Coming Out - Dad!Michael

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here we have dad!michael dealing with his son coming out of the closet.

“Babe!” Michael yelled walking into the kitchen to see his wife of thirteen years drying off a plate from the dishwasher before sticking it into the cabinet before turning to look at her husband. It had been a crazy ride for them, y/n becoming pregnant with their first child when the couple had barely reached twenty-two years old, their oldest son, Danny, now fifteen and their twin baby girls, Allie and Maddie just pushing nine. It was Friday night, their one night off from the kids, uncle Ashton bringing them to the movies with his three monsters before Danny headed to his ‘friend’s house’ for the night.

“What is it?” she questioned, the concern flooding her husband’s green eyes worrying her. “Is everything alright?”

“I’m worried about Daniel,” he said scratching at the back of his neck, body fidgeting with nerves at how to handle the situation. “I think he’s gay.” Y/n laughed loudly at her husband not because of the accusation, but because it had only taken him fifteen years to notice. “This isn’t funny, babe. It’s serious. I went to use his laptop because mine broke and there was an imessage there from that kid Steven he’s been hanging around lately about just wanting to kiss him and I think it’s his boyfriend and babe, I’m so overwhel-.” She cut him off with a hand to her husband’s mouth as she cocked her head to the side.

“I know he’s gay, Michael,” she said simply. “It’s not that hard to figure it out. We just need to let him know that it’s okay to feel this way and that we’ll still love him no matter what, right?”

“Right,” he said, his expression serious as she laughed at him again before pressing a quick kiss to his lips. “Just text him and tell him to come over before going to Steven’s alright?”


It was the longest hour of Michael’s life as he sat at the island in the kitchen, y/n having made brownies to calm his nerves just as the front door opened and his two princesses ran in to grab their sleep away bags before Michael’s mom picked them up for the weekend. Those two had more of a social life than they did.

“You wanted to talk to me?” Danny asked walking into the room, skinny jeans tight on his legs like his father’s while sporting a very faded Nirvana tee. His lip was pierced just as his uncle Luke’s had been. He had all the facial features of his mother, taking his jawline and eyes from his father.

“Come sit down, baby,” y/n said sliding him a brownie as he happily took it, biting into the warmth as he hummed at his mom’s baking. These were always his favorite, except for the blueberry pie she’d make at Christmas, that always topped the brownies. “Danny, you know we love you no matter what, right?”

“Yeah…?” he said skeptically before taking a huge gulp from his father’s glass of milk that had gone untouched. “Is everything alright? Did I fail a test or something?”

“No, no,” Michael started, taking a deep shaky breath. Y/n had told him he had to be the one to do this. He needed to show his son he was accepting of who he was no matter what decisions he made in life. “We just…we want you to be able to tell us anything and everything, even if you don’t feel comfortable about it, like, maybe…coming out of the closet?” it was silent in the kitchen as Danny’s eyes made their way down to his lap, cheeks burning bright red as he sat embarrassed. “We support you one hundred percent, Danny…and we were wondering if you could maybe bring Steven over one night for dinner.”

“Really?” he asked, his eyes meeting his father’s as Michael smiled brightly towards his son nodding his head.

“Absolutely. We don’t want you to hide things from us, especially something that important.” Danny hopped off his stool going to hug his dad before kissing his mom on the cheek.

“You guys are the best. I love you both.”

“Oh, we love you too, baby. Now, go have fun at Steven’s and we’ll see you tomorrow.” He nodded his head, quickly grabbing his bag before running out the door, y/n watching Michael, a small smile on her face from watching the interaction between her husband and son. “You did great, baby.”

“Thank you…now, let’s just hope our little girls don’t grow up too fast. I don’t know if I could handle a dating conversation with them.”

thank you, i’t been an amazing summer.

Faded pictures bleached by sun,
The tale’s told, the summer’s done.
In memories the Pines still play,
On a sunny summer’s day.
Hidden deep within the woods
A buried treasure waits for you;
Secrets lost and statues found
Beyond the rusty gates.

