Summer 2014 - Bucket List (Updated)

1. Have Paint Fight wearing all white (Wall Paint Fight and Floor paint fight)
2. Go to the beach everyday
3. Go swimming in the ice cold river Up North
4. Float down the river Up North
5. Have a lot of bonfires
6. Make Gummy Bear Popsicles
7. Take a road trips with friends
8. Take lots of bike rides
9. Have Water fights (With balloons, buckets, etc.)
10. Go to the Zoo
11. Make a memory jar
12. Get my Helix pierced 
13. Tie a note to a helium balloon and let it go
14. Go hiking
15. Make a dream catcher
16. Start a wish tree
17. Become really tan
18. Go to the aquarium
19. Watch the sun rise/set
20. Go to baseball games
21. Go camping (in the back yard and at a park)
22. Build a sandcastle (Because I’ve never built one before)
23. Gor horseback riding
24. Make s'mores
25. Try every ice cream flavor
26. Fly a kite (Because I have never flew one before)
27. Play with sparklets (not just on the 4th of July)
28. Have a photo shoot
29. Crave my name in a tree
30. Play tag in the rain
31. Make a really cool fort
32. Go bowling
33. Make a lemonade stand
34. Have a picnic at the park
35. Play with sidewalk chalk with Emmett (baby cousin)
36. Go fishing 
37. Make a glowing snow globes
38. Watch at least 3 sad movies without crying
39. Play paint twister
40. Take Isabelle’s little sisters to build-a-bear
41. Create a photo journal of the summer 
42. Tie-dye Shirts, pants, pillows, etc. 
43. Go to the waterpark
44. Color a coloring page each day of the summer
45. Have silly string fights
46. Have nerf gun fights
47. Play mini golf
48. Get a tan tattoo
49. Pick the official song for summer (Make a summer Playlist)
50. Go to a fair
51. Decorate my bedroom (because I’m moving)
52. Pull a true all-nighter and watch the sunrise
53. Have a movie marathon
54. Watch classic movies
55. Make a heart out of Isabelle’s arms and mine
56. Swim with dolphins
57. Make friendship bracelets 
58. Doodle on a pair of white shoes
59. Photo bomb a stranger
60. Paint my nails a different color every week
61. Go trick or treating to confuse people with friends
62. Wear a tutu and go places for the whole day (With friends)
63. Chase the icecream truck
64. Melt crayons on a canvas
65. Take a whole bunch of pictures, print all the pictures, and decorate my room with them
66. Destroy a watermelon with friends
67. Go on an adventure with friends
68. Super Glue a quarter to the ground
69. Duct tape a friend to a pole and watch them escape, or not
70. Cover a car in sticky notes.
71. Spend the whole day speaking with an accent
72. Fill an empty mayo jar with vanilla pudding and eat it in public
73. Try things I have never done before
74. Jump Into A Pool Fully Clothed
75. Go on Paddle Boats
76. Have a glow stick fight
77. Have a whipped cream fight
78.Eat nothing but ice cream for one full day
79. Lay in the road in the middle of the night
80. Going swimming at night with glow sticks
81. Get white shoes and have people sign them
82. Scream at the top of your lungs
83. Dye my hair a crazy color, even if it washes out the next day
84. Make a home theater outside and watch a movie
85. Go on midnight adventures
86. Go to Kalahari (With Isabelle and my sister when she comes home)
87. Get big crazy beach hats and wear them to beach on a really sunny day 
88. Paint slip n’ slide
89. Glow in the dark bubbles
90. Glow in the dark sprinklers 
91. Paint the sidewalk (washable paint)
92. Disney movie marathon
93. Paint ballon darts
94. Go swimming somewhere with a waterfall
95. Hang up Can’t Grow A Mustache? Please take a complimentary mustache sighs around the town
96. Change my name for a day
97. Play hide and seek in ikea
98. Wear matching clothes with my best friend for the day
99. Play spoons
100. Take Emmett to the park
101. Make snow cones
102. Make a “water park” in my back yard
103. Go to a midnight premiere
104. Make Cake Pops
105. Get a henna tattoo
106. Play laser tag
107. Hold a sign that says “free hugs”
108. Be a hippie for for day
109. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
110. Make a rainbow cake
111. But a “Nemo” fish
112. Put a sprinkler under a trampoline and jump on it
113. Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop