summer solstice celebration

Alright my darlings! We’re right on track! 

witchoffires, polar-solstice, inhearthandhedge, evermorestoned, and bene-geserit are hosting the Summer Solstice Giveaway!


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  • In fact, this is not through Tumblr, this is just because we thought it would be a lovely thing to do
  • We ship to the US and probably Canada, but it might be hard to get it to people elsewhere as we are all poor as hell. Sorry about that
  • Our aim is to do this four times a year, at the solstices and equinoxes. If you want to be a part of this, you are very welcome to do so! You can contact either polar-solstice or witchoffires about it

What you get:

A handmade poppet from witchoffires

An 8" cedar wand with dark green cotton wrapping and Jasper stone, and a Four seasons tree (approx. 3.5 x 5" brass and aluminum wire; Magnesite, fancy Jasper, and tiger’s eye in the branches with a howlite moon) from evermorestoned

A set of handmade cotton spell bats (one for sleep, one for luck, one for money, one for protection, one for joy) from polar-solstice

A ten card Tarot reading from bene-geserit

And gifts from inhearthandhedge (TBA) and some tentative, bonus!contributors. 


Summer solstice for those with limited supplies

Hello hello again! Summer solstice is coming up! You may have seen some ways to celebrate it already, but here are some ideas for those who can’t afford very much.

Sunflowers: I usually can get sunflowers from around my neighborhood. I just look for the ones that are sort of jutting out of people’s yards. They’re usually hard to get with your hands, so I suggest getting some scissors.

Doing stuff under the moon: I’m planning on going on a midnight type of swim on the summer solstice. Once it gets dark I can get all charged with energy and bathe in the moon’s light. While I’m swimming I can put some of my tools out there too.

Altar: you don’t NEED to put any specific flower on your altar really. You can really go ahead and pick some wildflowers. If you are closeted, no one will think twice about you putting a small flower arrangement in your room. Or about you setting maybe a stick outside to charge in the moonlight, the stick secretly being your wand.

Fire rituals: okay this is going to sound weird but if you are closeted or don’t have candles, maybe you could draw the fire? Draw maybe a scene of the layout of the ritual or spell and hand it up somewhere, or if you’re closeted sit in front of it and imagine the fire burning in each candle, and feel the energy coming from it. And when you’re done just stick that baby in some binder, no harm done.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this. Happy summer solstice (which is tomorrow, the 20th) to you all!

the lineup for the funkenflug sommer solstice celebration at neudegg alm, abtenau (austria) was announced today. looking forward to june 2015 already. the bands:

  • dragged into sunlight
  • saturnalia temple
  • dark buddha rising
  • caronte
  • phurpa
  • fyrnask
  • atomikylä
  • the great old ones
  • drey principia
  • abyssion
  • sativa root
  • hemelbestormer
  • across the acheron
  • lapis niger
  • alphornbläser
  • path of samsara