the houses + la la land

gryffindor: another day of sun / herman’s habit
“am i brave or just insane? we’ll have to see!”

ravenclaw: the audition / planetarium
“here’s to the fools who dream; crazy as they may seem.”

hufflepuff: city of stars / summer montage
“a voice that says ‘i’ll be here, and you’ll be alright’.”

slytherin: someone in the crowd / mia & sebastian’s theme
“you make the right impression, then everybody knows your name.”

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joon was jackson's first love?!?! holy shit how did that happen *

A LOT of one-sided pining on Jackson’s part. Since he and Joon are both the same year and have been undeclared during fresh and sophomore year, they shared a lot of classes together. Well, more like Jackson tried to match his sched to Nams. Ever since that party (I can’t link to the comic rn but it’s under my tag masterlist) he threw, he’s been smitten, mostly in a physical sense at first. That got him to start noticing Nams in a romantic way though.

They became really good friends during freshman year and hung out a lot throughout said year. Jackson would drop hints he’s into Joon (“Namjoon, I like you,” “Nice dude, I like you too”) but joon’s an idiot and was completely oblivious to his intentions. Jackson’s also a complete hopeless romantic so any cute or nice thing joon did (and he did a lot ‘cause he’s sweet like that) made him go super heart eyes emoji. It didn’t help that Jackson’s past relationships paled in the nice department either.

Jackson knew he was head over heels for him when he and his best friend Amber had a HUGE fight and Joon ended up taking care of him, housing him for a few days. Jackson got shit faced drunk and cried and wailed for several nights and mornings, and Joon was there for him, genuinely engaged in talking and hearing him pour his feelings out.

After much sagely advice and encouragement from Joon, Jackson was able to make up with Amber. That got the best friend seal of approval from her so in return, she encouraged Jackson to confess and ask Joon out on a date.

Jackson decided to do it at the end of freshman year, since they’re both going to stay on campus for summer, which to him is time they could use to fulfill his romcom fantasy montage of jumping in lakes and kissing under the summer rain. When the time came, Jackson literally had to spell out his feelings for Joon to ask him out on a r-o-m-a-n-t-i-c date, not a study one (“finals ended stupid I don’t need help studying,” “Yeah but learning never ends.”) Joon agreed on one date and Jackson was ecstatic.

Much in Jackson fashion, the date was completely spontaneous, fun, and adventurous. It wasn’t what Joon was used to since he’s more of a lowkey, embrace the nature and wax poetics about flowers blooming type, but he had a lot of fun anyway since he got to try out so many new things. At the end of the night, they finally had a moment of peace. They talked about the day and their feelings and how much they enjoyed each other’s companies. Jackson kissed Namjoon and he let him. To Jackson it was electrifying and sweet and right, but for Namjoon, while it was nice at first, it slowly became terrifying. A knot grew in his chest and he knew he regretted it the moment they parted.

Namjoon couldn’t break his feelings to Jackson that night since he looked so happy, so he waited the day after. Safe to say, Jackson was extremely brokenhearted. His summer montage was boyfriendless and Namjoonless.

They didn’t talk for several months and it was a bit awkward still even after they did but after much thought, Jackson valued their friendship more than possibly having a romantic relationship with him.

Now on their third year, they’re still really good friends and Jackson is still into the idea of dating Nams, but he’s at a place where it’s more like wow other boys are cute besides this lanky fool. Jackson still showers him with affection but he also came to terms with the extent of their relationship.

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Herman’s Habit/Madeline (La La Land)

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the story. Please do not copy or credit this as your work. Photos above are not mine.

Pairing: Connor Kenway x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 630

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A/N: Many thanks to @fortunefavoredthebrave for bouncing ideas to me about how this little La La Land AU fic was going to be written. The song Madeline from the La La Land soundtrack is listed as ‘Summer Montage/Madeline’ so that’s where that part of the title comes from. Enjoy!

You giggle as you gratefully take the glass of Southside from its spot on the coaster before heading over to a seemingly table for two in the corner. Charleston dance music resonates around the entire venue as couples dressed in flappers and striped suits join the fray on the dance floor or drag each other off in lieu of a secluded booth or the open bar.

