The Greatest Summer Bucketlist. Ever.

Crafts and Artsy Things
Tie-dye t-shirts
Chalk up a whole driveway
Paint fight/Messy Twister
Tan tattoo
Melted Crayon Art
Make a sparkler message photo
Bubble painting: Put food dye or paint in bubbles and blow it onto a canvas
Dart balloon painting (Think Princess Diaries)
Throw water balloons filled with paint on a canvas
Glowing mountain dew - ¼ bottle of mountain dew, tiny bit of baking soda, and three caps full of hydrogen peroxide
Make shirts
Make a music video
Make a dream catcher
Photo shoot with friends
Sandman (Think a “snow man” at the beach)
Make sandcastles
Henna Tattoo
Capture a great Jump Shot
Read a lot!
Dye hair (washable dye)
Use a telescope and create our own constellations
Have a jam session with other musicians
Make flower crowns

Out and About
Go to concerts
Canopy Lake
Six Flags
Ride horses
Take a yoga class
Go on the Block Island Ferry
Mystic Aquarium
Go to iHop at midnight
Pick berries
Go to a Gull’s Game
Go to the beach (A LOT)
Camp out in the backyard
Mini Golfing
Go to the Zoo
Go on a picnic
Go on a spontaneous adventure
Thrift store shopping
Hike at the Norman Bird
Watch fireworks
Scavenger hunt downtown with disposable cameras
Make “Take What You Need” Posters and hang them up in random places

Nicolas Sparks Movie Marathon
Chick Flick Marathon
Harry Potter Marathon
See a midnight showing of a movie
Outdoor movie
Go to a Drive in movie theater

Make new friends
Eat healthier and exercise more often
Get Tan
Watch the sunset and the sunrise
Leave inspirational notes on cars
Get a job
Learn how to play a musical instrument

Cook Out with friends
Try all Orange Leaf Flavors
(Iced) Tea Party
Try every flavor of Arizona Iced Tea
Get up early and go out to breakfast
Smash a watermelon

Say hello to everyone you see for a day
Say yes to everything for a day
Do something random and illegal
Get a cute guy’s number
Sneak out
For one day, run through every sprinkler you see.
Leave a note in a library book
Buy flowers for someone for no reason at all
Go without ANY technology for a day
Drop a water balloon off of a tall building
Write a letter to a random address to see if they write back.
Go skinny dipping
Smash a pie in someone’s face
Walk through a drive through
Sing obnoxiously loud in the car with the windows rolled down
Dress up for no good reason and work it girl work it
Use a fake name at Starbucks
Play tag in the rain
Play hide and seek in big store (Walmart?)
Dress up like super heroes and walk around, “saving” the city
Sing on the side of a street
Race in shopping carts
Start a slow clap
Start a conversation with a complete stranger
Dance in the rain
Photo bomb a stranger’s photo
Pull some pranks
Hold up free hugs
Kiss a stranger (at least on the cheek)
Post-it note a car
Send a message in a bottle
Give 100 Compliments in one day
Play freeze tag in a public place
Put mentos in someone’s diet coke
Use an Ouija Board

Random Stuff
Have a bonfire and make smores
“Honk If You <3 Summer” sign
Plant a tree or flowers
Run through a field of flowers
Tons of sleepovers (with boys too hehe)
Learn how to tie a knot with a cherry stem in ones mouth
Breathe in helium
Catch fireflies
Have a glitter fight
Roll down a big grass hill
Water balloon/water gun fight
Find the perfect summer anthem
Bury someone and make a mermaid fishtail out of the sand
Car wash
Night swim (Fill a pool with glow sticks for extra credit!)
Lemonade stand
Fly a kite
Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie roll pop
Sleep on a tramp…oline
Break a glow stick into a bottle of bubbles and watch the MAGIC
Use glow in the dark body paint
Play on a playground at night
Friendship bracelets and anklets
Put a secret in a balloon and let it fly away
Wish upon a shooting star
Volunteer somewhere
Take pictures in a photo booth
Spend the night in a blanket fort
Carve something into a tree
Get a new piercing
Learn how to do a cartwheel


hey guys! since summer is quickly approaching, i thought id share some of the things i hope to accomplish before school starts again. let me know your plans for enjoying a semi-productive summer and enjoy! 

