While I’m on the reblogging spree of the Ariel face characters, I figure I should upload the photos I have of me and the babe herself, My Ariel. This is the only Ariel I’ve met, therefore she is the best. I didn’t think I’d get to meet her on my Disney Land trip, so when I did I was so happy. She held me the whole time I was sobbing. I have got to find this Ariel again and let her know I still love her so much 3 years later.

remember during the uan tour when louis got an instagram to post supa cute pics of him and eleanor on supa cute dates when she would fly back to the US every other day conveniently after harry and louis would practically have sex on stage but louis had a blackberry which didn’t have the instagram app?

i think this sums up the up all night tour pretty well tbh