And even though our ride is here,
The bus awaits, goodbyes are said
Followed by the tears - and smiles.
Cause one day we’ll come back here
To mysterious Gravity Falls.

“See you next summer!” we scream.
We’ll be waiting here for you.
To come back soon…
We’ll be here.

yes, people, it’s me again, sobbing like a little baby (i’m still not okay). so yeah, i’ve made this. about us, probably. i wanted this to be about us. oh, and there is a little thing at the end, if you listen to it carefully.

if you haven’t heard it yet, i’ve also made a song for Bill:


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Summer Bod, here we come ☀

Following my last post with a hashtag about going to the gym, I got a question about my work out regimen and if I have a workout playlist I wouldn’t mind sharing. In fact, my whole workout playlist is all kpop so I don’t mind sharing at all ♡

I recommend 20-30 minutes of cardio, followed by 15-20 minutes of light weight lifting to tone. As far as cardio goes, the first 30 minutes should be pretty moderate impact (power walking, treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, stair master, etc). I recommend 1-2 minute sprints followed by a couple minutes of speed walking if you have weak joints like me. The first 10 songs will be meant for your cardio endeavors to get you pumped, followed by 5-7 songs for more relaxed weight lifting/cooling down.

01. Loving You - Sistar

02. Up & Down - EXID

03. Bounce - JJ Project

04. War of Hormone - BTS

05. Ah Yeah - EXID

06. Touch My Body - Sistar

07. Good Luck - B2ST

08. Pepe - CLC

09. Boy in Luv - BTS

10. Who’s Your Mama? - Park Jinyoung

11. Only You - Miss A

12. Come Back Home - 2NE1

13. Something - Girl’s Day

14. Miniskirt - AOA

15. Good Boy - GD x Taeyang

16. Love Song - Miss A

17. Stop Stop It - Got7

18. LUV - A-Pink

go get that summer bod!!!

HAIKYUU FIC RECS for @anyadisee​!!
gotta sort these by pairing because i am overwhelmed w the amount of fics i’ve read for this fandom fkdlsdgdsksd

also pls note that i generally don’t like AUs so.. many Big Name Fics are not present

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Meeting Markus

“… and that’s Tokyo Tower.” Mark says pointing outside the hotel window to the enormous structure only a couple of meters away.

“Wow! I wish I was there with you.” We’ve been dating for a little over two years now, but because of his career we’ve had to keep our relationship a secret. We’ve gone on a couple of proper dates before, but it’s difficult having to always worry about being spotted by paparazzi and fans, on the other hand, it’s pretty funny seeing Mark in disguise. Usually our dates take place in his dorm, unless he’s away, and then we have to settle for Skype dates.

“You will be someday. You’re still in school at the moment, but maybe once summer break rolls around we could come back here together… on a date… or something.” He shyly scratches the back of his neck in an attempt to avoid eye contact. Awwww, is he blushing? Just being able to see him puts a smile on my face.

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Talking to you like this reminds me of the first time we met.”

“Really? You still remember that?”

“Of course, how could I forget the day I met the love of my life? Do you remember?” How could I possibly forget?

Start of flashback: Uhhhhhh, there’s nothing worse than waking up. When you’re asleep you can do anything, be anyone, but when you’re awake, reality creeps up on you and turns everything to crap. At least it’s a Saturday, which means I can spend the whole day in bed if I chose to, but most importantly it means there’s no school. That being said, I do have a pretty huge test on Monday. I don’t really want to go out, but I have been a bit of a shut-in lately, and I have the feeling that if I don’t go out on my own today my parents will force me to. Clearly they’ve forgotten how terrible being a teenager actually is.

After spending the next two hours in bed scrolling through my phone and another half an hour debating with myself, I make the decision to go to the library. Not exactly the most exciting way to spend the weekend, but it does lead to good grades and maybe I can finally find a new book to read, I’ve already gone through all the ones I own at least twice by now.

