1. Get a tan
  2. Find the rubber duck at Adventure Oasis
  3. Ride all roller coasters at WOF front seat  5/18 with Dakota
  4. Get a Arizona tea in Arizona  6/1 half tea half lemonade
  5. Go hang gliding 6/4 in Hawaii
  6. Go zip lining  6/5 it was awesome!
  7. Read 5 books
  8. Get a Job
  9. Get my permit -_-
  10. make a sand castle I made a sand boat
  11. Make a summer scrapbook
  12. have a sleepover outside
  13. have a bunch of skype all nighters
  14. have a mega water fight
  15. Carve your initials in a tree 
  16. Propose to a stranger with a ring pop 
  17. go paint balling
  18. have a paint balloon fight
  19. have a silly string fight
  20. go night swimming 6/5 with my sister at papakea
  21. go to a carnival/street fair
  22. go without internet for a week
  23. have a flash mob
  24. make a Hawaiian montage  6/1-6/8
  25. make a summer montage 
  26. finish wreck this journal
  27. play messy twister
  28. make a fort
  30. have a bonfire
  31. have a harry potter movie marathon
  32. go movie hopping
  33. night picnic
  34. hide and go seek at the mall
  35. blind makeovers
  36. egg fight
  37. Clean room and keep it clean
  38. jump into a pool fully clothed
  39. have a photo shoot
  40. go on a picnic
  41. make a summer playlist
  42. go to a concert
  43. sit on a roof
  44. have a legit birthday party
  45. make fried Oreo
  46. light fireworks
  47. go laser tagging
  48. make shirts with friends
  49. cover drive way with chalk
  50. make s'mores
  51. go hard core thrift shopping
  52. make a burn book
  53. make puppy chow
  54. dress up and go to the mall
  55. watch sun rise/sunset 6/1(sunset) and 6/8 (sunrise) plane
  56. film the story lines you’ve been planning
  57. get snow cones 6/3 with my momma
  58. go to the beach 6/2 with Melinda
  59. fry an egg on the sidewalk
  60. go to a midnight premiere
  61. Find out just how many balloons it takes to be lifted off the ground
  62. catch fireflies in a jar
  63. Make a dream catcher
  64. stay up for 48 hours straight
  65. Gummy bear + Sprite Popsicle
  66. Eat Dip ‘n’ Dots.
  67. write in the sand 6/7 I wrote my name
  68. ride in the back of a truck
  69. eat a whole thing of raw cookie dough
  70. take pictures in a photo booth
  71. put sticky notes on cars
  72. get footie pajamas
  73. make rainbow jello
  74. try a new ice cream flavor
  75. finish the walking dead
  76. lose 15 pounds
  77. summer 2013 journal
  78. learn to do the splits
  79. Write a letter to myself in the beginning of Summer, then open it the last day before school starts again.
  80. find a summer theme song
  81. fly a kite
  82. dont waste time
  83. leave notes in library books
  84. get a Polaroid camera
  85. make music videos
  86. Send a note to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney
  87. make a homemade pizza
  88. have a legit first kiss
  89. make an ankle bracelet and never take it off
  90. make a pie
  91. Redo my bedroom 5/31
  92. make a ombre cake
  93. dance in the rain 5/30 alone…#foreveralone 
  94. go ice skating
  95. bake with friends
  96. goto starbucks
  97. take at least 1000 photos
  98. get high
  99. go to the zoo and find a sheep!  5/28 with Allie

One thing on our Summer 2013 Bucket List was to make a summer memory jar, a concept that I found on Pinterest. As you make summer memories, you write them on a piece of paper and put them in your jar. At the end of the summer you go back and read all of them and remember all of the fun things you did. So far, I’ve put in things like when I’ve when out to eat with my friends and inside jokes we’ve made. I will also put the items off of our bucket list in. I can’t wait until the end of the summer when I can read about all of them memories I’ve made! :)

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality pictures, I was using my iPhone.

The day of Kaitlyn’s surgery was the day I was leaving to house sit for a week and the next day Taylor was going to leave for The Commonwealth Honors Academy at Murray State University for 3 weeks. So as our last hurrah for 3 weeks and to relieve her from hospital duty, I went and picked Taylor up and we had some girl time. We got pedicures, Starbucks, and went shopping. I’m very proud of Tay for being accepted into CHA, but I’m going to miss her so much! Hopefully these 3 weeks fly by. Have fun girl! :)