some books to read
1. ready player one by ernest cline
2. the unexpected everything by morgan matson
3. mistborn: the final empire by brandon sanderson
4. rebel belle by rachel hawkins
5. the hidden oracle by rick riordan
6. the sword of summer by rick riordan
7. me before you by jojo moyes
8. carry on by rainbow rowell
9. cinder by marrissa meyer
10. pride and prejudice by jane austen

become organized!
i. write all upcoming events on a calendar
ii. delete unnecessary photos and apps
iii. write 3 goals for the new school year
iv. develop a study schedule to get ahead for school
v. establish a morning routine
vi. find more delicious yet healthy recipes
vii. choose (and stick to) an organization system
viii. make a study soundtrack
ix. find (and use) study resources for my classes next year
x. do at least 1 creative thing each day

learn something new for the fun of it!
1. learn to code by @code-bug
2. learn to design by @cmpsbls
3. learn to make printables by @cmpsbls
4. learn to mindmap by @studinet
5. learn a language
6. learn how to start a travel journal by @areistotle
7. learn to write by @the-brightest-witch-studies
8. learn to print on post its by @filenames
9. learn diy notebook covers by @muchelleb
10. learn to make a resume by @studyingstudent​ / find a job by @universi-tea

experience new things
i. watch the sunrise and set
ii. start talking to atleast 3 new people
iii. actively listen to new music (including musicals)
iv. talk until dawn
v. be more outgoing and independent

Summer Bucket List 2013
Summer Bucket List[ ] Scrap Books of the SUMMER!![ ] Make A Memory  Jar [ ] Red River Exibition[ ] Water Ballon Fight[ ] Say YES For 24 Hours[ ] Play Hide and Go Seek in the Mall[ ] YMCA[ ] Tan[ ] Splash Park[ ] Ding Dong Ditch[ ] Museum[ ] Fly a Kite[ ] Blind Make Overs[ ] Climb a Tree[ ] Read For a Day[ ] Egg Fight[ ] Swimming[ ] Paint Twister[ ] Paint War[ ] Tye Dye Shirts[ ] Get Nails Done[ ] Get Hair Done[ ] Wheelies[ ] Bowling[ ] Skateboarding[ ] Camping[ ] Beach[ ] Tinkertown[ ] Fun Mountain[ ] Shopping[ ] Movies[ ] Play In The Rain[ ] Sleepover[ ] Drink Freshly Squeezed Lemonade[ ] Play Slenderman[ ] Leave Nice Notes On Strangers Cars[ ] Get Lost On The Bus[ ] Go Paint Balling[ ] Bike Riding[ ] Wash Bike[ ] Silly String Fight[ ] Shaving Cream Fight[ ] Tie Messages To Balloons and Let Them Go[ ] Write Nice Letters To Strangers and Put In Mail Boxes[ ] Clean Entire Room[ ] Zoo[ ] Carve Name Into Tree[ ] Break a Glow Stick Into a Bottle Of Bubbles and Blow Them[ ] Eat a Whole Box Of Popcicules[ ] Make Harlemshake Video[ ] Organize Closet[ ] Y.E.A.R[ ] Pie Throwing Fight[ ] Pull a All Nighter[ ] Spa Day At Home[ ] Write a Letter To My Dad[ ] Apologize Too Someone[ ] Mini Golf[ ] Have a DIY Day[ ] The Forks[ ] Do a Handstand[ ] Change My Hairstyle[ ] Meet Someone New[ ] Have The Same Outfit As Your BFF[ ] Blast Music Outside[ ] Fry a Egg On The Sidewalk[ ] Jump Into a Pool Fully Clothed[ ] Eat a Whole Role Of Bubble Gum At Once[ ] Walk Throw A Drive Through and Make a Fake Card Made Out of Cardboard[ ] Put Mentos In Coke[ ] Do Dumb Challenges[ ] Jump On a Trampoline[ ] Re - Invent Myself[ ] Go To The Park[ ] Have a Makeover[ ] Play With Sparklers[ ] Play Soccer[ ] Play Baseball[ ] Play Man Hunt[ ] Water Gun Fight[ ] ________________[ ] ________________[ ] ________________
Summer Bucket List 2013


