summer trap

We believe drunk kisses are meaningless. Yes, some will fade out with the night, but some will chase you throught the sober mornings and nights forever.
Trap & Chill (part 2)

Like JJ // Sauce Walka

Molasses // Hiatus Kaiyote

GLOWED UP // KAYTRANADA (feat. Anderson .Paak)

Deja Vu // TWENTY88

Bad Blood // NAO

Stay Tough // Gravez (feat Elhae & Jmsn)

untitled 07 // Kendrick Lamar

My Love // Majid Jordan

Prblms // 6LACK

Nakamarra // Hiatus Kaiyote

I Got A Question // YG (feat. Lil Wayne)

Falling // Snakehips (feat. Malika)

Gucci Said // Que (feat. Sonny Digital)

Ridin Round // Kali Uchis

Too Deep // dvsn

London Bridge // TWENTY88

Never Enough // Logic

Clubhouse // Mac Miller

Come and See Me // PND (feat. Drake)

Afternoon // Alexander Lewis

Room In Here // Anderson .Paak (feat. The Game)

THat Part // Schoolboy Q (feat. Kanye West)

Broccoli // D.R.A.M. (feat. Lil Yachty)

Drugs // Anderson .Paak

Minute Made // Malachiae Warren

Run It Up // Jose Guapo (feat. Takeoff & YFN Lucci)

  • Summer: Raven? Where are you going? It's nearly 3'am. You should be resting, you just had a baby yesterday.
  • Raven: I have to go Summer.
  • Summer: What are you talking about? You can't just waltz right out of the hospital. Taiyang is expecting you home later today. He's been getting Yang's room ready all evening.
  • Raven: I'm sorry but you don't understand.
  • *Raven transforms into a bird but Summer quickly traps the bird with her cloak*
  • Summer: Oh no you don't. Raven, I swear, don't make me buy a bird cage for you! Now get back in your room mama bird!

languid air wears away
to a restless gloom,
trapped by summer’s noon

the steady rhythm of
cicadas buzzing
overshadows time’s passing
(illusions of eternity do not
make life any less fleeting)

lightning bugs set 
the sky ablaze,
replacing stars on 
a cloudy day 
(you keep trying to
replicate their brightness)

how free it is to
laugh among verdancy 
and azure ceilings, 
an amnesiac to feeling alone

photosynthetic heart—
you grow dazzling 
under direct sunlight
(where have you hidden your roots?)

the tangled shade of
tree branches become
a sanctuary within 
the potential of June

dragonflies dance
in a dusted sky,
clearing the way for
night’s descent 

inescapable, sweltering
heat — you fear 
evaporating into the
hazy skies

barefoot and careless —
you laugh in sunbeams 
and smile dandelions 

lost without a 
semblance of structure,
blurry weeks fade into
blurry months until
you can’t decipher
cicadas from hummingbirds

cloudless eyes 
enamored of a world abloom
wish to be like sunflowers,
rival to the sun’s role

oceans reflect
fleeting ripples of 
brighter views, 
quickly consumed by
 the crash of waves

—  summer poetry for the signs // fauxastrology