exactly that one panel is just super heart wrenching. Since shinkis aren’t supposed to remember their past life, perhaps something to do with Kofuku when she was still a child? (I remember a panel on that on previous chapters)

I suppose it can be both? I don’t really remember but Yukine’s fear of dark could’ve been a trait from his previous life, right? 

Yeah we saw that shot of loli Kofuku so maybe something happened when she was born. I hope they reveal more in future chapters!

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Ditto with the Kenshin one; plus I used to think that his real name was Kenshi in the dub (or my hearings are just bad). Kindaichi is getting a new anime oohh…it’s been a super long time I didn’t even remember how the old dub even sounds like aahh

Kindaichi’s going to replace Uchuu Kyoudai next spring, here’s hoping cruchy or anyone will sub it.

Kindaichi’s dub voice was the same guy who did Inuyasha’s dub, I always liked that guy’s voice. He kinda sounds like Kamiya Hiroshi but a bit more hoarse.

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Green and white :") *I hope this ask reached you because I think the last one didn't*

(: ! (also SORRY THIS IS LONG)

Green: 8 facts about my life

1. I’ve lived in four countries on three continents. (I’m 23.)

2. My parents are ethnically Chinese (but American, honestly), but I’ve lived in Asia for ~7-9 years. I say I’m American, but I score midway re: Eastern vs Western attitudes, ways of thought and cognition.

3. I never started considering my Asianness until I lived in South Africa. (I’m sure you’ve heard stories from blacks about how how they get treated in Asia. Trust me, there are things to be said about the opposite, too. People are people.)

4. I was (forced to be) in the IB program in high school. (Like AP, only worse, do not argue cough.) It was an experience that I’m still not over.

5. My first video game was…Goldeneye 007 for the N64. =D (Thank god my dad loves James Bond and didn’t see the harm in his 7-year-old daughter playing a shooter…haha…ha……yeah I asked for the game >_>; and promptly trashed all my guy friends >___>;;; )

6. I’ve been published. (Since my major was journalism and all.)

7. My majors were in journalism and political science, and my minor in psychology. No one believes that I didn’t major in Japanese or linguistics zzzz.

8. At one point I dreamed of being an Olympic swimmer. o god that was a long time ago. (otherwise, practiced aikido for 3.5 years.)

Pink: 4 facts about my parents

1. My parents were born in Shanghai and grew up during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76). It was a heinous time that even historians have difficulty explaining clearly. But my parents were part of that almost nonexistent bourgeoisie class, which meant heavy persecution and some deaths/torture.

2. During the CR, there was no school. So at the end, there were 10+ years of students attempting to test into uni. My father and mother were part of the 1st and 2nd graduating classes/years after the end of the CR, which are called “the golden generations” because you had to do something damn right to beat out 10x the usual applicants in a meritocratic test.

3. My dad can speak four languages perfectly (English, Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese). Well, his Mandarin’s not necessarily perfect, haha. People always ask him, “Tell me how to be fluent in English!!” and he goes, “watch a lot TV!!” (God I wish that worked for Japanese, but because fiction language isn’t legit irl language at all…….)

4. My mom was a mathematician, but we always fought when I asked her for help with math hw. She’s also really gorgeous so people look at me and go, “………what happened to you?” (Bastards.) She also is so good at telling her side of a story that afterwards you can’t possibly entertain the notion that her account isn’t the entire truth. Which is a problem.

To summerhalcyondays,
I’m looking into the piano piece you were asking about. Please be a little patient with me since I have to looking to see if I have it or if it’s out there. 

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Hanyu is not weaaaaaaaakkkk he probably can…knife people with his bladed shoes…*rolls away*

…Well, I guess he could survive a matchup against Elsa, skating around, but…vs Harry Potter, Luffy, Doraemon, or Pikachu? Sure he can probably beat Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (……probably, right?) or Rilakkuma, but…hey this is hard for me too, man.

(also HI LITTLE KOUHAI it has been a while - sorry sensei’s so horribly negligent ._. *waves furiously*)