I’ve been so obsessed with wearing my natural hair like this a lot this summer. Blow dry, then flat iron, then wand curls with a wavy patterned curling wand. For some people it might be too much heat, but I retain so much length! This style can last me a long time because I don’t get reversion very quickly, and it’s so easy to refresh each morning. That’s why I always say that you can’t be obsessed with following all of the “rules” ..You have to do what works for you.

❤ - go blind/speed dating and happen to find each other (w/ tattooartist!namjoon)

When your friend (a.k.a the devil himself Jeon Jungkook) said that he had the perfect match for you, honestly (apart from telling him to jump off the cliff) you were rather intrigued. Jungkook painted him to be a person you somehow had intentions of meeting - based on his mutual likings and interest, you were in for it. However, when Jeon set the date up and told you of the venue, your gut feeling didn’t feel too good.

Yet, you went through with it because hey, Jungkook is a nice person. So whoever he tried to play cupid with couldn’t possibly be that bad.

Your conclusion was up for a testimony as you situate yourself in front of the description Jungkook left you in bullet point form. Purple hair, a black cargo jacket hanging on his shoulders with a pair of jeans and whatever shoes because who cares. He smiles at you the moment you sit down and he extends his arm to Jungkook’s detailed text message of: red summer dress, flats, okay that’s all you get, hyung and although he wanted to punch Jungkook at the throat, he’s happy said boy didn’t say much.

Because boy was he blown away with the beauty in front of him. Bright eyes, brighter smile, he feels his heart warming up already even though you haven’t said anything.

“I’m Namjoon,” He introduces himself, deep raspy voice shaking you to your bone and you try your best to stay collected, reaching forward to slip your hand in his, “Y/N,”

He stood corrected. You even sound pretty what the fuck.

“S-So, uh… shall we see what to eat?”

“Sure,” You grin, picking up the menu and with a soft what on earth, you scan through the price and your heart is pounding too hard because Jeon, you’re dead meat. The digits could skyrocket to your purse’s death and based on how light it would be after you eat here, it could fly to the heaven’s. Gulping, you try to look elsewhere, away from the blaring thousand dollars for some gold burger on the menu to land on - Namjoon flinches at the touch along the back of his hand but doesn’t move away.

Instead, he lowers his menu to see you admiring his line of chain tattooed to his skin and he smiles, meeting with your eyes when you tilt your chin up and is it weird he adores how you snap back to your senses with a quick I’m so sorry! and try to muster up a reason you touched him without asking? Yet, he would let you anyway? He tells you it’s fine, and carries it on with: “You like tattoos?”

“W-Well,” You put the menu down, straightening your back, “I think they’re interesting. Like, the stories behind them, the meaning and…” He sees how you’re unable to continue, only following your gaze of your curiosity to the cuffs of his jacket to reveal the ink on his wrist. His mind is completely off from the special deals, on to lifting his sleeve slightly, “Do you want to see them?”

“Could I?” He takes it back, he loves how wide your eyes become and have filled with adoration in them.

“Yeah but,” He leans in, to which you do subconsciously, “I don’t think this place would appreciate me putting on a free show to my tattoos,”

“…we could go somewhere else,”

“Where do you propose?”

You’re smiling.

“I know this burger place down the block,” He’s about to agree but you - “And I may or may not have gotten my first tattoo at the joint behind,”

“…you’re kidding,” His eyes are as wide as the moon, his mouth gaping at - “You have a tattoo?”

With a chuckle, you rise to your feet and extend your hand to him, “C’mon. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,”

Without missing a beat, Namjoon grabs onto your hand.

Valedictorian Speech

Good evening.

If there’s one thing that I learned, it’s that endings never work out the way you want them to—that they’re terrible, and this one is no different. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing the last chapter of a good book , or the last afternoon of summer. Endings are like flat tires and wet pairs of socks and cold dinners. They’re the sort of thing that—no matter the effort, no matter the discipline—no one can get right.
This is one of those days for us. When we have to say goodbye to everything familiar and safe and be exposed to a new world out there while leaving great memories behind.
But believe me when I say, there are far greater things ahead than any we leave.
What we can’t do is live our lives always afraid of the next goodbye and the coming beginning, because chances are they’re not going to stop. The trick is to recognize when a goodbye can be a good thing: when it’s a chance to start again. And although our high school life has to end, our love for each other doesn’t.

And I don’t think I can set foot into the new world without guardian angels on my side and on my heart.
-This one’s to the teachers, who took minutes of their own time to deliver a message to us.
-To the teachers who tolerated our class room drama and helped us be the best
-Who let us sneak snacks in class and pretended they didn’t see us, although obviously the class smelt like food.
-To the ones who understood our cravings, and made their wives cook for us because they knew how much food meant to us.
-To the teachers who took us out to play paintball and were the reason for our bruises. But that’s okay because they were a good kind of bruises. The memorable kind. The kind you never want to get rid of.
-To the teachers who developed our skills in various way and guided our way to success.
Thank you.

