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Could you do waking up on cold mornings with 2D? I think it would be super cute! (Also i love your blog)

A/N: i write this as we are approaching the flames of hell us floridians call summer

Even though you’re bundled up under what seems to be endless amounts of comforters and blankets, the frosty air ends up disturbing your sleep. You peek your head out from under the warm blankets and you’re greeted with sunlight peeking through the cracks of his makeshift curtain; a bunch of tarnished wood. You yawn as you stretch your limbs out, accidentally pushing some of the blankets off of you, exposing the arm that’s wrapped around your waist to the cold air. It shivers before pulling you back into the warmth into the embrace of the person underneath them. His bare chest feels slightly cold against your back and you wonder why he still settles on sleeping in just briefs even when it’s cold outside. 

He adjusts his position a bit until he settles on a comfortable one, his head resting above yours as his cold toes rub up against the underside of your sock clad feet, tickling you a bit. You squirm away from him, giggling but he just pulls you closer against him, trapping you with his lanky arms. You give in and he places a kiss on top of your head before resting his chin on it again and the two of you lay there for a bit, eventually falling asleep again.

sorry it’s so short, idk what cold weather is really like all we have here is a puff of cold air and we call it winter