I have a quick breakfast, and head back upstairs to brush my teeth and change into my favorite sweats. I don’t care what anyone says, sweats are fabulous, I can’t think of any other outfit the compares in the comfort department. As I’m heading back downstairs, I recognize the voice of my cousin. Now I know what you’re thinking, yay family, but you’d be wrong. She’s my cousin, it’s not that I don’t love her, but we’re polar opposites. She’s all about glitz and glam and looking her best 24/7, whereas I prefer to take a practical approach to life. She’s always on the hunt for a guy, but for me it’s about survival. In a few years I’ll be a fully fledged adult with the freedom to do whatever I please, but until then I have to find a way to keep myself sane.

“Finally! What took you so long?” Has her voices always been this annoyingly shrill?

“Ummm… excuse me?”

“Did you forget that we made plans for today?” We never made plans. I haven’t even talked to her in the past three weeks. She must be on something.

“How could you forget your own plans? And with family? Shame on you.” Thanks, mom.

“Hurry up, we’re going to the library!” Okay, now I know something is up. The library? My cousin is pretty much allergic to books, and anything else related to school for that matter. I’ll play along for now, I guess. I’m curious to see where this is going.

“Bye, mom.”

“Good bye girls! Have fun at the library! Study hard!” The second we’re out the door, my cousin grabs me by my backpack straps and starts dragging me off in the opposite direction of the library.

“Where are we going?”

“Don’t worry about it. You’ll thank me when we get there.”

“No, I don’t think I will. Either tell me where it is we’re going or I’m returning home.”

“Fine. We’re going to the NCT fan sign, happy?” NCT fan sign? I don’t know if I should be bursting with joy or bursting into tears. Not to come off like some deranged fangirl, but Mark Lee is pretty much, more or less, my dream man. Yes, he’s extremely good looking and incredibly talented, but that’s not what made me fall for him. I’m head over heals with his personality. One second he’s a badass rapper and the next he’s a stuttering mess, but no matter what he’s always true to himself, the mega dork, who’s captured my heart.

“The fan sign is all the way on the other side of the city. It’ll take us at least an hour to get there, even if we take the bus. Plus, what happened to the library?”

“Who cares? It’s NCT! The library will still be there when we get back. Stop being such a whiny baby and march your butt over to the bus stop. If we get there late because of you, I’ll be majorly pissed.” It looks like I have no other option but to follow along, so that’s what I do. At first the whole meeting the one and only Mark Lee in person doesn’t really bother me so much, but the closer we get to our destination the more and more my anxiety starts to set in.

We’ve made it to the location of the fan sign, and by now I’m fully freaking out. My cousin practically runs off to get in line to meet her beloved Jaehyun and basically abandons me. I take a few deep breaths and head to the back of the line. There are at least fifty, if not more, girls lined up in front of me, and there’s no end to the amount of girls piling up behind me. They’re all decked out in merch or cute little outfits with their hair and makeup perfectly done, and here I am barefaced in sweats. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty out of place at the moment.

Like no offense to all these girls, but who the hell are you getting all dressed up for to begin with. Trying to land yourself a member of NCT, dream on. They’re too busy with their careers, and they have women throwing themselves at them left and right, so why would they settle for some random fan? I honestly believe that the only way I’m ever going to land a guy worthy of me is in these sweats. You can lure in any guy with the right amount of makeup and a skimpy enough outfit, but that’s not going to be enough to get them to stay. Love should be a matter of the heart, not of the downstairs department.

This line seemed impossibly long when I first got here, but fast forward an hour and there’s only five girls left between Mark and I. I’m maybe two meters away from him, and what do I do? Well, I kind of sort of have a mini panic attack and bump into the girl in front of me, who is kind enough to push back on me so hard my backpack falls off my shoulders and I land on my butt. Thank you so much! Worst of all, the moment my backpack makes contact with the floor, the seam at the bottom rips wide open and its contents go flying everywhere. There’s a gigantic mess at my feet and all the girls surrounding me just stand there laughing and pointing right at me, just what I needed. I’m already nervous enough, why not humiliate myself? Screw this fan sign and everything else, as soon as I’m done collecting my shit, I’m heading home.

