wasn’t on here for a long time but due to the summer i made some screens :)

In general i play less BDO now, even tho i switched to dark knight. Kinda quit my Witch. But currently i’m too busy to play.
Also it would be a waste not to share them~

in the screen it is my Dark knight, even tho she looks like my witch. I just love my witch template, so i recreated it for dark knight.. the hours i spend just for her lips and the smile… don’t ask. xD


Donuts! Donuts! Doooooonuts!

I had so much fun last weekend at the SFU Summerfestival hanging out with Starktorialist and her buddy Kyle.  I’ve wanted to do a proper cosplay of Sadie since I saw her in the first episode of Steven Universe.  She’s such a cutie and also I got to carry donuts around all day!  Donuts! <3

Top Four Photos: Dale L

Bottom Photo: Stephen Melvin

Sadie: Lilrenald