I’m going back home after my first year at university and I’m still planning a kickass summer in my hometown. 50 things to do (40 clean and 10 on the scandalous side xoxo)


1.    Finish Summer reading list

2.       Learn to Longboard/Skateboard

3.       Feed the sheep

4.       Go to breakfast in the middle of the night

5.       Volunteer

6.       Road Trip with friends

7.       Get new glasses

8.       Make a blanket fort and sleep in it

9.       Go camping

10.   Go hiking

11.   Go stargazing

12.   Carve names into a tree

13.   Get hella tan

14.   Whiten teeth

15.   Feed ducks in Riverfront Park

16.   Go on a picnic!

17.   Create a summer playlist

18.   Make a new friend

19.   Go Letterboxing

20.   Make 5 Pinterest Crafts

21.   Finish Wreck this Journal

22.   Chill at the lake

23.   Go to a bonfire

24.   Get a cute jumping picture

25.   Leave a note in a library book

26.   Graffiti

27.   Night swimming with glowsticks

28.   Make breakfast for everyone

29.   Yard Sailing

30.   Roast starburst

31.   Go cosmic bowling

32.   Go to Silverwood

33.   Sand Mermaid Tails

34.   Go on morning runs

35.   Get my nose pierced?

36.   Make 5 Pinterest recipes

37.   Get my eyebrows professionally done

38.   Go to a Pavillion Park movie night

39.   Release floating lanterns

40.   Go to summer events at the Bing or Garland

41.   Make starburst vodka

42.   Vodka gummy bears

43.   Apple bong

44.   Play True American

45.   Take a shot to commence Summer

46.   Go to a sex store

47.   Daydrink

48.   Go Clubbing

49.   Go to the casino

50.   Edibles

summer bucket list🎀☀

1. catch fireflies
2. skate in down town Austin
3. Give the cute guy at tek gnar my number
4. go to the beach with friends
5. meet cody simpson✔
6. record a song
7. move to a house
8. go out of state
9. go to an outdoor concert
10. get up early and run
11.get a new wardrobe
12. make a YouTube channel
13. make an original music video
14. go to a drive in movie
15. hang out with Shane
16. make a t-shirt
17. eat something exotic
18. get a pet
19. get some ray bans
20. ride a bike on the beach
21.complete a wreck this journal
22. make new friends
23. go to camp
24. run a 5k
25. participate in a color run
26. kiss someone randomly
27. leave a nice note on a strangers car
28. go to the fair
29. do something everyday
30. memorize a verse a week
31. dip dye my hair✔
32. perform live✔
33. break out dancing in public
34. be a vegetarian for a week
35. go paint balling
36. blog
37. make a jello pool
38. go to tejas
39. walk through a drive through
40. go on a date with Shane Gibson
41. get kissed
42. go to an under 21 club
43. lots of parties
44. see monsters university
45. redo room
46. sew something
47. learn to play a new instrument
48. have a lemonade stand
49. sell something on ebay
50. have a free hug sign downtown
51. go out of state
52. visit a university
53. six flags
54. sea world
55. go whale watching🐋
56. go on a cruise
57. win something
58. get into competitive dance
59. get vocal lessons
60. get a job
61. hang out with friends
62. go to a drive in movie
63. get a camera
64. make a web site
65. bon fire
66. paint fight
67. go in Shane’s house
68. make friends with upper class men
69. go on a date
70. jump in a pool fully clothed
71. learn to surf
72. go paddle boarding
73. become famous
74. get an agent
75. get a record deal
76. send Sam to camp
77. go to a broadway musical
78. go star gazing
79. grow boobs
80. get long hair
81. stay up for 24 hours
82. 48?
83. 72?
84. jump off of something high
85. hold hands on the beach
86. sneak out
87. stay away from drugs and alcohol
88. get really blonde
89. wear makeup as little as possible
90. read a book
91. send a message in a balloon/ bottle
92. blow bubbles
93. have a cool party at new house
94. go fishing
95. go to a park
96. kiss underwater
97. go to a museum
