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“Hiyori said that ever since she was little, she would like to be a doctor, which Yukine confirmed in delight that she indeed would like to succeed his father, and that he would be rooting for her. However, Hiyori then wondered to herself why did she originally wanted to become a doctor - why she couldn’t remember despite it was her own dream.”

This seemed quite interesting to me. In an earlier Noragami chapter, Hiyori could clearly remember a memory from her childhood, where her mother stated that she should stay away from some people. Now, here she is, where she cannot even remember the original reason of her dream.

Isn’t it actually fishy?

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Hmmm, for now I’ll give my top shoujo mangas yeah? Taiyou no Ie, Koi Dano Ai Dano, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Oresama Teacher, Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Koe no Katachi, and Orange? :3

Aaaah, I do read Nozaki-kun, though I’m not up to date. It’s awesome. <3 I shall start Hirunaka no Ryuusei after watching Zankyuu no Terror and Aldnoah Zero, then! I’m adding the others to my read list too. I’m in a shojo manga mood recently, so it won’t take me long to finish those. XD Thanks a lot, hun. \o/ I hope we will get to talk lots about those series. /o/

“…I knew you would come back.” [x]

I had a sadder version in mind, but this is to celebrate Mel passing her thesis defense, so…!

Noragami Chapter 47 Spoilers

This is not a complete summary! This is more like spoilers than anything else, and I only typed in the important parts, and a proper and complete summary will be done by summerhalcyondays. I think I’ll do it like this in the future, so that there won’t be two summaries for a single chapter. Plus I’ll have more time on scanlating hq djs too~ *shot*

Anyway… wow, this chapter has tons of information in it. I wonder if present!Yato will talk about Sakura to Hiyori, now that she had seen his past..

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