summer times

The signs as Bands

Aries: Artic Monkeys

Taurus: The 1975

Gemini: 5 seconds of summer

Cancer: All Time Low

Leo: Fall out Boy

Virgo: Bastille

Libra: One Direction

Scorpio: Imagine Dragons

Sagittarius: Marina and The Diamonds

Capricorn: Panic! at the disco

Aquarius: Coldplay

Pisces: My Chemical Romance

  • Buzzfeed: 25 things you didn't know about 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Me, cracking my knuckles: Try me bitch
  • Someone: What time is it?!
  • 1/3 of my Brain: ADVENTURE TIME
  • 1/3 of my Brain: SUMMER TIME
  • 1/3 of my Brain: SHOW TIME!
  • Me: *screams*
  • Someone: What the fuck

it’s amazing how parents have the ability to ruin your day and self-worth completely with one 15 min phone call wow