cloud-9-queen  asked:

any book, song, or show reccommendations?

hmm i can give you a few!! 

i don’t have many book recs sadly bc i don’t read as much as I should (i mostly read fanfiction now but you didn’t hear it from me :p)

song recs i can name are as follows: 
Tightrope - LP : wonderful song, such a jam, lyrics are really moving imo 
Obsession feat. Jon Bellion - Vice : is such a summer song!! super dance-y
Beautiful - TODIEFOR : beautiful lyrics, edm, such a jam

show recs I swear by are Steven Universe, Kimmy Schmidt, and Man Seeking Woman. They are all sooo goood! :)

sleepover saturday! ^___^ 

Signs as: Summer Memories

Aries: hiking, haircuts, waterparks, sushi, photography, watching comedies with all your friends, old bookstores
Taurus: watching movies in dark rooms, making food for parties, sundresses, braids, music festivals
Gemini: hanging out with friends at the beach, staying up all night, ice cream trucks, making chalk murals in the driveway
Cancer: watching the stars with someone you love, cooking, lace, taking pictures of the beach on a cloudy day, rainbows, holding hands
Leo: vacationing, trying a new restaurant, volleyball, getting sunburnt/tanning, summer camps, mini golf
Virgo: FINALLY relaxing, volunteering, picking up friends at airport, writing a short story, fishtail braids, jacuzzis
Libra: amusement parks, spa days, bikinis, visiting family, tanning, concerts, sunflowers, taking a walk with someone you love, sports
Scorpio: new lipstick, listening to music with someone you love, random summer storms, effortless beauty, multicolored nails, road trips, scary stories around the campfire
Sagittarius: parties, dancing, summer flames, traveling to a different country, crop tops, meeting new people
Capricorn: fun summer jobs, starting new shows on netflix, cooking new dishes
Aquarius: painting the sunset, driving a vintage hot rod, underground concerts, going to the pool, watering plants
Pisces: smoothies, classical concerts, seeing old friends, sketching outside, flowers, driving to the city

He isn’t my boyfriend…

But I love his hugs, his smile, his advice, his wildness and the times when we laugh together so I guess I fell in love with our friendship.

kookiera  asked:

What do you think about this whole "jimin posted a video of himself on twitter and then jungkook shared really romantic lyrics"? It's making the kook/min shippers go crazy rn, some people are sayig that it's a hint and it's a kind of confession

tacity said: I want to follow in JK’s footsteps and publicly declare: I’M SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG! 😁 My likes are 70% satellite-jeon’s analysis. 😂 I’m addicted to your asks. Sorry not sorry. Q. Tell us what you think of JK’s Twitter (Jimin-centric) behavior. I love the boi’s sentimentality, btw. 😍 He can be such a sweetheart (a lot towards JM) at times!

Anon: Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence how usually when Jimin posts something, JK posts right after him?? And like, the lyrics and stuff???? Incredible

Jungkook is a good influence omg, thank you ♡ He is also terribly sappy and such a romantic at heart. I don’t know how he contains all those emotions in those musclesㅋ

Anyway, I’ve been lowkey stalking people’s analyses on the matter (both international and k-fans) and the timing/lyrics are strangely suspicious. Here’s what I’ve compiled so far:

  1. The fact that he posted it right after Jimin. Again.
  2. Screenshot’s at 0:00. He wasn’t even listening to it. He just wanted to show us the song/lyrics. 
  3. “Slow dance these summer nights” → Own It was during the summer 
  4. And you need to know; That you keep me up all night, all night  → They’re known for being “all-nighter friends”

It’s almost… too good to be true. Has JJK reached a point of no return where he’s literally tweeting love songs to Jimin? In front of everybody? I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. Still, let’s just quietly watch where all of this is going..

Do you remember that summer?

Where we danced upon the rivers edge of oblivion, dipping our toes in, numbing them in cold cocaine water? You were older and should have known better and I was young and just glad to belong somewhere other than the nowhere I’d become engulfed in. You left fingermarks on my forearm, dragging me along - but I was happy to be a part of something that made me feel alive. We thrived on sleepless nights filled with liquor and whatever party favours you could hook up, did you know that I looked up to you? I thought you were some untouchable goddess - people flocked around you like moths to the flame and I was just happy to be warm by your fire, feeling the sunrise caress my shoulders on your back porch; birds chirping as you told your stories with your sunglasses reflecting me - transfixed. You made me a place that felt like home for a while, filled with unfamiliar faces flowing in and out that just wanted in on part of the fun. I didn’t realise that you were coming undone, unravelling in this chaotically entrancing fashion, you just seemed like fireworks to me - all colour and vibrance and glow. I should have known that fireworks like to explode.

© @rarasworldbro

Black girl, mother nature 
Hair grows so tall
Roots so deep
Seed sowed in Zambian earth
Roots stretched down under
Mama’s fingers swing through treetop hair she says take care

Autumn leaves shed so rapidly
So dry underfoot

Winter, ignore the looks and wrap your scarf around tree; stop the bitter onset of cold

Spring; grow, baby, grow
Put flowers behind your ear, in your hair

Summer, dance in a dashiki in the bathroom to the beat of a spray bottle bringing life back to roots; quench, hydrate
Don’t be scared of the sun, don’t be scared of this oppressive heat.
Thrive, baby.

You’re black, girl; you’re mother nature.
There’s life in your hair
But always remember, Mama says take care

- @mejustthen