summer solstice celebration

the lineup for the funkenflug sommer solstice celebration at neudegg alm, abtenau (austria) was announced today. looking forward to june 2015 already. the bands:

  • dragged into sunlight
  • saturnalia temple
  • dark buddha rising
  • caronte
  • phurpa
  • fyrnask
  • atomikylä
  • the great old ones
  • drey principia
  • abyssion
  • sativa root
  • hemelbestormer
  • across the acheron
  • lapis niger
  • alphornbläser
  • path of samsara

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Celebration of summer on beach

 The celebration of Summer on the beach is a more famous one in our life because the atmosphere in Summer is different from winter a lot of people and families comes to enjoy on the beach.  Bazaar and the streets are full of people and people enjoy the summer as possible.  But the moment we spend on the beach are full of love and admirable and with friends these are become golden moments which always remains in our mind.

so I think I’m gonna head to bed

I had planned on staying up till like seven or eight in the morning

but I’m just too drained

and this fic isn’t going like I hoped it would

why does this always happen on the night of the 23rd to 24th June

every year I try to stay up to see the sunrise

ever since I was a wee little kid

and I still haven’t managed it

I’ve seen the sunrise other times

but never on this day

it’s like there’s a curse or something

I was up till 4 yesterday goddammit and I spent most of last summer going to bed at 6

but no, never on the 23rd


Latvia midsummer: Songs, flowers and running around naked

By Damien McGuinness, BBC News, Riga, 30 June 2012
Latvia’s most important national holiday is arguably not Christmas but the summer solstice celebrations of Ligo (pronounced “leegwa”)–a pagan tradition when Latvians celebrate the shortest night by staying up to greet the rising sun.

As the sun slowly sets about an hour and a half before midnight, it peeks out briefly from behind the clouds.

We all run out excitedly. Five minutes later, it is gone. For a festival which is all about celebrating the sun, the sun itself is being remarkably coy.

The weather has been poor all day but this is a beautiful, if fleeting, moment.

In this far northern land, winters are long, dark and snowy, with the temperature regularly falling below -30C, so you can understand why the arrival of the long summer days is greeted by something approaching national hysteria.

It is not a complicated festival. All you have to do is head out to the countryside, get a fire going, stay up all night waiting for the sun to come up and drink lots and lots of beer–which, I can only assume, is why it is called Ligo, the Latvian word for “sway”.

Women pick flowers to make into crowns for their heads, while men are supposed to strip naked and jump into a nearby lake or river.

Everyone sings medieval Latvian songs around the fire and couples are encouraged to disappear into the forest to look for a mythical flowering fern.

As a result of this particular tradition, it is widely thought that Latvia enjoys a mini baby-boom every year, about nine months after Ligo–no doubt all the drinking also has something to do with it.

The songs, the flowers, the running around naked are all signs of the pagan roots which Latvians are proud of.

The midsummer celebrations are also a symbol of a romanticised and–in some ways quite fictional–rural past, and they are a reminder of a time before Stalin destroyed the Latvian countryside by sending small landowners to the gulags.

Midsummer was the point when farmers had finished ploughing and sowing the crops, and had not yet started the harvest. A good time to have a party.

But the traditions are also constantly in flux. My Latvian friends could not quite agree whether the Ligo tradition of jumping over the bonfire guaranteed you wealth, luck or love. To be on the safe side, we all did it anyway.

And there seemed to be a bit of controversy over whether the flowers in the girls’ hair meant they were virgins or just looking for love. As all the women had flowers on their heads, including a pregnant friend of mine, I can only assume that the general understanding was the latter.

And even the date is a little bit confused. The actual summer solstice is a few days before Ligo. It is thought it was moved after Christianity arrived in the Baltics in the 12th Century, to coincide with St John the Baptist’s feast day.

The missionaries obviously hoped that the Balts would soon forget their pagan, nature-worshipping ways–instead they kept doing the same thing, just a few days later.

At this particular Ligo celebration, there was a large group of French visitors so, as the Latvian sun came up, it was greeted by a long, wobbly line of people who had certainly done their bit with the Latvian beer but had dropped the traditional Latvian songs, in favour of a rather chaotic French cancan.

