summer time 2012


Heres a good laugh for anyone who needs it today. this video will never get old. 


You guys~ I’m in London!!

I took an afternoon flight yesterday so I arrived quite late in the city center but here’s a compilation of the things I’ve experienced so far:
- a rickety plane that made me change my plans for my journey onward to Glasgow (I’d rather take a 10 hours bus ride through the whole of England than having to fly again in such a short timeline… In case you didn’t know, I hate flying!!).
- the ugliest car I’ve seen in my life : it’s a golden Porsche!! Like really really golden! The owner of that car must have a huge complex of some sort…
- London street life on a saturday evening. Brings back fond memories of my 2 years spent in the UK when I was fresh out of university :)
- dinner at one of my favorite japanese restaurant. Their menu is actually super simple which is 1. relaxing 2. really authentic (the best ‘hole in the walls’ in Japan usually only serve a couple of dishes and/or beverages).
- an H Mart, one of London’s best Korean supermarket brand, a couple of blocks away from my hostel. Song Joong Ki was out on display promoting ‘Hite’ (the least horrible of all the bad korean beers). I know where I’m eating tomorrow ^_^
- browsing all the super cool products from the new ‘Harry Potter’ collection at Primark and marveling at their awesome display (they had Hogwart’s acceptance letters dangling from all over the ceiling!). Making mental notes about what I’ll bring back with me in a few days and trying to budget accordingly (“If I don’t eat lunch I can buy you, you and you, and maybe you too if I ignore the bubble tea shop on my way”). I’m so getting one of those plush Edwige pillow!!
- considering getting a theatre ticket for “Harry Potter and the cursed child” at the Palace, just so I can have a closer look at the gigantic outdoor decorations hidden by these damn construction boards…
- chit-chatting with the hot brasilian oncologist and the sweet japanese students with whom I share a room at the hostel (and getting Beijing duck restaurant recommendation from them)
- waiting patiently to see Drug Restaurant :)

Get ready to be bombarded with more pictures in the next couple of days~


summer break meme | day 10: seven favorite moments

6. Michael conceding sixth place to Sebastian at his final race 

“Michael very graciously gave him P6 and that was enough to convert his third consecutive world championship. Michael is renowned for being a tough racer. I think it was his gesture to Sebastian, almost like passing the baton on.” - Christian Horner

Channel Orange

Anytime I listen to Channel Orange it reminds me of the summer of 2012, the time I had fallen in love with my closest friend but couldn’t tell her because she was in a relationship with someone else. Hearing a song like Bad Religion made me understand the essence of Unrequited love. 

The different vibes that were around in London as it was the Olympics. Everyone was so patriotic and nicer we all seemed to put our differences aside to support Great Britain, I loved it. 

I had gone to see Coldplay in June of that year, this was my first ever concert it was an amazing experience, I felt extremely happy and free. I also had the opportunity to work in a Law firm in the city the soundtrack for that period of my life was Channel Orange, the early mornings at Kings Cross, the cups of Starbucks coffee waiting for the train to my destination. 

I’ll cherish this album forever because of the memories that came with it. 



i dont know if i’ve? ever? painted this many bright cheerful colors in one picture? wow thank u mod for your gorgeous cotton candy world

there’s a lot of mistakes and stuff in this and i. do not care. because it is 2am and i have class tomorrow morning and i am exhausted lmao

Story Time

Summer 2012, during my ahhhh….promiscuous phase after a really bad breakup I had in the Spring, I was talking to this guy I had met on twitter around the same time I met my ex-boyfriend. Except now we were more than just friends. I had a crush on him and vice versa and we were like fuck buddies at this point, even though I was still super inexperienced at sex. He lived like 30 minutes away from me and he used to come pick me up and take me back out to his house and shit. 

