Summer 2013 (Trip to Bolinao)

It’s only 11:30 so it’s still Thursday, not too late for my entry. I was busy recovering my old notes in Math, Chem and Physics that’s why. Peace friends ^^v
Anyway, gonna keep it short because I’m rewriting all Mathematical and Chemical formulas I need for the incoming Exit Exams for ChE peeps *nerd mode* so I’m gonna be discreet. :D

● If you wanna know, we went to Treasures of Bolinao. White sand and everything and the owner also told us that we’re actually at the edge of the map. And I was like, really? And my Mom said we are literally at the edge. So yeah, cool.

● A day after my 18th birthday but I wasn’t able to try wearing a bikini. Haha.

● The bridge thingy that was one of their main attraction is actually not that long but it’s cool. The view is spectacular.

● Downside? No signal for Globe users hahaha. Anyway this trip was sooo a year ago, what progress could that make, right?

● We haven’t enjoyed the Infinity pool that time because it was a work in progress that time ;( But my friend told me that everything’s already fixed when they visited the place just this year I think?

● We’ve had our own misadventures concerning the service, though but I hope they got that fixed too.