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Infinite’s ‘That Summer’

Infinite is back to heat up the summer with a new single called ’That Summer’. I think that they are preparing for a concert to for the fans. Check out the MV to here their new song.

1) Woohyun is wearing the JF ST SLEEVELESS_YE from Luv Is True

2) Sunggyu is wearing the Icon 6-Inch Premium Boot from Timberland

3) Hoya is wearing the Stock Mesh Tank from Stussy

4) Sungyeol is wearing the ¾ B.B T-SHIRTS from Covernat

5) Hoya is wearing the Chuck Taylor All Star Woven Canvas High Top from Converse

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I always give my characters the stupidest joke headcanons like (this one is Dave specific)
• when He was younger he ended up leaning against an old like ford truck or smthn (ford is memorable hush) during the middle of summer and fuckin branded the logo into the spot above his hip??? like????? who the fuck does that? Dave obviously
• or the time he practiced how to write in cursive that way he could fake shit when it came down to it and no one would know it was his own handwriting
• 90% of his clothes are all black and were bought during his scene/emo phase, but hey, they still fit and shit is expensive leave him alone. he got rid of the mcr shirts
• the first thing he writes whenever he’s testing out a pen (he also rates it on how smooth or rough it writes, the color, the way it looks, and how it feels in his hand) is the first sentence to the bee movie script ever since it came out he just rlly liked the first sentence
• he’s allergic to milk. Not like, lactose intolerant he’s literally allergic to dairy and if he drinks too much his throat starts to swell up and the area around his mouth turns red and he throws up its a total fuckin mess
• there’s honestly so many more but I’ve already put too much

Day 193/366: July 11th 2016 | Make Up Haul

It took me eons to get out of bed today. I had to get up at 10am to retrieve some UPS packages but at 12pm, I fell back asleep and did not officially got out of bed until 2pm… What a schedule! I spent the rest of my day playing piano, eating, and watching Old Nine Gates + other vids.