I’m desperately trying to get to my stuff before anyone has a chance to step on it, when someone reaches out and hands me my notebook. I mumble a quick thanks, not even bothering to look up from the task at hand. “I saw that girl push you earlier. I can’t believe some people. Are you okay?” Wait, why does this voice sound so familiar? Okay, breathe. Mark Lee is literally four centimeters or less from my face speaking directly to me. He literally left his spot unattended, so he could help me. I’ve either died and gone to heaven, or for once luck is actually on my side. He extends a hand towards me, which I reluctantly take.

“Thanks… for helping me pick up my stuff… and helping me up… an-”

“Mark! What are you doing? You can’t keep the fans waiting.” Shit. Now his manger is angry with him, and it’s all my fault.

“I’m sorry, but I really need to get back.” There goes my one and only chance with Mark. No surprise, I blew it.

“It’s cool.” He gives me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen and then runs back to his seat. The girls behind me have managed to form a new line around me, excluding me. I’m left with two options: head to the end of the line, which would mean waiting at least another hour before I get a chance to see him again or head home. My confidence has all but deteriorated at this point, so I make the tough decision to leave. I want nothing more than to have another opportunity to speak to Mark, even if it’s only for a minute, but I can’t face him now, I can’t face anyone, not with all the other fangirls ready to boil me alive.

I text my cousin and catch the very first bus home. I hardly say a word to my mom, who bombards me with questions about our trip to the “library” as soon as I walk through the door, opting for the solitude of my bedroom. The only way to calm these nerves is a nap, so that’s exactly what I do.

By the time I wake up, the sun has already begun to set. I’m feeling a little better about the fan sign fiasco, but I could still use a distraction, and nothing does the trick like homework. I grab the notebook the Mark handed me earlier and flip through the pages looking for Friday’s notes, when I come across some strange handwriting. I know for a fact I didn’t write this, but then who did? No one really touches my stuff except me. Upon closer inspection, it looks like a phone number and a Skype account. Ummmm, what?

I go through every single detail of the day’s events, but there’s no other explanation than this being Mark’s contact info. The only person who’s come anywhere near me since that witch bumped into me is Mark, and he is also the one who handed this notebook to me. Okay, this is getting super duper freaky. If this isn’t Mark, I have no idea who else it could be. I’m definitely not skyping whoever this is without for sure knowing who they are, but maybe sending quick a text wouldn’t be too bad, right? If it’s Mark, then this is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and if it isn’t Mark, I’ll just block the number. I take a few deep breaths and give myself a little pep talk before retrieving my cellphone from my night stand.

** Hey, this is going to sound a little weird, but is this Mark by any chance? ** I go grab a glass of water, only to return a minute later to find that “Mark” has already texted me back.

** That depends… are you the cute girl from the fan sign today? **

** I don’t know… that depends… how many cute girls were at this fan sign? **

** Just one. This other girl happened to push her down, so I helped her pick up her things. So, mystery girl are you ever going to tell me your name? **

** It’s Y/N. **

** So, Y/N let me ask you a question. Why are you texting me? ** Seriously? I honestly didn’t think he’d be a giant asshole in real life. He gives me his number, and then he gets mad at me for texting him. I’m officially done.

** You know what, that was stupid of me. I apologize. Let’s not speak again. **

** Y/N! Wait, that’s not what I meant. I mean why are you texting me when I gave you my Skype info. **

** Ohhhhh… ** Okay, I really wasn’t expecting that.

** Video call me. **

** Ummm… no offense, but as much as I’d like to believe this is Mark, I just don’t know if it’s really you. I need proof. **

** Okay, I understand. ** As soon as I receive his text, I get a phone call from the same number. Only one way to find out who this really is. I take another deep breathe, accept the call, and slowly raise the phone to my ear.

