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Thanks for judging me without knowing all the shit I've been through. Thank you. Means so fucking much.

Well thanks for bullying someone that you used to call your best friend. Thanks for talking shit about her and making her feel like it. Thanks for thinking that her depression is the cause for her attempt at suicide when really, even people with depression need to be pushed over the edge. You don’t even get how it feels to be alone because you are one of those girls who are never alone. When you’re fighting you always have someone there. Being her tumblr friend for a really long time now, i know that everytime she’d get in a fight with one friend the rest would gang up as well. You wouldn’t get it because nobody gets it until theyve put a razor up to their skin and bled or taken a shitload of pills and been emitted to the hospital. You just dont get it. You say youre going through alot but ill bet you fight with your parents. Welcome to life. You werent abused, your mom didnt have cancer. You dont think its a big deal, but it is. You didnt go through half the shit she’s been through yet you can backstab her and everything is ok because YOU’RE still smiling.

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MAGS?!?!?!?!?!? AHAHAHAH omg

She’s seriously the best!

Okay I mean she lived before the Games existed, even before the Uprisings. She’s pretty resilient to have mentored kids in Games for 65ish years, and to remember where she came from, in a world where the Games didn’t exist, and to escape the horrors of the Capitol, or if she even did. I think she’s brave and amazing and it bothers me slightly that everyone thinks that she’s just a crotchety old lady who kissed Finnick before disappearing into the mist.

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We have devised the perfect game plan for scoring on Valentines’ Day:

Step 1) Wrap yourself in tinfoil and write “Burrito” on the outside.
Step 2) Lay on significant others bed.
Step 3) As she instinctively unwraps “the burrito”, you will be lying there, naked, holding an actual burrito.
Step 4) Say “Happy Valentines’ sugar-tits, here’s a burrito” when she opens the tinfoil.
Step 5) She’ll proceed to jump your bones.

If you follow these exact steps as they are written, you won’t have to watch “50 Shades of Grey” this Valentines’ Day in order to get laid.

You’re welcome.

And also, here are our 5 ways of knowing if “This Could Be Love”:

1) She farts in front of you.
2) When you take her out to dinner, she eats all 3 courses & then still wants fast food at 2am.
3) She adds more than 3 extra letters to the end of a word i.e. “hiii babyyyy”
4) She buys you tickets to a electronic dance music concert.
5) She buys YOU a burrito.

If there is a girl in your life that sounds like any of these 5 examples…she is 100% a keeper!

So take it from us, touch her butt, & tell her she’s beautiful every day.

Official remix for Universal Music & Island Def Jam.


On a cool, crisp, October morning, Bender ventured to Hyperbits’ house to start working on the new Rooftop Boys remix. Just like the recent South Park episode, the guys started out with a simple kick drum and pristinely placed hi-hats. Within 15 minutes of working, Bender looked at Hyperbits and said, “Dude, I’m hungry.”

Normally Mr. Bits would insist on working for at least another hour or two before lunch, but on this particular day, he was also hungry. The boys usually rotate between a local deli and some bomb Mexican food, but on this day, Hyperbits decided to make lunch. Before heading to the kitchen, he told Bender, “Stay down here and try writing some chords. We really shouldn’t waste any time.”

Now, boys and girls, as you can probably tell, Hyperbits is the more mature one of the two. Bender, to phrase it lightly, is the poster child for ADHD. He may be extremely friendly, but most would argue that he should be kept on one of those leashes for children.

Our lunch wasn’t anything special, Hyperbits had some left over chicken. Bender had a PB&J with the crust cut off, and a Lunchable for dessert. So why did we tell you all this? Well, Hyperbits couldn’t have been in the kitchen for more than 5 minutes, but by the time he walked back down to the studio, he found Bender dancing and head-bobbing, stabbing on the keyboards like a young Ray Charles screaming, “I gottt itttt!!”

Long story short, the remix was finished by the end of the day. Nick Jonas approved within a week. Universal sent us contracts. And The Rooftop Boys signed their first major record contract.

Moral of the story, kids with ADHD can still be extremely productive, and taking an early lunch break is NEVER a bad idea!

Also, Lunchable’s are still delicious. There is no reason they can’t be enjoyed well into your twenties.

Enjoy the song :)