So this particular day was extra hot and sweaty. We didn’t even have any air conditioning in the car because it stopped working, so we had to drive around in the heat. His skintone was reallyyyy light, lighter than me, and he started turning red. Like he had red splotches and shit all over his face and he was pouring sweat, and it was really starting to turn me off lmao. I was in the passenger seat looking at him just like this

If I’m gonna be completely honest, I wasn’t that physically attracted to him in the first place. He was one of those guys that was just hella cool and his personality made me look past his face. He wasn’t ugly, just cute in a geeky, different way. Anyway, so we finally got to his house. Well, his parent’s house. Usually we stay down in the den where the tv is and have sex on the couch, but this time his parents weren’t home. So he told me we could go upstairs. So we chilling on the couch, enjoying the air, watching the game, and he playing in my hair and squeezing my leg and shit. You know how niggas do.

So as soon as the game go on commercial break, he says “Lets take a shower.” Bruh. I had always thought about how sexy and how fucking exciting it would be to take a shower with a guy but as soon as he said that, I GOT NERVOUS AS FUCK. Like ahhh…..what we gone do in there….hehe. I guess I was letting it show on my face too cause I he was like “I know you ain’t scared.” I’m thinking nigga no. He started biting his bottom lip & shit and grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. I was hella scared yall. This was pretty much the guy I did a lot of things with for the first time.

When we got in there, I was even more nervous cause I had to undress in front of him and I don’t like the way my titties look with no bra when I’m standing up lbs. But whatever. We got undressed and then I noticed he ain’t bring no towels with him. Shit I’m thinking we about to wash up for real since it was so humid and sticky outside. I was lowkey disappointed LOL. Turns out he was just tryna get shit started I guess. Anyways, I didn’t enjoy myself in the shower at all. We were only in there for like 5 minutes but I was ready to be done with it. Didn’t do anything for me at all.

I guess that was supposed to be the foreplay??? I was pissed, it wasn’t shit. But how come when we got out, this nigga tried to fuck me on the sink. I wish yall coulda seen me, I was slipping and sliding all over the place. Every time he tried to get inside me, I clawed at his shoulders, hanging on for dear life. Not to mention, I was simultaneously running from the dick. Nah, I’m not embarrassed to say it. And You mfs who have sex in the shower are really something. I don’t know HOW the fuck yall do it. Really don’t.

But moving forward, he claimed I was “too scary” for that and told me to go to his room. We had sex buckkid nekkid. Which woulda been cool except for the fact that it was my first time seeing his naked body and…Ima just say it wasn’t my cup of tea. And as if the whole day hadn’t already been unsatisfying enough, I wasn’t turned on at all and didn’t enjoy the sex either. It was only my second time being on top and I was riding him with no help and it was quite tiring LMAO. But on top of that, I felt nothing. Picture me just riding with no energy and a blank ass expression on my face.

I’m not one of those women who fake it. I couldn’t if I tried. If I’m not having fun, you just gonna have to feel shitty cause I’m most definitely gonna let it show. He was enjoying it though, I could tell cause I know how his breathing changes when he’s about to come. Now that I think about it, each time we had sex, he never really paid attention to the fact that I obviously wasn’t feeling anything. Anyway I stopped quick as hell and said



I guess he ain’t like that…

I must’ve looked too excited about it cause He looked mad as shit and was like “NO! WHY!”

I’m like aw shit damn my fault I thought you did hehe… you could tell I hurt his feelings and he knew I wasn’t enjoying it AT ALL. Thank God he came like 20 seconds later lmfaoo I was ready to fucking go.

