@bingbong21 replied to your post: Ugggh I just thought of the coolest outfit…

Don’t let your dreams be dreams. If I can wear a bikini under a really thin lab coat and a sexy French maid outfit in deadass Cleveland October in the dead of night, you can wear your outfit.

Y'know… I’m not sure why… but I feel like there’s a story here

Given the eyes that were currently on her as she made her way down to the lobby from her room, Isolde wondered if leaving her ‘sanctuary’ in the middle of doing a painting had been a good idea. She’d been working on the piece of art for over two hours, wanting to make sure that she would attract higher bidders at her next online art show. The canvas was abstract, as was most of her work unless she decided to do something more detailed, and ranged from fifty to five hundred dollars depending on the night. Now, dressed in a white summer dress which was stained in a variety of different colors, she was searching for a drink– a shirley temple, of course– and a place to sit for a few minutes. “’Scuse me, mind if I sit here?” her Scottish accent is evident as she spoke, and without waiting for a reply, she sits on the other side of the bench without hesitation.