“Summer bummer” is definitely my favourite song of Lust for Life because I just can’t understand how a song can sound so heavenly and sexy at the same time, it’s hypnotic and I worship it.
I am so sure that Lana del Rey is a fucking siren that blesses us with her amazing and deep and beautiful voice.


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I just find it funny that Giles tries so hard to send Buffy away on her own to establish her independence only to be foiled by our favorite widdle vamp with no bark and even less bite.
I mean for fucks sake no matter what, Spike is always (ALWAYS) there for Buffy. That’s not so say he’s been a dick and will be a dick later in the season but like… come on…
Spike is always there for Buffy, and as much as she likes to deny it, Buffy is there for him too, when it comes down to it. They rely on each other. And damn it if he doesn’t give some damn good advice at the end. Spike cares about Buffy so much. He cares to a fault. And Buffy… well Buffy cares, but in a different way. I guess it’s denial.
But they’re inexplicably drawn to one another (as evidenced by the closing number) and rely on each other immensely. It’s like, even though yeah, Buffy probably needs to have a bit more control and planning in her life as an individual, she always has someone to fall back on. Yeah, she has the Scoobies, but she can connect with Spike on a level that the others can’t understand.

strejdaking  asked:

What do you consider to be some interesting modern takes on classic fantasy races? Perhaps some you have some ideas yourself? I read in Elder Scrolls, High Elves are basically Nazi Germany.

  • After unleashing one too many buried evils, the dwarves said “bugger this” and moved as far away from the Underdark as possible. Their entire civilisation now occupies a swarm of small space stations in high Earth orbit. 90% of them work in material science and telecommunications.
  • Gnome society has become steadily more obsessed with concealment and illusions until, in the present day, most gnomes use illusory disguises full-time to masquerade as members of other races. Almost everyone knows at least one gnome; almost no-one is aware of it.
  • Though halflings have a reputation as drugged-out savants, the truth of the matter is that their pharmacological science is incredibly advanced, particularly in the area of cognitive and empathic performance enhancement. At any given time, your average halfling is under the influence of a complex brew of brain-boosting drugs (which only work for halflings); there are fewer side effects than you’d think.
  • Orcish culture’s preoccupation with violent spectacle has evolved into an unstoppable entertainment industry. The largest orcish nation is also the global centre of production for big-budget summer blockbusters; orcish martial arts musicals are particularly popular among other races. Most orcs at least casually practice some sort of performance art, though some resent the expectation that they should.
  • Elves are hardcore gamers. All of them. It’s the cornerstone of their civilisation. Elvish video games tend to be unfathomably abstruse, unimaginably difficult, or both; being into “elf games” is regarded as a mark of refinement, though in truth most non-elves don’t really understand them.

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>> yes i am (0:01) || aze gag (6:04) || um oh ah yeh (12:29)


[FANCAM] 170724 Mamamoo @ Ulsan Summer Festival Show! Music Core

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➤ Setlist: Yes I Am: 00:00 / AZE GAG: 05:59 / Talk: 11:15 / Um Oh Ah Yeh: 12:19

A ‘Hamilton’ Star Is to Replace Josh Groban in ‘Great Comet’ (NYT) [x]:

[…] Okieriete Onaodowan, who played Hercules Mulligan and James Madison in the original Broadway cast of “Hamilton,” will succeed the pop singer Josh Groban as Pierre this summer in the musical “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812.”

The casting choice is striking. It reflects a bet by Broadway that “Hamilton” alumni have ongoing, bankable box-office appeal (another member of the original “Hamilton” cast, Phillipa Soo, will star in an adaptation of “Amélie” opening in April). And it is the rare instance in which two black actors are leading the cast of a show that is not about black characters: Mr. Onaodowan will star opposite Denée Benton as Natasha.

Mr. Onaodowan, a son of Nigerian immigrants who was raised in New Jersey and took up acting when an injury ended his high school football career, will assume the role on July 3, the day after Mr. Groban’s departure, and has committed to staying until Sept. 4. The musical, set in 19th-century Russia, is adapted from a section of “War and Peace” in which Pierre is a wealthy but dejected member of the Moscow elite. […]

the signs as summers

ARIES  ∞ the humid summer: heat slipping sticky hands down the slope of your thighs// sweat collecting in your collarbones // ponytails and shirts pulled down over sunburns 

TAURUS  ∞ the tepid summer: clouds coming to gather over the lakeside// cabins and campfires// grass sliding slow through idle fingers 

GEMINI  ∞ the stormy summer: thunder threatening to crack the world in two// rain pelting the pavement, droplets lingering, sweet, on the overhang of your bottom lip// bathing suits soaked through and the air heavy with petrichor 

CANCER  ∞ the sleepy summer: ladybugs drowsing in your hair// blanket forts and bedtime stories// the crackle of the bonfire leaking lazily through the trees

LEO  ∞ the nostalgic summer: counting the constellation of scratches the season left you// polaroids strung like fairy lights across every corner of your room// sun-kissed cheeks that glow until December

VIRGO  ∞ the stable summer: part-time jobs and parties that last until the sun peeks back up over the trees// fingers laced through yours; hands smoothing sunscreen over your shoulder blades// beach towels and Frisbees that arc like shooting stars over your head

LIBRA  ∞ the aesthetic summer: white linens and lace// sundresses sweeping the curvature of your ankles// a sky freckled with stars

SCORPIO  ∞ the brazen summer: plunging necklines and nights that stretch til morning// kicking firecrackers across empty street corners// festivals that thrum through your body like a second heartbeat

SAGITTARIUS  ∞ the springlike summer: daisy crowns looped over the crest of your forehead// the air heavy with the smell of hyacinths// the sun draping itself over you like a quilt 

CAPRICORN  ∞ the renewing summer: hair trims and catching trains// the tide sucking the sand out from beneath your toes// convertible rides and laughter that that gets whisked away by the wind 

AQUARIUS  ∞ the adventurous summer: broken rules and hopped fences// counting passports like money// adrenaline beating inside you like a third lung

PISCESthe spiritual summer: smoke rooms and music festivals// fingers lazily laced together// connecting the stars with Sharpie// pinky swears and promise rings


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