summer times pt. 2

Untitled Pt. 2

Melanin goddess spring and summer noon time all your golds shyning in the sunlight,

it was hitting my eyes so I had to notice

From the richness of your fro <br>
The brownness in your eyes hit the sunlight from the edge of your glasses

The beauty in your smile I can the dimples in your cheeks
Goddess you glowing like the moon and the stars at nigh

Every bit of detail in your features are perfection

the beauty of Cleopatra as if Pam Grier played her in the 60s or 70s but with the Jones

You keep your head held high,

you’re always strong but sometimes you’ll need to be held you have a sensitive heart you always have love in your face

You’re always doing this and that for others but sometimes you just want to be selfish just to ease your mind and your body,

your always in need of a massage just to feel the worlds stress cool right off you,

have you thighs kissed on and your body shown some love

Just the passion of being licked and kissed and your work clothes are barely off before things get extremely heated