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😘Hope you're doing well! Any tips on how to wind down from summer? I haven't really done anything most of my summer, and with school around the corner, it's hard to get my mindset off summer.

Hi! Here’s some stuff I would personally do to get ready for the new semester:

  • Get your sleeping schedule back on track - if you still have some time left until school starts, you can definitely take baby steps. Aim to go to bed 1 hour earlier every day until you hit a bedtime you’re happy with.
  • Get your school supplies
  • Go back-to-school shopping or look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram for some cute outfits!
  • If you already know what classes you’re gonna be taking (or, If you’re in college, you probably have an online overview of your classes or something like that), look for resources for those topics. Ask upper-classmen about whether you’ll need the textbook. Write any deadlines and exams you can find on your planner of choice. 
  • Make a schedule, either digitally or by hand, and write down all your classes and extracurriculars and even reserve some time each day for studying (you may need to tweak this later though).
  • Once you have those resources/textbooks mentioned above, maybe aim to do a little bit of studying every day so that you’ll be slightly familiar with the material and more used to studying. You can start out with five minutes of studying and increase that by 5 minutes every day.
  • If you haven’t worked out during the summer, plan out a workout routine that you can fit into your schedule and actually write it down on that super cute schedule you just made. Again, you should start this routine now, so that you won’t be shocked once school starts.
  • Look for some healthy and fast breakfast recipes and practice making them!
  • Clean your room and maybe even put up some motivational quotes or write down your goals for the semester (and even think of rewards for reaching those goals).
  • This may just be a personal thing but I tend to disregard my hair completely in summer so maybe get your roots or your highlights done if you dye your hair because you’ll feel a lot more ready for school.

This is all I can personally think of but here’s another post about back to school to get you pumped for the new semester! Best of luck xx

Summer Workout Routine

monday ♡.
- 30 to 45 minute walk/jog/run
- big drink of water
- breakfast
- blogilates [ 5 minute abs, miley cyrus abs, flatter my abs, inner thigh drive by ]
- shower & get ready
- jump rope
- hangout with friends
- lunch
- go to the gym
- go swimming
- afternoon snack
- hangout with friends
- dinner

tuesday ♡
- 15 minute jog
- drink water
- breakfast
- ab & legs [ 5 minute abs, vs ab workout, miley cyrus abs, inner thigh drive by, call me maybe squat challenge ]
- lunch
- go swimming -afternoon snack
- jump rope
- dinner

wednesday ♡
- 30 minute walk/jog/run
- drink water
- breakfast
- arms & legs [ awesomesauce arms, want you back arms, inner thigh drive by, vs legs, 5 minute abs ]
- lunch
- go swimming - afternoon snack
- go to the gym
- dinner

thursday ♡
- 15 minute jog
- drink water
- breakfast
- abs & a leg workout [ 5 minute abs, miley cyrus abs, abs all night, inner thigh drive by ]
- shower
- lunch
- go swimming
- afternoon snack
- hangout with friends
- dinner

friday ♡
- 30 to 45 minute walk/jog/run
- drink lots of water
- breakfast
- arms & abs [ want you back arms, 5 minute abs, come & get fit, inner thigh drive by ]
- shower
- lunch
- go the gym
- go swimming
- afternoon snack
- hangout with friends
- dinner

saturday ♡
- rest day but still [ 10 minute walk, inner thigh drive by, & 5 minute abs ]
- & food throughout the day

sunday ♡
- 15 minute jog
- water
- church
- shopping
- abs & legs [ call me maybe squat challenge, 5 minute abs, miley cyrus abs, inner thigh drive by ]
- & food


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One of my New Year’s Resolution was to get FIT! Here are my SECRET exercises on how I got so SEXY & BUFF! Or…

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I can see my abs now, bruh! I'm gonna be the sexist brahette out of all my friends ;)


That summer will be yours, and every other summers.

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