anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for coping with the sensory discomfort of summer and summer clothes?

in the summer i try to wear leggings and big soft tshirts or loose silky blouses/shirts. i recently found a pair of shorts that i feel kind of ok in so thats cool i guess

i dont get on well with ‘summer clothes’ because i have body images issues so i try and stick to comfortable, breathable basics instead e.g. thin cotton shirts, (thin) leggings, floaty tops, lightweight jackets or cardigans if it gets a bit cold. sometimes i wear comfortable skirts with lightweight long sleeve tops too

another good solution if youre comfortable with it is v simple dresses- because you just pop it on and thats a whole outfit. i like quite loose fitting dresses with short sleeves as im uncomfortable with thin straps etc.

i sleep in silky short sleeve pyjamas to try and stray cool at night + have a fan (i sleep in ear defenders because i struggle with the sound). if im still uncomfortably warm, i rest a gel ice pack either under my neck or on my forehead. 

i try to walk in the shade as much as possible while out and about + always carry a bottle of water. if you struggle with temperature regulation + get too warm and cant cool back down, i find that running my wrists under the cold tap helps to reset.

im not sure what helps as im not good at thinking off the top of my head but i hope this is helps a bit! please feel free to message again if you need