98. kiss jackson
99. sing/play guitar with jackson
100. make s'mores
101. chase butterflies
102. go to the zoo
103. have a water balloon fight
104. go to a fast food restaurant and order in jibberish
105. make a really cool fort
106. go camping
107. go fishing
108. go tubing at the lake
109. get tan✔
110. get a henna
111. baseball game
112. randomly introduce myself to a hot guy
113. get my palm read
114. have a movie night
115. see a scary movie
116. tell a bitch how I feel
117. cry with my best friend
118. keep a journal
119. buy surfers paradise
120. get a mani pedi
121. ride a motor cycle
122. go bowling
123. see a light house
124. see dolphins🐬
125. go to an aquarium
126. go cloud watching
127. build a sand castle
128. barbecue
129. play hide-n-seek
130. pick berries
131. fly a kite
132. go skinny dipping
133. go to a parade
134. go snorkeling
135. get extensions
136. sing for Shane
137. draw in the sand
138. carve my name into a tree
139. play in the rain
140. kiss in the rain
141. takes picture of myself everyday
142. stay at a hotel
143. break the law
144. stay the night alone
145. play a good prank
146. go on a picnic
147. go around town handing out note cards with compliments
148. buy an outfit under $5 and wear it for a whole day
149. swim in socks✔
150. midnight movie
151. swim in a pool with glow sticks
152. get a dream catcher
153. pop tags
154. buy something from an antique store
155. push some one in the pool fully clothed
156. go a day without my phone
157. make beta fish fight
158. make a sunscreen shape on my body an tan
159. use a fake name a starbucks
160. play twister with paint
161. shaving cream fight
162. go to the outlet mall
163. whiten my teeth
164. get braces
165. take a yoga class
166. go on a hike
167. put mentos in diet coke
168. watch sunset/sunrise
169. make my family dinner
170. hang out with Eli
171. get a massage
172. float the river
173. have a photo shoot with friends
174. go horse back riding
175. have a summer love
176. travel with friends
177. start a scrap book
178. have a garage sale
179. feed ducks
180. paint rocks
181. do volunteer work
182. go kayaking
183. make homemade pizza & ice cream
184. roller skate
185. make tie dye shirts
186. boogie boarding
187. eat something on a stick
188. Ice cream truck :)
189. order from Starbucks secret menu (ginger snap frappe or the bomb! frappe)
190. side walk chalk
191. photo bomb some one🙍
192. bake a cake
193. busk
194. double date
195. ride a dirt bike
196. go boating
197. make out under the stars
198. go dancing
199. make chocolate cover bananas
200. kiss a dolphin
201. bake a rainbow cake
202. refrain from using heat on my hair
203. light a dandelion on fire
204. take photos from a home made photo booth
205. see a shark
206. eat a whole pizza by myself🍕
207. get a polaroid
208. tan for a whole hour✔
209. get a sun tattoo✔
210. go get breakfast at night

summer bucketlist ideas for the signs
  • aries: ride a rollercoaster, have a water balloon fight, go to a concert
  • taurus: have a movie marathon, have a picnic, make tie-dye shirts
  • gemini: stay awake for 24 hours, disneyland, make new friends
  • cancer: sleep under the stars, make s'mores, kiss someone in the rain
  • leo: have a bonfire, see fireworks, go to a parade
  • virgo: take a picture every day of the summer, pick an official summer song, volunteer at an animal shelter
  • libra: make friendship bracelets, leave kind notes on strangers' cars, ride a ferris wheel
  • scorpio: go swimming at midnight, go kayaking in a cave, see a shooting star
  • sagittarius: skinny dipping, go dune surfing, play messy paint twister
  • capricorn: go on a roadtrip, make a scrapbook, do something you've always been afraid of doing
  • aquarius: have a paint fight, send a message in a bottle, make popsicles
  • pisces: catch fireflies, swim with dolphins, get a henna tattoo

