GIF IT UP 2016 entry by Ann M. Hale from London, UK. Source material from the National Library of France via The European Library via Europeana / @europeanacollections.

Ann writes: “Walter Crane’s (1845-1915) “Queen Summer” was published in 1891. My interest in Crane stems from his involvement with bailing out individuals arrested during protests after Black Sunday in 1887. The iconic May Day illustrations that he created–“The Worker’s May-Pole” and “A Garland for May Day”–remain popular today. “Queen Summer” is a pseudo-medieval tale featuring willowy maidens and armoured knights that is evocative of the pre-Raphaelites and the prints of his friend and contemporary, William Morris. Today Crane is primarily remembered for the children’s books that he wrote and illustrated.”

This gif is made available under a CC-BY-SA license.