they say summer wears nostalgia’s wedding dress, says “i do” to heatwave melancholia and takes a nap beneath an apple tree

, but fall is when i grow backwards. 

when cold october air shocks my fingertips, i am running up the plastic slide at recess.

when the front yard becomes a graveyard for decaying leaves, i am jumping into ashy piles until my shirt fills with their fragile bones

when halloween smiles its toothy mouth across grocery store aisles, i am running back to my mother’s cart with a box of monstrous cereal, begging for the ghostly marshmallows that stain my milk blue

when the sun sets lower and longer, i am riding my bike through an orange sky, look-mom-no-hands as i sail downhill, screaming as loud as the road will let me

something glows from inside out in autumn. there is a pulse, a whisper at night, a light switching on when no one is in the room. the sky plays parachute like in elementary school. swish the colors up and down, make the ball fly when the tarp is pulled taught. i’m running beneath the primary waves, passing by my younger self. she laughs, her fish braid swinging, bumblebee dress billowing up like the rainbow above. 

until it all comes crashing down, and i try hard not to lose my kindergarten legs when winter snatches my hands from the candy bowl


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