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20 Hours

Age Gap

A Little Show*

A Holiday to Remember

Adorable Little Sugg

All Daddy’s**

Alternate Cures**

Backfired Prank

Backseat Taxi**

Bad Day Baby……...Part 2

Bar Fights

Bad Dreams

Beach Walks

Behind the Scenes**

Best You’ve Ever Had**

Birthday Sex**

Black Lingerie**

Blind Love

But its My Birthday**

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Caught in the Rain

Christmas Baking

Come get Your Girl


Couch Cuddles

Cut That Out**

Dr. Sugg

Don’t Be Mad**……..Part 2

Don’t Be Shy

Fake Couple

Feeling Poorly

Festival Surprise

Find Another Way*

First Christmas Eve…….Part 2

Get Out……Part 2

Girly Things

Hey Bartender*

I Miss You

I Promise

I’ll Always Be Here ~

I’m Not Complaining

I’m Not Jealous

It’s Going to Be Okay

Impossible Things


Just Sex**

Let’s Try Something New**……Part 2**

Life After YouTube

Love in the Club*

Manhattan Dreams

Meeting His Parents

Meeting Your Daughter

Meeting Your Parents

Missed Arrival


My Game, My Rules**

Need a Distraction**


Never Stopped

Never Thought this Would Happen**

No More Keys

Not Going Anywhere

Not Mad, Just Annoyed

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Not So Fuckboy*

One Day Sugg

Outlast II



Pranking my Girlfriend

Predicting the Future

Puppy Love

Reconnected……..Part 2**

Red Carpet Attraction

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Rough Day**

Ruined Holiday


School Crush

Sex Tape**

Secrets Out

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Shit Daily Vlogger

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Skinning Dipping

Sleepy Days

Sleepy Holiday

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Snow Lodge Skinny Dip**

Summer Sail Week

Sweater Weather


The Dress**

The Honeymoon

The Next Morning……Part 2

The Set Up……...Part 2….Part 3

The Tinder Date………Part 2

Three’s a Crowd**

These Things Happen

They Don’t Matter**


Too Hot**

Tonight’s Remedy**

Under the Table**

Unpacking Mishap

Valentines Day**

Walked In*

We’ll Take It Slow**

What You’ve Been Looking For**


Why Just Fantasize**

Will You Stay**

You Don’t Have to Hide

You’re First

You’re Home**

You’re My Favorite

You’re Stronger Than You Think~

HMS St. Vincent lying at her permanent mooring off Haslar Creek, Portsmouth Harbour by Charles Edward Dixon

HMS St. Vincent, a large First Rate of 2,612 tons and designed to mount 120 guns, was laid down at Plymouth in May 1810 and launched on 11th March 1815. By that date however the Napoleonic Wars were effectively over and, with plans already in hand to reduce the activities of the fleet, she was laid up “in Ordinary” until first commissioned in February 1831 for service with the Mediterranean Fleet. Almost wrecked in February 1834 when she was driven ashore during a tremendous storm off Malta, she was eventually refloated and returned home where she was paid off. Recommissioned for the Channel Squadron in 1841, she was frequently in Portsmouth where she was twice visited by Queen Victoria in 1842 and 1847. During the 1842 visit, she acted as flagship to the ‘Experimental Squadron’ at the last Royal Review of a fleet in which all the major vessels were sailing ships.

After minor alterations in 1850, she took part in the war in the Baltic in 1854 having first carried 1,300 French troops from Calais for the offensive in the Aland Islands. When Bomarsund, the principal fortress there, surrendered on 16th August, St. Vincent returned to Portsmouth with Russian prisoners-of-war aboard her, this operation marking the end of her sea service. Re-employed first as Guardship of the Ordinary and then as Reserve Depotship at Portsmouth, in 1862 she became a training ship for boys and was given a permanent mooring off the entrance to Haslar Creek in Portsmouth Harbour. Eventually worn out by generations of naval apprentices, she held her last passing-out parade on 18th December 1905 and, on 1st March 1906, was removed from her moorings prior to being towed to Falmouth where she was broken up that summer.

SAILING in swedish

The painting is Kapprodd by Anders Zorn, 1886

requested by anon

att segla - to sail

(en) segelbåt - sailboat

(en) båt - boat

att ro - to row

styrbord - starbord

babord - port

vågor - waves

vatten - water

(ett) hav - sea

Östersjön - the Baltic Sea

att fiska - to fish

(en) fisk - fish

(en) fiskmås - seagull

sol(en) - sun

(ett) segel - sail

(en) segelduk - sailcloth

sommar - summer

semester - vacation