I make one every year, not finished yet but here it is:

[ ]1. Make a summer playlist
[ ]2. Grow my hair
[ ]3. Tan
[ ]4. Pull an all nighter
[ ]5. Nerf gun warrrrrrr
[ ]6. Go to the beach
[ ]7. Go swimming
[ ]8. Get donuts in the morning
[ ]9. Go 24 hours without technology (only exception: ONE picture)
[ ]10. Go to Disney World/Universal
[ ]11. Make shave ice/slushies
[ ]12. Go to the cinema
[ ]13. Try to get a sun tattoo
[ ]14. Watch the sunset
[ ]15. Go to an ice cream parlour
[ ]16. Make gummy bear + sprite popsicles
[ ]17. Take loaaddss of pictures (at least one a day)
[ ]18. Say yes to everything for a day
[ ]19. Have a water fight
[ ]20. How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop?
[ ]21. Climb a tree
[ ]22. Get a flower crown (or make one)
[ ]23. Roll down a hill
[ ]24. DIY a pair of shorts
[ ]25. Make colourful bracelets/anklets
[ ]26. Go to iHop for breakfast
[ ]27. Go mini golfing
[ ]28. Eat pop rocks
[ ]29. Go to a water park
[ ]30. Try Arizona Tea
[ ]31. Midnight movie
[ ]32. Blow giant bubbles
[ ]33. Sparklers at night
[ ]34. Tie dye shirts
[ ]35. Melted crayon art
[ ]36. Make a video star with friends
[ ]37. Do a photo shoot with friends at the park
[ ]38. Go to a concert (preferably a girl artist or boy band bc lol)
[ ]39. Fake names at Starbucks
[ ]40. Helium balloons and impressions
[ ]41. Squad Sleepover
[ ]42. Chalk on the driveway
[ ]43. Spend a whole day outside
[ ]44. Make at least one new friend
[ ]45. Get my ears pierced again
[ ]46. Go body boarding
[ ]47. Take a picture every hour for 12 hours (preferably 24 while pulling an all nighter)
[ ]48. Have a water/water gun fight
[ ]49. Compliment a stranger
[ ]50. Take a huge group selfie on the last day of school
[ ]51. Wear skirts/dresses more often
[ ]52. Post vines on instagram
[ ]53. Photo booth!
[ ]54. Starbucks with squad
[ ]55. Hang out with old friends
[ ]56. Make brownies
[ ]57. Go shopping in Florida and buy SHOES and cute stuff
[ ]58. Take tons of pictures with friends and print them
[ ]59. Go to Camden with friends
[ ]60. Piggyback race
[ ]61. Westfield for cute summer stuff
[ ]62. Be vegetarian for a day
[ ]63. Cute party thing with friends
[ ]64. Disney movie marathon
[ ]65. Make the last day of school perfect
[ ]66. Go a whole day barefoot
[ ]67. Do something to my hair (kool aid dye maybe)
[ ]68. Carve names into a tree
[ ]69. Make a fort and watch movies (preferably scary) with friends
[ ]70. Leave a note in a library book
[ ]71. Try a cute pintrest DIY
[ ]72. Chocolate covered bananas
[ ]73. Bake cake pops
[ ]74. Yell “ANDY’S COMING” to the Toy Story characters at Disney World
[ ]75. Reach 200 on Instagram
[ ]76. Wake up to good music every morning
[ ]77. Drive to Miami for a day (or two)
[ ]78. Get a matching outfit with the bestie
[ ]79. Prepose with a haribo ring