Kool and the Gang - Summer Madness (Live New Orleans 1983)

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50 Calum 😏*SURPRISE ME*

i spy a smirk emoji i take that as a hint hint so here u go lovely

50. Writer’s preference

You looked up at Calum through your lashes, admiring the small stubble that was scattered along his jaw. Your legs were spread over his as you sat on the couch, his big hand squeezing your thigh softly ever so often. You were softly tickling his arm and tracing his tattoos, something that he made clear he loved. He was so focused on the television that he hadn’t noticed your hands trailing over the hem of his pants, until you actually made an attempt to move.

Two of your fingers danced along his belt as you hummed quietly in attempt to get his attention. With no such luck, you crawled onto his lap, and straddled him, his eyes now squinting and making sure to take in every curve and edge of you. You begin to peel your over sized shirt off, but his hands grab your wrists to stop you.

“Let me.” He whispers as he grabs your shirt, slowly pulling it off you. He cups your breasts gently over your black lace bra, which happened to match your underwear, too. He leans forward to place a soft, wet kiss in the valley of your breasts, and continues to nip at the skin around your neck. Your shaking hands fiddle with his belt and you pull his pants down to his ankles, leaving two layers between the two of you. You begin grinding on him, moaning as his lips roughly attach to yours, your hands knotting in his hair.

“God, I can feel how wet you are already.” He mutters. His hands squeeze your ass and you pull him closer to you, deepening the kiss. You drag your nails down his back and you moan softly into his mouth when you feel him growing beneath you. You break away from the kiss as he moves your hair away from your neck, attaching his lips to your collar bone.

“Fuck,” you whimper, palming him with your hand as you tug on his hair with the other. A groan evokes from his throat and your eyes flutter shut in the complete bliss he is giving you just from working his soft lips on your neck. He stops abruptly, making you open your eyes and place your hands on his chest.

“How about we go upstairs, baby?” He whispers, peppering kisses against your collar bone. You nod as you get off his lap, squealing as he squeezes your ass when he lifts you up and wraps your legs around his waist to take you up stairs and finish off what you had started.


hottest rap battle yet

this is the sort of shit that pisses me off. these so called “pagan” revelers celebrating the Solstice, left Stonehenge looking like a drunken frat party. this is so disgusting disrespectful and these fake hippie assholes should be ashamed of themselves. Litha should be coveted and celebrated by reveling in the beauty and wonder of the summer months and the goddess in her fullest pregnancy, not to trash a beautiful and wonderful place such as Stonehenge. i am so saddened just looking at this picture. makes my blood boil.