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Name: Daniela

Nickname: I have a lot :(

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Gender: Female

Height: 1.75 m (5’ 8.8’’ according to google)

Favourite Color: Blue Or Purple

Time Right Now: 19

Average hours of sleep: 8-9

Lucky Number: I don’t have one

Last Thing I googled:  Skeletor memes

Number of blankets I sleep with: Just one (It’s summer in Chile)

Favourite Book: I can’t choose

Favourite Bands/Musicians: There are too many, but my all-time favourite is ARCADE FIRE

What I’m wearing right now: The Smiths t-shirt and jeans

When did you created your blog: 2014

Current amount of followers: I don’t know, 200-300+

What do you post about: A little bit of everything I like

Do you have any other blogs: Currently not.

When did your blog reach its peak:  I really like my blog at the moment so I’d say now.

Who is your most active follower(s): I don’t know. Nobody?

What made you decide to get a Tumblr: At first I just wanted more photos of the Reflektor tour, but then I stayed for the amazing content and people.

Do you get asks on a daily basis: hahaha

How did you choose your URL: I guess it’s loosely based in arcade fire?? (I don’t really know)

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My questions:

 1. if you could be any age what age would it be? 18 forever

 2. favourite disney movie? pocahontas (because of the music and art and theme not bc of the creepy real life story), aladdin, and fox&the hound

 3. what is the weirdest or coolest name you’ve ever heard? Chrysanthemum, it’s from a book i read when i was younger :’)

4. favourite sea creature? i love blue whales

5. if you could go to lunch with one celebrity who would it be? HALSEY

 6. describe your perfect date (pls get that reference) Besides April 25th, i would have to say Christmas!! or some day in July because it’s summer 

 7. favourite poem? OR book I can’t think of a poem :( but my fav book is the help

8. what question do you hate to answer? “how do you pronounce your name?”

9. favourite meme? definitely pepe

10. best teacher you’ve ever had? Ms Strickland, my math teacher in grade 10 was super strict but she was amazing

11. what’s your happy place? Cape May, NJ. or the cottage i rented with Mady this fall <3 

My questions: 1. What is your dream job and do you think you’ll ever get to achieve it? 2. What is your favourite movie of all time? 3. What’s your best school subject? 4. What is one thing people wouldn’t guess about you? 5. What is your favourite food or drink? 6. If you could travel anywhere in the world for one week where would you go and why? 7. Do you gossip? 8. What is one of your most memorable experiences with your friends? 9. What is your favourite flower? 10. Do you like public speaking? 11. Where do you see yourself in one year?

Enjoy xx

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One (NAME/ALIAS) agos

Two (BIRTHDAY) october 4th

Three (STAR SIGN) Libra

Four (HEIGHT) 153 cm

Five (TIME) 02:48 am

Six (SLEEP) between 9 and 12 hours rn bc it’s summer

Seven (FAVOURITE BOOKS) i haven’t read a book since like april but one of my favourites is the hunger games


Nine (LAST WATCHED MOVIE) star wars: force awakens

Ten (COLLEGE) i’m planning to study computational engineering

Thanks for tagging meee!! i hope u all have a great day

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name: Kristin
nicknames: krissi, krissl
star sign: taurus
gender: female
time right now: 16:38 Uhr
average hours of sleep: 9-10
lucky number(s): 6
last thing I googled: ableitungsrechner😅
favourite fictional character: blair waldorf, chuck bass, marissa cooper, seth cohen, ryan atwood, summer roberts, julie cooper
favourite books: looking for alaska, harry potter
favourite musician: K.I.Z , trailerpark, genetikk, alligatoah, kraftklub
dream job: /
when did you create your blog: april 2014
you post about: my thoughts and feelings, travelling
any other blogs: no 
when did your blog reach its ‘peak’: middle of 2014
do you get asks on a daily basis: no
why did you choose your url: I really don’t know 😂

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First and Middle name: Ariah Ashby McHugh (yes I have two middle names)

Nickname: When I was little my mom called me Roo and I would call her Kanga. Now sometimes people call me Aya. 

Star Sign: Cancer

Gender: Female

Height: 5‘ 5″

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Favourite Colours: Aqua and purple
Time rn: 2:40 pm

Current Location: Snohomish, Washington

Average Hrs of sleep: I have no idea. I go to bed at random times and wake up whenever the dogs decide I have to.

Lucky Number: 12? 

Last thing I googled: How to spell fondly

Number of blankets I sleep under: In the winter I start with 4 and wake up with 1. In the summer only about 1.

Favourite Books: Anything by Gail Carriger, particularly the Parasol Protectorate Series and The Icemark Chronicles

Favourite Artists/Bands: Skillet, Pentatonix, and Blake Lewis

Dream Job: Owning my own ranch. (Just finished my degree in agriculture so I’m on my way.)

What I’m wearing: Tiger shirt and Dr. Who pajama pants

Random Fact: I have never been in a relationship.

When did I create my blog: 2011 

Do I have any other blogs: No

Who is my most active: @backalleykat

What made you decide to get a tumblr? My hipster friend in high school showed me. We would go into the yearbook room at lunch and log on. I didn’t really have anyone else to hang out with at the time so it was the only thing to do at lunch.

Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, I am a shy little sunflower who doesn’t understand how to interact with humans.

Why did you choose your url: I was an uncreative child. This was my childhood neopets username.

I tag anyone who wants to do this: @thetorrietimes @zilrulestheworld @cravingoxytocin