He was hella rude to me after that cause he was still mad. Like he told me to get off him and he took my clothes and left the room and wouldn’t give em back when I asked and made me walk all the way to where he was before I could get dressed. Basically forced me to prance around naked in front of him when I didn’t want to. Then when I finally got my panties from him, he slapped my ass, which woulda been fine any other time, but at that point I was disgusted with him. Then he tried to change up and cuddle with me on the couch once I got dressed *eyeroll*

He drove me home like an hour later. I didn’t contact him anymore. And when he hit me up months later while he was on winter break, I told him I didn’t wanna have sex with him anymore. So you know he angry as shit now. He started harassing me on twitter whenever I made a tweet about a guy [even a celebrity] being attractive and calling me a thot. Of course I’m a thot now that I don’t wanna have sex with YOU lol smh. When he saw that I didn’t give a fuck, he left me alone. I decided to be celibate a couple months after that [after another terrible sexual experience]. Then he started riding my dick again. When I told him I was celibate, he tried to convince me that I just need to have sex with him cause he “makes me feel comfortable” and “knows how to take care of me and make me feel good” and we “have a good time together”.

Umm…where did you get these ideas from? He swore up and down he made me feel good cause I’d scream and cuss during sex. I’m like nigga…I screamed and cussed when you were entering me because I was in pain. You were only my 3rd, 4th, and 5th time having sex and I still wasn’t used to it and I was never aroused enough. My first and second times were just as bad. & he fucking knew that, I told him from the beginning he’d have to be extra patient and slow with me. He knew damn well I wasn’t screaming out of pleasure.

He just continued tryna convince me of how he made me feel. Even went as far as tryna convince me that he was my first, even though I kept telling him he wasn’t. HE WANTED TO BE SO BAD. For months after I stopped having sex with him, he’d ask me if I’ve fucked anyone since him. Swear he thought he had some kind of hold on my vagina. He was the ultimate fuckboy tbh. I’m so glad I’ve learned to love myself and stopped dealing with niggas like him. Thank the Lawd


i love up all night so much but i think it’s just because it reminds me of such a fun time like summer 2012 with twitcams and the uan tour and little 18-20 year old one direction and we were all still carrots and staying up all night (heh) to see concert pics and wow im sad

Meet Arjen Robben | FC Bayern München

sooo todays post is about arjen robben because soooo many people only know him as a “diver” or that he is “selfish” and hate him because he has a “bad personality” - well, let me tell you something: he hasn’t. he’s an amazing player and mostly bvb fans hate him because of reasons (we’ll talk about that later)and yeah so here we go

arjen, who is also known as “Mister Wembley” or “the bee slayer” plays at bayern munich since 2009, his jersey number is number 10 and normally he plays on the right wing

he also played for PSV Eindhoven (2002-2004)

Chelsea FC (2004-2007)

and Real Madrid (2007-2009)

he also plays for the dutch national team and is their vice captain behind robin van persie, he really loves his country and is very proud to play for his national team

he was vice world cup winner with the dutch national team in 2010 and is third of the 2014 world cup in brazil

he played an absoutley fantastic world cup

he’s married to his beautiful wife bernadien since 2007

they’ve got three kids and seriously, his wife is so beautiful, look

she’s so pretty

and his kids, luka, kai and lynn, are the sweetest ever

his family is perfect and means everything to him - he’s a great dad

but let’s start with arjens own story in which he show what a true fighter he is

the whole drama started in the dfb final in 2012 (we lost it 5:2 against bvb, don’t you even dare to talk about it)

this video summarize his own, personal story against the bees perfectly

arjen missed a penalty kick and yeah.. the drama continued

in the champions league final 2012 against chelsea, arjen missed a penalty we got in the extra time and later, in the penalty shootout he did not dare to go to the spot

we lost

and everyone blamed him - but it was not just his fault

our own fans booed and whistled at him because they blamed him for the loss and this was so unfair

mark van bommel (arjens former team mate at bayern and in the dutch national team) said: “If I would be Arjen, I would think twice about staying in Munich.”

arjen went through a hard time in summer 2012, but he did not give up and stayed at bayern (even if a lot of people think he wouldn’t stay because he was also often injured)

and he got his revenge against the bees - it started in the dfb quarter finals against dortmund, he scored the winning goal

and in the champions league final 2013 against bvb, he scored the winning goal in the 89. minute and saved our ass - and also brought us our fifth champions league trophy

nobody deserved it more than him (okay maybe basti but this is not about him)
this songs wrote bayern fans for him (x)

he got his revenge and he’s still not done

in the dfb pokal final 2014 he also scored against the bvb

and in the last match against the bees, on november the first, he also saved our ass

and you know what ? his winning goal was a penalty

this video is so amazing and accurate

sadly most people only see him as a selfish person who always dives - and not as that awesome player and amazing human being he is

YES he did this a lot of times, but it became less - and have you seen neymar ?

