thirty days of skam fic: day nineteen
aka, the sequel to the neighbours fic

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


As soon as Even finds out he’s been keeping Isak awake every night for weeks, several things happen.  First, the late night noises stop almost immediately and completely, which must mean Even has either put carpet back down like he said he was going to, or just completely changed all his habits for Isak.  Second, this lets Isak actually get some sleep again, which his professors seem to appreciate since he stops falling asleep in lectures, and his friends seem to appreciate because they inform him that he’s at least forty percent less grumpy.

Third, Isak starts running into Even everywhere.

They bump into each other at the cafe Isak didn’t know Even worked at, the laundry room he’s never seen Even in before, the bench just down the street from their building, the tram back from University.  Eskild keeps inviting Even to movie nights at the kollektiv, and then in return Even keeps cooking them all dinner, and he also starts texting Isak about random little things during the day, which never fail to make Isak laugh and secretly blush to himself and then get teased by all his friends for the besotted way he’s looking down at his phone.

By the time a few more weeks have passed, Isak has to upgrade his feelings for Even from crush to full-on infatuation.

But between Eskild’s never-ending meddling and Linn’s eternal presence at the kollektiv and Even’s roommates, Mikael and Yousef and Elias, being around a lot too, it takes a while before Isak and Even get any more time alone.  It’s not like Isak’s angling for anything, but still, if the universe wanted to throw him some kind of situation where he could stare at Even all he wanted and not get caught in the act by his roommates, he wouldn’t complain.

And then, one day, Isak manages to lock himself out.

He doesn’t know how he’s done it – he always remembers his keys, but his keyring broke in his bag at some point during his day at uni, and Isak’s ended up with the key to the outside of the building, but not the one which actually opens the kollektiv’s front door.  And Eskild’s at work and it’s the one day that Linn happens to be visiting her family, so he’s just stood there, feeling like an idiot with an armful of organic chemistry books, no coat, and a phone on 2% battery.  It’s drizzling outside so he doesn’t even want to go and walk somewhere else, but he supposes he’ll have to, and just take shelter at the nearest coffee shop or force Jonas to take pity on him.

Except, before he can actually turn around and leave, Isak suddenly spots Even coming up the stairs, and doesn’t even waste a second before calling out to him.

“Isak, hey!” Even responds immediately.  He looks happy to see Isak – at least, Isak thinks so, although Even’s always pretty cheerful so he could be imagining it.  He bounds up the rest of the stairs and then stands a little bit closer than he has to, a little bit closer than you’d probably lean to a casual friend – but then, Isak could be imagining that too.  “Shit, locked out?  Don’t worry, I do that like, at least once a week.  Wanna come and chill at mine until Eskild can rescue you?”

And that’s how Isak ends up in Even’s flat for the very first time.

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Faye thrust her arms out in the traditional Scottish ‘m’on then’, which was more commonly found on a drunken Glaswegian bloke but which suited her purposes fine. “Yeah, what? C’mon, Sum, don’t be mad.” Faye’s voice, which had started out fierce and stubborn, quickly became pleading.

“Don’t be mad?!” Summer repeated, her eyebrows climbing well above the rims of her glasses. “Don’t be fucking mad?”

“Whoa,” Skye said, quickly putting herself between the two, completely bewildered at the sudden turn of atmosphere within the house. They had been content to celebrate the last day of school, not having to go back while they were on study leave, and Loxley had even agreed to cook for them (he was skilled at it, despite not having much practice, but it was likely because he found recipes and followed them to the letter thanks to his habit of following laboratory instructions).

Lox gave a cursory glance over his shoulder, rolled his eyes at Faye, and went back to stirring a cheese sauce.

“She – She –“ Summer then hiccupped and wiped at her cheeks. “She told them I was gay, Skye. She told her friends!”

the greatest moments from Phineas and Ferb:
  • ”I call it the Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transporter, or Bo-At for short.”
  • ”I’m not crying, I’m just sweating through my eyes”
  • when they all shrunk themselves and Baljeet got stuck on top of the lamp with the dead flies
  • “My name is Doof, and you’ll do what I say, whoop whoop!”
  • Candace’s voice when she had an allergic reaction to wild parsnips
  • “Ah, Perry The Platypus, your timing is incredible.  And by incredible, I mean comPLETELY CREDIBLE!!!”
  • Buford’s cupid costume
  • ”I never leave home without my velvet rope!” “Where do you keep that?” “I’ll never tell.”
  • ”So, do I know romance or what?”  “What.”  “I said, do I know romanc–” “I heard you”
  • Marty the rabbit boy and his musical blender
  • ”We small band of brothers…and girl from across the street”
  • ”What did you think? A (insert name of object) was just going to fall out of the sky?” *said object falls out of the sky*
  • when Doofenshmirtz gets glue all over his hands and they get stuck to records, and Perry uses the body control helmet to make Doof create what’s arguably the greatest song ever
  • Running from love in a bear suit
  • that one time Alex Hirsch guest starred as a talking juice box
  • “Paulllll Bunyan’s!  Where the food is good (but not too good, eh?)”
  • “Mom!  Phineas and Ferb made me!”  “I have some stretch marks that would suggest otherwise.”
  • Baljeet and Buford’s bromance
  • the episode when they got the band back together.  Just…that episode in its entirety.
  • “Hit it Carl!”  “WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!”  *Carl pulls lever anyway*
  • when Isabella out-cuted the Meaps with her own natural cuteness
  • “It’s a scientific fact!”
  • “I’m you from the future!”  “Wait, I am not Indian in the future?”
  • “I feel reasonably sure it’s over this time.  No, wait, he’s up AGAIIIIN”
  • when Perry bit Doofenshmirtz’s finger and Phineas says “Perry, no!  We do not bite the elderly!”
  • Ferb’s adorable crush on Vanessa
  • when Baljeet accidentally takes a rock and roll summer class and gets mad because it’s not graded, and performs one hell of a song
  • Planty the Potted Plant
  • Carl’s “Dr. Coconut” dance
  • Tuff Shoo Laysizz
  • O.W.C.A. Secret Headquarters (pay no attention to this sign)
  • “My watermelon!”
  • the giant floating baby head
  • Lots of me
  • when Doof got zapped with the ugly-inator and nothing changed
  • when Monogram kept laughing about Doofenshmirtz being abbreviated as Doof

To all the young ladies and gents who don’t have shit to do this summer please use this time to better yourself. Get smarter for the new year , get stronger for the next season and get ya bread up if you can. I really wish I had someone in my ear as a youth pushing me to do more during the summer then just sit in the crib (which is cool) or trying to keep up with everyone else. Have a fun and safe summer beloved.



can’t help but love you

pairing: jughead jones and archie andrews (+ side betty cooper and veronica lodge)

word count: 8.2k

on ao3


The problem with this was that, firstly Archie wasn’t into guys, he was into just about every girl in Riverdale. Secondly, Jughead was still trying to figure out if what he was feeling was just a fluke, and being around Archie just confused him. And thirdly, Jughead didn’t want to like him at all. His feelings were a burden, a painful ache at the back of his head.  It was easier to pretend to still hate Archie then tell him that he might have feelings for him.

a/n: idk how im already this far deep into the trash can but here we are. 

Jughead was nestled into his favorite booth at Pop’s Chock-Lit Shoppe that night, fingers furiously typing away on his laptop as he worked on his novel. He only paused to drink some of his chocolate milkshake or glance at the booth containing the four friends he could’ve been with if he wasn’t… well, him.

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