Get it right! Please. No, the pictures above are not of a boy in a dress. No, the pictures above are not of someone who cross dresses. No, the pictures above are not of a cisgender individual. People like to throw my pictures around the internet with a plethora of incorrect references as to who or what I am, but let me be clear about something. I purposely do not watermark or brand my name on any of my photos because I don’t really care about people knowing my name. What I care about is being a living example of a gender non-conforming individual that is walking the world, following their dreams and living a fulfilling life. There are way to many non-binary individuals out in the world who think a fulfilling life is just impossible to obtain unless they conform to societies binary gender standards. I want to be proof that in fact, a fulfilling life is obtainable, and it can be for other Gender Variant individuals as well. You can miss-gender someone in many more way than just by saying or writing the wrong pronoun in reference to someone. Saying that I am a boy in a dress is miss-gendering me. The correct thing to say would be “They were assigned male at birth, however they are gender fluid and like to wear dresses.” By saying that I am a cross dresser, you are assuming that I am cisgender. I am not a cross dresser. What I am is an individual who does not limit my personal style to that of the binary standard, I open myself up to ALL clothing options, ALWAYS. It is important to know the difference. It is important to respect other differences. It is important to be yourself, no matter if you’re respected for it or not, but always be prepared to remind people if you need too. I am Gender Fluid. He/She/They/Them pronouns. If I have never met you, please use gender neutral pronouns. Xoxo -Elliott Alexzander


Beautiful stretchy cotton lycra pixie summer slip dress. The dress has 2 cute points and a short slit on each side ♥ 

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