“Hello…” God this is so weird. What if this isn’t Mark, but some mean girl who saw what happened and wants to bully me, or worse a pedophile?

“Y/N, it’s Mark.” I’m no expert, but there’s no way this isn’t Mark. I’ve heard his voice a million times through my headphones, on television, and even in person earlier today. “Y/N, are you there?”

“Sorry, I kind of went into zombie mutant mode for a second there. Anyway, I believe you, but just to be on the safe side, I’m going to need to hear you rap.” No, I don’t, but it’s not everyday you get the chance to ask your favorite idol to rap personally for you. I need to take advantage of this opportunity.

“Alright, whatever it takes for you to believe me. Do you have something specific in mind or would you rather I freestyle or something?”

“Hmmmmm, though question. As tempting as that sounds, I want to hear your rap from The 7th Sense.”

“Got it.” He sounds amazing on stage, but who knew he’d sound even better over the phone to. “… and that’s a long ass ride…” There’s no way this isn’t him. I’d bet my life savings, which isn’t much, but that’s beside the point, that this is the Mark Lee.

“I believe you.”

“Thank God. I was worried you’d think I’m some random, hang up, and never speak to me again.”

“Nope, you’ve proven yourself. I’m going to end the call now. I’ll Skype you in a second. Bye.”

“I’ll be waiting.” As soon as I hear the line go dead, I can’t stop myself from breaking into song and dance. It’s super embarrassing, I’m aware, but no one can see me, and it’s a perfectly normal reaction considering what just happened. I need to get all my feelings out before I call him back, or risk coming off as another one of his insane fangirls. Once I’ve managed to get my emotions under control, I stop to take a look at myself in the mirror. Damn, no makeup and I’m still gorgeous, no wonder Mark is so desperate to speak to me. Time to woman up, put on my bitch face, and press the video call button. Within not even two whole seconds I’m face to face with Mark. Holy shit!

“What took you so long? You said you’d call me back right away, and it’s been well over five minutes.”

“Uhhhhhh… sorry.”

“It’s fine. You don’t need to apologize. I was just nervous you’d never speak to me again, which means I’d never get to see you again… anyway… uh… how was your day?”

“Uh, good. I just went home and napped.”

“Ohhhh, cool. So, are you like, okay? You’re not hurt from when you fell or anything?”

“I’m fine.”

“Good!” He says enthusiastically giving me the biggest, goofiest grin. I didn’t think it was possible for me to fall any further in love with him, but apparently it is.

End of flashback: “Y/N! Y/N!” Mark waves his hands in front of the camera trying to get my attention.

“Sorry, zombie mutant mode.”

“Hahaha, it’s okay. I’m pretty used to it by now.” Yep, it’s been over two years now, and yet every time he smiles at me I swear my heart beats just a little bit faster and I can feel my insides turning to goo.

“We got married last year, the day after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. It was a coincidence. We live in California so it was already legal, but the whole city was celebrating with us. Her family has a house on Cape Cod and we’ve been coming here for the summer for nine years. At first her parents wouldn’t talk to me, but now they like me.
“What changed?”
“They got used to the idea that she wasn’t going to marry a nice catholic boy.”

Dennis, MA

Relaxing Summer Day Spell

Summer is here, and we need to chill and recuperate for the coming school year. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Somewhere to pick any type of flowers, even weeds
  • Being outside on a sunny day
  • Bucket of clean water
  • Clothes you can get wet in

Put down your bucket and go pick some flowers. Get as many as you want, and go sit back at your bucket. Pull off all the petals and toss them into the water. Stir them all around for a while and take some deep breaths. Pick up the bucket, AND DUMP IT ON YOU! Lay down in the grass or wherever you can and relax. It’s summer. Go outside and chill.

  • me making summer plans with friends during the semester: let's go on a cross country road trip, and maybe a cruise, and we definitely need to go to disneyland!!! we have to take a trip to san diego!! beaches here we come!! this summer is gonna rock
  • me during summer vacation: *binge watches avatar the last airbender and eats lots of peanut butter m&m's*