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Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.


The Boys Of Summer

The Beaches Abound With Such Sights In Summer.

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Things I still can't get over in ACOMAF

- The fact that Tamlin interrogated Feyre after her first week in the Night Court instead of taking the opportunity to have sex with her.
- The fact that Lucien fought for Feyre and was reprimanded and worse for it.
- Mor was the first true female friend Feyre had.
- Cassian was riled up for the first time in centuries by Nesta. And he said “I know” when Feyre broke down about killing the two Fae Under the Mountain.
- Rhys was jealous of Tarquin because Feyre smiled at him.
- Rhys’ vision of him and Feyre at the store for Red Lacy Underthings.
-Amren and Varion (I ship it)
-The fact that Amren used the Blood Ruby as a paper weight and the only reason she didn’t attack Adriata was because Varion sent her the Ruby necklace Feyre had seen in Summer’s vaults of treasures.
-Feyre brought blood to Amren.
-the fact that Rhys had basically crowned Feyre his queen before the mating bond was sealed with the Mortal Queens
- the love letter Rhys wrote to the mortal queens
- the scene in the Court of Nightmares
- Feyre with wings
- learning from the suriel Feyre and Rhys were mates
- learning the mating bond had been there since Rhys was trapped Under the Mountain with Amarantha and Feyre was still human and he sent her images of night and stars and mountains.
- the inn
-Feyre offering him food and Rhys being like: “you’re offering me food? When Female offers make food, mating bond accepted.”
-we get Rhys’ POV in chapter 68
- Amren demanding where Feyre is when she goes back to the Spring Court
-Amren yelling that Feyre is Rhys’ mate not his spy and he needs to go get her
- Mor seething when she says: “ You mean to tell me that my High Lady is now surrounded by enemies?”



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