March Study Challenge - day 13 // favorite school memory

I guess this counts as a school memory. I do a writing curriculum called the One Year Adventure Novel, and every summer everyone who does the curriculum gets together for a writing workshop/conference called the Summer Workshop. Some of the best memories of my life were made there, I made the most amazing friends, and it is one of the best thing that ever happened to me. And it counts as school.

That’s the group picture above. Yes I am in it. Somewhere. 

Give Me the Melody

Kihyun | Monsta X
1,360 words | FLUFF
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A/N: this is garbage, I know nothing about Kihyun because I only just started listening to Monsta X, but I’m posting it anyway lol hope you find some sort of amusement

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What’s that one song Zina Goldrich wrote? Oh, no, I know. Alto’s Lament. That’s it.

That’s me.

If you’d asked me when I was six what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always, “I want to star in musicals!”

I’d have the same answer through middle school and high school, through my years and years of school productions, summer workshops, and vocal lessons. I’d been a musical theatre major in college, and in every single musical the college theatre department put on. I did plays, too, but there was always something about a musical that really got me.

I love music of almost every genre. I love storytelling and acting, dancing and singing, and damn, if musicals aren’t the best way to show all of my passions, I don’t know what is.

But alas, I am an alto. And while I’ve trained myself to belt, working over my voice breaks to both hit higher notes and sing in my head-voice, I’m a true alto. The songs I feel most comfortable singing are meant for men.

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Here’s a little animation jam that me and my class has been working on!


Omg this was one of the show I was working on just before I left my workshop last summer and I have FINALLY been shown a production shot!!! Each crucifix and each Jesus was hand made using a lengthy process involving hand made fibreglass moulds, various plastics, metal, and silver paint. I think we made about 1000 of them? I can’t remember, those months are fogged by how much plastic vapour I inhaled.

But doesn’t it look amazing? Norma for the Royal Opera House


Finished my entry for’s current Intel/Spawn Room detail entry - welcome campers, to Camp Redmond!

With nearly 200mb of custom assets made for the revamped theme, it’s surely a labor of love, with over a dozen easter eggs scattered around the campground, along with a fine-print backstory to the locale!

If you wanna check it out in-game, I highly recommend checking out all entries alongside it in the contest over on! There’s a lot of good work there!


Been gathering all the suggestions together for the FixtheMapProject (THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS GIVEN SUGGESTIONS)

Here’s what the World Map looks like now:

I’ve estimated that the Wizarding population in each country should be about .002% of the population if you go by Hogwarts/UK numbers. Now that means, for Uagadou to remain the canon largest, we need either more in India/China, or else assume the rest of those students are taking correspondence courses (because if we’re to assume the rate of magical births in each population is consistent across the world, India and China would each have over 20,000 school age magical children). 

NOW on to the details of what the stars represent:

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So AI EXPO has officially ended! I was so worried about being unable to come to the 2nd day of the event because there was an emergency but phew, luck was on my side!

AHHHH AI EXPO seriously felt like a Meet & Greet with me for the past 2 days. At first it was just a running joke after my friend put my cosplay picture in the event’s poster lol Then I ended up being a judge for the Karaoke contest and performed (unprepared) on stage, became a guest speaker for the workshop as well as got my art auctioned and all. This is the first time I participated in an event so much (usually I just cosplay with friends) uhuhu So many people even took pictures with me and had me sign their loot again. What surprised me most was the auction. Four of my works were auctioned and one of them got the highest bid for the night. I am so overwhelmed! 😭😭😭 If you were there, you would see me going like thisヽ(゚〇゚)ノ earlier. 707 your power is srsly so amazing! To the people who bought my original comic, thank you so much!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!! It was a very old piece but I’m so glad that there is still a huge demand for it. Sadly, I could only print a few copies. And everyone who bought my prints…. may God bless your beautiful souls ;;;;;; AHHH I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE THIS UGUHUU 😭😭😭This is all JayCee & @aegisdea’s fault uwaaa//// all those sleepless nights and working myself to the bone despite being sick is SO SO SOOOOOO WORTH IT!

I also saw my old students from Joy Fernando’s Summer Art Workshop!! One of them gave me a drawing! (You cutie I WILL FRAME THIS) QwQ I also met new people~ fellow artists, new Manga students, the ICC students (who helped organize the event)~ they were all so awesome and nice! Special thanks to my friends @blindwithoutglasses, @amei-arts, @noridiculous & Jana (idk your tumblr /sobs) for manning my side of the table while I was gone. I wasn’t able to man it because I was at the Manga Workshop until 5pm. So for those who wanted to meet me or sign the prints, I’m really sorry about that. Hopefully we could meet again next time!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made the event become a success! I hope everyone had a great time! <3 AI EXPO SRSLY MADE ALL MY WISHES COME TRUE I KEN DIE HAPPEH NOW

Another special thanks to @alcestisam for being my sponsor lmao jk jk but for supporting me when I was about to give up on selling the prints last Friday because of technical and financial difficulties… thanks sugar momma (also get well soon too) 😘😘😘

I’m still sick so I think I’m gonna rest for a few days. I’ll get back to you guys about the Nationwide and International Shipping details once I’m all rested up! But one thing I’m gonna add is that A3 size prints and 2x3 ft tarps “might” get added to the list if there’s a demand for those sizes~ we just need to know how we could ship them safely. Thank you so much for your patience!

P.S. I hope those who purchased the whole set and got the secret print could keep the secret unknown to the public hahaha get it? XD I’ve seen some people who have posted the secret print online but it’s always fun to keep people guessing~ I mean, the faces of the people who saw the secret print was priceless!! <3 (I hope it was worth it for the buyers~ ;w;)

One eight year-old boy in the summer writing workshop I am a counselor for said “I like pink because it’s a manly color,” and another one said “dude, colors are colors, like whatever you want,” and the first one thought about it and agreed. I have so much hope for this generation actually.

2009 - LMM performs Alexander Hamilton at the White House

Summer 2013 - Hamilton workshop occurs at Vassar College. Leslie Odom Jr. sees show and loves it. Other people could have been in the show.

March 2014 - The Public Theater announces Hamilton will premier in January 2015. 

July 2014 - Tickets went onsale for the 2014-2015 season of the Public Theater. This includes Hamilton tickets.

Since there is snow on the ground, I am going to assume it is the later part of 2014.

It was entirely possible in the real world timeline for Isaac to want Hamilton tickets. THE TIMELINE DID NOT NEED TO BE MOVED UP. 

Native American students make up only 1.1 percent of the nation’s high school population. And in college, the number is even smaller. More than any other ethnic or racial group, they’re the least likely to have access to college prep or advanced placement courses. Many get little or no college counseling at all. In 1998, College Horizons, a small nonprofit based in New Mexico, set out to change that through five-day summer workshops on admissions, financial aid and the unique challenges they’ll face on campus. Its director, Carmen Lopez, sat down with NPR to talk about the obstacles that bright, talented Native students face.

Helping College-Bound Native Americans Beat The Odds

Illustration: Shannon Wright for NPR