YES it’s true that he played damn selfish - but it stopped after the lost champions league final 212, he changed

he is still a bit selfish sometimes, but we can live with it - at least, no player is perfect

he loves bayern with all his heart and says, we are his family - in 2014 he extended his contract for three years to 2017

and he scores so many beautiful goals for us

like this one against schalke (x)

or this one against manchester united (x)

and his skills are just fucking awesome (x)

he and thiago showing us their skills (x)

they also have a lot of fun together (x)

you remember his beautiful goal against barca ?

so, besides all his amazing footballer skills he is such a nice and kind person and his german is so sweet :’) he talks about thomas hitzelsbergers outing as homosexual in this video (another amazing side of arjen: he says it’s normal and that it is a great thing)

his team mates appreciate him a lot like javi for example

and he’s such a cutie, after the champions legue final 2013 he was aked if he could put into words what this meant to him and he was just like “no“ :)

and i think they enjoy driving with him a lot

i mean, really, he’s always so nice and kind and smiling, how could you hate him?!

he would give everything for his club and country, is always honest and ambitious - he was the only one who seemed motivated during the champions league semi finals against real madrid tbh

he works so hard and is always so determined on the pitch

seriously, you can not like him, but hate? and saying he’s the worst player ever? there are even worse players than him and it’s just pathetic that you judge him for two facts

he is one of the nicest players in our squad and one of the few, who always give eveything - in every fucking match. and saying his personality is shit - are you kidding me ?! do you know him? i don’t know him either but as far as we know he’s an amazing person and player and, in my opinion, the only one next to cristiano ronaldo who would deserve the ballon d’or 2014. thank you and please - form your own opinion about him before you just say what others say. arjen does not deserve all this shit and hate and he’s fucking amazing

Pre-Wash Day Treatment (with organic coconut oil)

I remember purchasing coconut oil for the first time in summer of 2012, and was unsure of how to use it other than adding it to my shea butter mix. I had began to use it as a facial moisturiser and as a natural hair detangler–but I didn’t like it for either. However, although it wasn’t a great detangler for me, I did notice how soft the coconut oil made my hair feel. Then I discovered a better use for it. 

Being that my hair texture is prone to dryness, I realised that I need to consider having an extra boost in moisture and softness before wash day takes place. It is said that coconut oil is the only oil that is able to penetrate the hair shaft, and thus very effective in adding not only softness and moisture, but prevents breakage, strengthens hair, and adds shine!  Plus, I love how I am able to easily spread it over my strands without having it get everywhere.So:

  • After detangling my hair in sections with conditioner (using Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle), I lubricate each twist from root to tip with coconut oil, as you can see in the images above from two different pre-wash days. Then I apply a plastic bag, and sleep with it on overnight. I do this to allow the oil to really reach the hair cuticle (outermost part of hair strand) to get the maximum benefits before wash day.
  • The next day, I will briefly run each twist in a bit of water and squeeze some of the coconut oil-conditioner mix out in the morning. I ensure that most of the mixture is still on my strands, since I like shampooing/conditioning on semi-damp hair. 

Any carrier oil of choice can be used, but I really like coconut oil as my DIY pre-wash day treatment. This oil has truly made a huge difference in the overall health of my hair when I apply it the night before! 


It’s already summer time and 2012 feels like yesterday.

Malia Murphy and I enjoying the south shore. Video for Free People filmed by Daeja fallas