summer wedding idea

~Pool bed~

imagine ashton tracing calum’s tattoos whenever he gets upset or anxious about something. and most of the time he doesn’t even notice he does it, but calum knows that something’s wrong when ashton’s unusually quiet during an interview and he starts tracing over the alive tattoo on calum’s arm, eyes glued to the floor. as soon as the interview’s over calum pulls ashton aside, telling the other boys they’ll be there in a minute. “what’s wrong?” he asks. “are you okay?” and ashton looks up at him with eyes full of shock and confusion and he says “i thought you couldn’t tell.” calum bites his lip and he’s like “ashton, babe, you were tracing my tattoos again. you can tell me anything, you know? what’s up?” and so ashton starts pouring out his soul, about how he’s been really stressed lately about the tour and the interviews and constant to-do list, and he just wants to get away and have some time to himself. calum wraps him in his arms and runs his fingers through ashton’s curls, whispering reassurances into his ear. “let’s go to hawaii,” calum says. “on our break, you know? let’s just…go to hawaii.” and ashton smiles and laughs a little shakily and he’s like “okay. yeah, hawaii. i love you, you know that, right?” and calum just nods and all he can think about is how lucky he is to be in ashton’s arms.


Because the Jack & Jackie wedding is in the air, here are original photos from their wedding day: September 12, 1953.

*Credit goes to @kennedycamelotlover for the inspiration!