June 21st, 2010.

Calysta Thanos had very few regrets in her life.

It wasn’t because she didn’t do questionable things. She tended to quite frequently make very big mistakes. It was simply that she had long since made the decision to not care– to shrug her shoulders nonchalantly and say “fuck it” rather than “I’m sorry I screwed up”.

There was a short list of things she did regret, though.

She regretted not attending Adara’s first few pageants.

She regretted never growing close to her mother, and in turn not showing enough love to her.

She sometimes regretted not keeping her mustang.

But at the top of her short list, there was one thing she regretted most of all.

She regretted what occurred between Alexander Kaligaris and herself during the summer of 2010. +alexander-kaligaris

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The Glass Glance: Fruit Rigs and the Summer Solstice

In celebration of this weekend’s Summer Solstice, our Glass Glance is bringing you some refreshing fruit rigs to keep your dabs flavorful and cool in the upcoming season.

First up is this amazing Space Pineapple rig blown this year by Nathan Miers (a.k.a N8) and Mr. Gray (Scott Rosinski). N8′s space work really stands out and pops on the pineapple.

Mr. Gray, who is known for his stunning glass cannabis nugs, was a perfect fit to bring the spiky pineapple leaves to spacey life. The dozens of clear glass spikes on the fruit’s glass skin act as particularly trippy attachment lenses. Find the two artists on Instagram – @nathan_miers  @mrgrayglass.

N8 x Mr. Gray

Next up is a Purple Citrus Rig from Lyons Glass. Sam Lyons specializes in creating very realistic representations of citrus – with splashes of color. This time with what looks to be refreshing Purple Rain and Wisteria, your summertime dabs. See more of Sam’s work over on Instagram – @lyonsglass.

Sam Lyons Purple Citrus Rig

Take lounging by the pool to another level with a coconut bubbler made by Reyna Glass. With clean, incredibly sparkling linework, and a popping lemon drop dome with a refreshing lime wedge, you just have to remember not to use the umbrella dabber to stir your real drink. Sipping vapor from this little bubbler would be the ultimate in summer relaxation. Follow Reyna over on Instagram – @reynasays.

Reyna Glass Worked Coconut Rig

Glasstomouth makes a line of orange bubblers that would make a dab of Tangie a total dream. See more of their work on their Instagram page – @glasstomouth.

Glasstomouth Orange Rigs

Glass by Boots (Gina Gaffner), out of Austin, TX makes fruit rigs so juicy you just might wish the straw wasn’t sipping up sweet dab flavors – or you could just have a nice tall glass of lemonade standing by as a perfect cooling accompaniment. Visit her Instagram here – @glassbyboots.

Glass by Boots Lemon Rig


Today I cut my branch into small disks to be used for the rune chain. I wrote a little over 3,000 words on a short story I didn’t realize would turn into something more. D and I are talking summer solstice plans for celebration and I am excited. :)

I love this time of year! Winter lasts so long here (it literally snowed last week) that when summer finally shows up, I am just ecstatic.  

#tbt to last October’s super fun climbing clinic in Joshua Tree at Rocktoberfest Yoga + Climbing Retreat with @chillino_rock_climbing and @positiveadventures! Our next collaboration will be in Big Bear for the Summer Solstice Celebration ☀️💪🏽🌲 link in profile ❤️ #yogaretreat #gooutside #climbing #joshuatree #jtree #yogaeveryday #yogaoutside #happiness #tryhard #climbon #yogaontherock #om

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Celebrate Summer Solstice On June 21, 2015

Celebrate Summer Solstice On June 21, 2015

The longest day of light in the year “summer solstice” is Thursday, June 21, 2015.  This is also Father’s Day.  Plan ahead and make special plans to celebrate summer solstice outdoors for Father’s Day and enjoy an extra long day of sunlight.

Summer solstice: from Latin sol “sun” and stitium “standing still”, because seen from the earth it looks like the sun halts in its tracks going northward,…

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