And then there are those lovely tremendous and extraordinary people sitting among you. Our families and parents and brothers and sisters.

-So, this one’s for my Mother, who I could tell everything to and who always understood me, advised me and gave me all she had. Who dried my tears when I had a broken heart, defended me even when I was wrong and taught me that the world is cruel but I’m strong enough to survive in it.
-To my father, who not only spent half of his paycheck so I can buy new clothes and travel out of the country or get a proper education, but who was also very open minded and not afraid to expose me to new things out there because he knew that to gain experience and wisdom, I had to see the good and the bad of everything.
Mom, dad, just because I’m graduating or possibly going anywhere doesn’t mean your roles as parents end here. I’ll always need you no matter how many times I say I don’t.
-To my brothers, both of them, who loved me, cared for me and drove me around when I needed a ride.
-To my sisters, the ones i never had but whom my best friends played the perfect role of, who were there for me through the ups and downs and happy and sad times.
Thank you.

And last but not least, This one’s for the bunch of kids sitting way over there about to get their diplomas, graduate and be free and not kids anymore. Me among them, of course.

I know that we’ll all be stories some day, and our pictures will become old photographs. We all become somebody’s mom or dad. But right now, these moments are nor stories. This is happening. We are here, gathered by the people who love us the most in the world. We’re the heroes of our time, we’re infinite as the universe and we’re making a promise to always remember that our young hearts should always shoot for the stars and change the world.

When I think of each and every personality of you guys, I just realize that this year would have been completely different if any of you were missing. I admit that I probably didn’t get along with like a quarter of you. Okay, half of you? Three quarters? Ok, let’s not push it.

So, fellow graduates and young volcanoes, this one’s to you,
-To the girl who likes reading, good music and wanderlust
-To the girl who likes helping people and is the friendliest and kindest person I ever met
-To the girl whose face goes red as a tomato when someone talks to her
-To our future Einstein
-To the girl who can make us laugh no matter how serious the situation is.
-To the girl who can’t wait to graduate and get out of here.
-To the girls who like good music and have an awesome fashion sense
-To the girls whose laugh is funnier than the joke itself
-To the girls who like drawing, singing, dancing and just having fun.
-And To the neat/ sarcastic/ intelligent/confident/kind hearted and remarkable girls I know.
-To those interested in photography.
-To the guy who’s so smart in calculus, physics and Ap chemistry, that Walter White from Breaking Bad probably died because he wasn’t as brilliant as him.
-To the musicians who banged their drums and strummed their guitars and made everyone happy.
-To the guy whose best quality is that he’s caring, responsible and short, just like I am.
-To the guys who’re creative and misunderstood and always hungry, and to the guy who’s anti-mainstream. Although being anti-mainstream is actually mainstream.
-To the guy who’s the main reason I even came to this school and will always be known for his curly hair, golden voice and amazing basketball skills.
-To the guy who puts the B in BOSS, and likes being called The President.
-To the guy who likes football more than his own mother.
-To the guys I probably never had a real conversation with until this very day but I still won’t forget them.

-And most importantly, to the class of 2014 who, let’s admit it, is the best thing that ever happened to this school. Right?

So, I hope you enjoyed my speech and if you did not, I hope you had a good nap.
I’ve had enough memories in this school to keep me smiling all summer, and even after if I wasn’t going to college in September. So, enjoy the rest of the evening, and the rest of your life, save your tears for later, say what you always wanted to say tonight with no fear or regrets because you might not have another chance, and make even more memories to tell your children when you grow up.
Friends, families and everyone joining us tonight, You know what they say it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later.
I love you guys,

Thank you.

(-written by Menna Mahdy)

i would just flirt with you, but you wouldn’t realize what i was doing

Jily Week Day 3
First Kiss
/or/ Quidditch 

In which James is oblivious and Lily takes matters into her own hands.
AO3 // FFN

He was coming towards her in the narrow train corridor, towering a full head over the crowd he was pushing through, his mates trailing along behind him. Well, he wasn’t exactly moving towards her, but in her general direction like everyone else since she stood near the door for no other reason than because she had hoped to intercept him. She had said goodbye to her friends already back in their compartment before the train had even reached the station.

“Hey, Evans.” James grinned over the heads of the crowd when he spotted her.

With one hand he pulled his trunk along behind him and the other held a bag she suspected was filled with contraband he had somehow managed to sneak past Filch – why the caretaker wanted to stop people from sneaking banned items out of school was a mystery to her, but he had spent hours randomly searching people’s trunks this morning and there was no way he had let James and his friends go without a thorough inspection. Had either of his hands been free, she felt certain that it would have raked through his hair, a habit of his that used to bother her but which she had recently become quite fond of.

“Hello, Potter.” She fell into step with him, ignoring the indignant sound Sirius made when he had to pause to let her in next to his best mate.

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