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U and summer are an irl slow burn kummer fanfic and I can't wait for the Angst(tm)

can’t wait to walk into my local Family Owned Coffee Shop only to see summer standing behind the counter dressed as a barista and when we make eye-contact the world suddenly gains color (as i belatedly notice i was previously seeing things only in black-and-white) and when i open my mouth to order i blurt out “slap my knees daddy” and then summer excitedly rips her pants off to show me the tattoo on her ass that says “slap my knees daddy” and uhhhhhhh i’m a single mother and summer is also a kindergarten teacher (the coffee shop doubles as a school) to a child-sized version of my best friend who seems oddly determined to push us together anyway i walk into the kitchen and see summer she’s 18 going on 79 in less than 3 minutes she says her car exploded and the garage is on fire your significant other never existed and summer offers you a slice of pie wyd

Summer in the Avengers Tower (Winteriron)

Calmly sitting on the couch eating an ice cream cone because it’s almost 95 degrees outside.

Sitting on the other couch sweating because watching Tony eating an ice cream cone might be the most difficult thing he’s ever done.

Swirling his tongue over the ice cream, smacking his lips in satisfaction and sighing a little at how delicious the treat is.

Putting a pillow over his lap because Tony just swiped his finger over the cone to catch a bit of melting ice cream and licking all over his finger for a full minute to make sure he got it all.

Thrusting his tongue as far down the cone as it can go, slurping loudly and straining to reach every drop of ice cream in the bottom.

Grabbing the couch cushion and locking up his arm so he absolutely does not touch Tony or himself right now.

Taking a nibble off the bottom of the cone, flipping it upside down and sucking hard to pull the last streaks of vanilla from inside.

Just closing his eyes because he can’t handle it and it’s stupid that he even stayed in the room when Tony showed up holding the ice cream cone.

Crossing the room and pressing his cold lips to Buckys, sliding his tongue inside a warm mouth and shivering because Bucky tastes better than ice cream.

Tossing the couch cushion away and snatching Tony onto his lap, so desperate to hold his boyfriend he almost can’t stand it.

Walking into the living room and walking right back out because Bucky is saying something about Tony putting those ice cream eating skills to use and Tony is ripping Buckys pants off.

Summer in the Avengers Tower


-Go a whole day without any technology
-Go to a concert
-Go to the beach for the day
-Do a diy
-Read a John Green book
-Go on a hike
-Sleep in a tent for a night
-Bake something you never made before
-Try yoga
-Go tubing
-Send a message in a bottle
-Try to make a blanket fort
-Have a bonfire
-Try some weird new food
-Watch the sunrise/sunset on the beach
-Use a corny pick-up line on a cute boy to se his reaction
-Go night-swimming
-Leave a nice note on a random car
-Do something different with your appearance without permission
-Stay awake for 24 hours straight
-Run threw water sprinkles
-Make a sand-castle
-Go geocaching (google it!)
-Make tie-dye T-shirts
-Wride a ferris wheel
-Host at 4th of July barbecue
-Play on a slip-n-slide
-Paint with sidewalk Chalk
-Have a scavenger hunt
-Go thrifting and make some new clothes
-Volunteer for something
-Read 3 new books
-Have a sleepover on a trampoline
-Go bowling
-Say yes to everything for a day
-Carve something into a three
-Super glue a coin on the ground
-Brake a world record
-Write a diary everyday of the summer
-Buy a fish and name it cat
-Be a vegan for a week
-Make a time capsule
-Go to a museum
-Try something I´ve never done before
-Laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants