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Booksfromthefuture Summer School 2014

A ten-day summer workshop in London on book design that focuses on self-initiated, practice-based inquiry. Participants of the programme will each design a section of the 1884 science fiction novel Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, to be published by Booksfromthefuture in collaboration with designer Dante Carlos. In this setting, thinking and making will be experienced simultaneously rather than as separate phases of the design process. As a re-imagining of story and format, participants will discover both individual and collaborative methods that blend research and practice into a single act.

15 places available
7–18 July 2014
Application deadline 20 May 2014


Summer workshop Transgress Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam zomer 2010
Thema: Transgress (Thomas Oles, Lector Living Landscapes)
1. a. trans. To go beyond the bounds or limits prescribed by (a law, command, etc.); to break, violate, infringe, contravene, trespass against. 2. a. To go or pass beyond (any limit or bounds). Oxford English Dictionary, 1989.


9 days left to apply!

Booksfromthefuture Summer School 2015
A ten-day summer workshop in London that investigates the book as a socio-sculptural act. Participants will design, and produce content for, a forthcoming book to be published by Booksfromthefuture in collaboration with artist Krister Olsson. For this occasion, 50 guests* (artists, designers and writers) will be invited to contribute projects that enact the worlds that books inhabit and inspire. The workshop offers a transdisciplinary approach combining practices from the fields of art and design, including social sculpture, documentary fiction and post-digital publishing.

Booksfromthefuture mentors designers and artists to become independent thinkers and practitioners with the experience and confidence to initiate and sustain their own projects, collaborations and futures.

6–17 July 2015
Application deadline: 1 June 2015, midnight

Listen Up Producers!

It’s time to green light yourself. There has never been a better time to get into production. Because of the changes brought on by new technologies, new distribution platforms and new social media networks, Hollywood needs new talent.  

The role of the creative producer has never been more vital.  

Success goes to those who have the vision, tools and relationships to take an idea from inception to completion. The Relativity Summer Adult Intensive delivers an immersive apprenticeship for those ready to embrace these new opportunities. 

In just two weeks you will produce multiple projects, gaining first-hand knowledge in the entire life cycle of production success: idea generation, story development, pre-production, principal photography, post-production, distribution and marketing. Exactly what you need to build your reel, expand your contact list and jumpstart your career.  - Mark Millhone
Chair, Film + Digital Content

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Book for Summer Creative Journaling Workshop

A one-day workshop to get writing and keep writing.

It’s time to harvest words, thoughts, dreams - join Lisa D'Onofrio and Simmone Howell for a one-day workshop in Daylesford. Writing, drawing, maps, memory and daydreaming are some of the tools we use to express ourselves. Whether you are blocked or on the brink of a new project, Creative Journaling is a non-threatening exploratory workshop to inspire and invigorate your writing.

Sunday February 12 at The Readers, Vincent St Daylesford.
10m - 3.30pm including tea and cake!



Hey everyone here’s the video from my dance workshop that I taught a couple of days ago. And make sure to come out every Monday for more VSU Modern workshops! VSU Modern Weekly Summer Dance Workshops (2013 EDITION)!!! Thanks again for everyone who came out and learn. Now…. enjoy!

No New Friends - Drake

Summer Workshop_2/10

The second day of the workshop went very well. Yesterday, I stayed up till 1am preparing the materials needed for the session, mostly templates, for each phase of the project. I was extremely worried I’d fail, I even thought I’d stop going, and simply quit from the start. It was a strange feeling. Eventually, I tried not to think about what could go wrong and focus on what could go right. 

At first, only 6-7 students arrived. I didn’t expect more so I proceeded with the first exercise. Around 15 minutes later, 10 more students showed up. I was perplexed for a few moments to be honest; frightening but also exciting. We ran out of time so we decided we’d finish the last part first thing tomorrow. 

Today’s main focus area was:

  • Forget about what you know and draw only what you see. Haha, I actually told them “ un-educating the educated mind..” Most of them did not get it, of course!
  • Breaking down an object into a simpler form. Which reminds me I need to go over the materials and check if it’s possible to get them better, more useful ones. 

The challenges:

  • Color analogy
  • And again, communicating them in Arabic..!

Looking forward to our 3rd session.

Summer Workshop_6/10

First day of the week. Second week of the workshop. 

Today wasn’t a success, but I enjoyed it. Some people were enthusiastic about learning how to draw patterns. Others were pretty passive and bored, five girls circled around a table and started chatting.. haha! 

One 11th grader had to leave in the middle of the session after learning that she failed two subjects in her final exams. It makes me sad because she’s one of my eight favorite students… 

Introducing Oppositions wasn’t as easy as I expected. They perceive things too figuratively, directly and in a very linear manner. One of the opposites was sweet and sour; they chose Kiwi and banana, or coffee and cherry.. God, I am so unprepared for such situations. 

As for tomorrow, I haven’t really decided what to give them. ;P


Here’s my memories video for the OYAN 2013 Summer Workshop and Reunion! LOADS OF FUN!

Subscribe guys. :P


floofyslandofwonder asked:

hello! as a graduate of CCS, would you happen to know anything about the summer programs/recommend them? I'm interested in taking the Create Comics workshop, and also having a look at the school. would love to hear some thoughts! c:

Hi there! Thanks for asking C: I can absoluuuutely recommend the CCS summer programs of all stripes! 

I worked my butt off as a TA for Create Comics and Cartooning Studio last summer, and will be leveling up to Mega TA for Cartooning Studio this time. Alec Longstreth and Jon Chad are fantastic teachers and cartoonists (not to mention guests like Aaron Renier and Robyn Chapman) and when they combine their powers for Create Comics, you are in for a seriously productive ride. They pack in the maximum exercises, lectures, and demos on cartooning basics and STILL have time to lead the collaborative comic project!  The class skews 16-20 (with plenty of older outliers), and the energy last year was just vibrating with comics love. 

I think it’s a pretty kickass way to jump into a summer of comics making and meet some like-minded people (and get a feel for our little community here). And we also offer complete and partial scholarships, because we know comics ain’t the best paying career path >:[. Several of my fellow alumni took summer courses before applying and remember them very fondly. So I guess I can say I SO recommend them and hope I’ll see you here this summer! :D