Peculiar (Newt x Reader) pt.1

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A/N: A lot of y’all been messaging me and requesting a fic and who am I to NOT write one?! I love Newt. I love Harry Potter. Hope you’ll love this, guys. It’s quite long, so if you don’t want to actually feel like your in Hogwarts (i tried) and just interact with Newt you may skip to the end (this is a startup to a story, so don’t expect much. it’s cute tho. and you interact with him through the chapter so no worries). It also jumps a lot between perspective’s so be warned
WARNINGS: VERY LONG and this is only part one. 
PREMISE: An aloof, though kind, Gryffindor Quidditch player with an attention span that of a gold fish catches the eye of one extremely shy Hufflepuff that promises her to show all of Hogwarts’s magical creatures in an attempt to show off.

peculiar masterpost.


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I'm splitting in my bf because i've tried to be very open about how easily i feel like i'm forgotten and it's like even if he sincerely cares his actions don't show it and he forgets to text me. or takes 10+ minutes to reply to every text sometimes. And often chooses to accommodate his friends instead of me. We are in a LDR while summer break is happening and bad texting is killing me.

a series of depression ramblings
  • sometimes wonder if i’ll stop feeling like this. if i could stop feeling bad.
  • summer break is the worst.  i’m cut off from the social interaction i get from school, have no structure, and can’t feel productive.
  • i just wish people that acted like my friends on campus would even just pretend to care about me now. no one has bothered even messaging me to ask how i’ve been. if i didn’t bend over backwards to make plans, i wouldn’t have seen anyone since the end of the semester.
  • i wish people around here ever even thought about me.
  • some days i just look around my house at all the things i should be doing, and wish i could them. i wonder when i can.
  • father’s day is coming up and every part of me wants to die before it happens. i’m not going to do anything, but if something happened…idk
  • i wonder if i’m only good for being used. maybe i’m just meant to make everyone feel better about themselves until i can’t take anymore. 
  • maybe i’m just annoying and stupid and everyone just puts up with me because i am an emotional caregiver and that’s the price of people pretending to like me
  • i hope one day i could just stop feeling so much all at once.

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hi! if you haven't got this one yet, maybe 'kurodai/value me' ? thank you!

Leave a “Value Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character telling another how they feel about them.

okay this is a little longer.  I can’t help it.  KuroDai does things to me.

“Sawamura Daichi you have the best smile I’ve ever seen.  It makes me a little weak in the knees and steals my breath.”

“Hey Sawamura.  I kinda like you.  Like, like you.  Wanna go out?”

“Yo Daichi.  You and me on a date to the movies.  What do you think?”

Kuroo flops onto his bed with a groan and buries his face in his pillows.  He had thought catching the flu the week before summer training camp his first year had been bad.  That breaking his wrist over summer break had been bad.  But this.  This is worse.  This is even worse than trying to pry Kenma out of a hot bathtub in the winter when he has a full charged PSP at the ready.

Because this is him with a ginormous crush on the captain of his “destined rival” team.

Sawamura Daichi.  A guy who was as sturdy and stable as he looked with thighs that made Kuroo sigh and a laugh that curled his toes and a smile that practically made him purr.  He barely even got the chance to know him during the camp, what with them spending so much time helping the various teams and younger players, but everything he had gotten to know made him fall a little more for him.

They had exchanged numbers and Kuroo sighs when he hears his text alert go off.  They had been exchanging what could be boiled down to idle chit chat with the occasional “oh you like this thing too?’ thrown in for good measure and still his heart stutters a little each time he sees Sawamura’s name on his screen.

It’s hopeless.  He’s hopeless.

He chokes on his own spit when he reads the message waiting for him.

[Sawamura Daichi: What are you doing tonight? Besides me?]

[Tetsurou: Um.]

[Sawamura Daichi: I am so sorry.  Suga stole my phone.]

His stomach isn’t sure whether it wants to sink to his toes or join his heart in his throat as he reads and rereads the message.

A new one pops on his screen.

[Unknown: I did steal his phone.  Please for the love of my own sanity ask him out.  His sighing over you is starting to give me heartburn.]

[Unknown: Also he keeps writing your name in my volleyball playbook. [img attached]]

[Sawamura Daichi: Kuroo?]

[Tetsurou: If I asked you on a date would you say yes?]

His text alert goes off three times in a row and he smiles down at his phone.

So maybe it wasn’t as hopeless as he had thought.