You sit down before glancing over to the man sitting across from you, a man that you hadn’t noticed was sitting at the table already, and smile lazily. “Enjoying yourself tonight?” You ask languidly as you let your pearl necklace drapes across the bodice of your dress.

“I suppose I am. How are you tonight?” He asks. Under the dim lighting, you see tan skin, chocolate brown hair and a hulking frame all dressed in a dark suit and black tie that seemed to accentuate his features even more.

A gentle man of few words. I’ll see what I can do about that.’ You think to yourself as you pick up your glass.

“Having the time of my life.” You smirk as you play with the hem of your beaded dress and take a sip of your drink. Applause and cheers erupt from the dance floor as the remaining couples move towards the side and new ones gradually replace them. You smile coyly at the sight and tug at the man’s hand. He looks at you in surprise and you roll your eyes teasingly before beaming at him. “I don’t see anyone else wanting to be my partner. And you look like you need to loosen up yourself. Come on.”

He sighs with reluctance clearly laced in his voice, but doesn’t protest as the band starts playing a modern day version of a Charleston tune. A steady bass tempo with a drum beat that leads up to a percussion and piano entry fills the dance floor as you and the other couples start performing variations of the Charleston dance. Your partner stands somewhat awkwardly and you give him a comforting look before you start dancing around him and he looks at you with slight confusion.

“Just relax, darling. No one’s gonna judge.” You tell him and you see some of the tension dissipate from his body. He starts tapping his foot against the wooden floor and you smile encouragingly before he starts moving his shoulders around.

Before you know it, the two of you are dancing in sync with each other as the piano plays a mini-solo as the rest of the band joins in again. The couples form a circle around the two of you as clapping from all sides of the dance floor nearly drown out the percussion solo as you and your partner take center stage and the two of you shuffle back towards the edge of the circle before a new couple takes the spotlight.

“I’m Connor.” Your partner informs over the whoops and hollers from the dancers. “If you wanted to know my name.”

“Y/N!” You reply. “That is if you wanted to know my name as well.”

Connor gives you a smile as the circle slowly turns back into a multitude of rows that consisted of arms and legs kicking and twisting around until the band finishes the song with a resounding boom from all of the instruments in perfect unison. The dancers all take a bow and you grin widely as Connor takes your hand in his before taking you towards the side.

“Who said we were done for the night?” You question playfully and Connor laughs to himself before he lets you take him onto the floor again while the trumpet and drums start the next song as you and Connor dance the night away.

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional friends.

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01. Tom Odell - Magnetised
02. Justin Hurwitz (La La Land Soundtrack) - Summer Montage/ Madeline
03. Little Mix - Touch
04. Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma
05. Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone - A lovely night
06. First Aid Kit - My silver lining
07. Charli XCX - Kingdom
08. Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch - Sweet nothing
09. Caitlyn Scarlett - Shangri-La
10. Songs of Seperation - ‘S muldach mi ‘s mi air m’aineoil

I always feared this because my music taste is so strange and sometimes I only listen to one song on repeat and skip everything else. But I think this is a good mix, as you can see I’m soundtrack trash, a little dance music and one from my elvish playlist xD

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I regret absolutely nothing.


I finally finished this thing! It took me long enough but I’m super proud! I would be so so so grateful if you could check it out!





This is the 4th I’ve done and I’m super proud of it. This summer really hasn’t been easy but it’s nice to be able to watch all the great things I have done and not just look at it negatively.

Anyway, enjoy!

summer montage.

a single summer summed up into a playlist

Let the waves of strange fall down.
Let them crash and drift around.”


01. excuses // the morning benders | 02. niave // the kooks | 03. sex // the 1975 | 04. cool kids // echo smith | 05. what you know // two door cinema club | 06. cardiac arrest // bad suns | 07. love & drugs // the maine | 08. florida kilos // lana del rey | 09. sad songs // the maine | 010. rip tide // vance joy | 011. lost stars // adam levine | 012. attic ‘71 // olivver

thank you (8 x