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Five Happy Things

I was tagged by @marines-sweat-hard to write a post about things that make me happy!

This has honestly been difficult for me to come up with. Originally when I saw it I thought “yeah! That’s a good idea” but I’ve had this post in my queue all day and keep coming back to it.

  1. My daughter. I know as a parent this is pretty typical to say, but nothing can make me smile like she can. I recently gave her an old iPod and loaded it up with Disney songs and now she runs around “singing” it’s basically the cutest thing ever. Or when she wakes me up in the mornings, or her giggles. Basically anything this child can do makes me happy.

  2. Traveling! When I get to plan out a trip and go see something either new or old. I love going on adventures, even if it’s little jaunts around town I still call them adventures.

  3. New books. I love opening a new book and smelling the pages and the ink. Books will always been somewhere near my person, or in my bag, or in my car. They’re a part of who I am. People who read live more than one life.


4.. Disney and musicals. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella will forever be my favorite musical. I love watching Grease and Dirty Dancing with my mom. And I’ve always been a Disney baby. Even before I had my daughter I loved Disney. Now it’s just more acceptable for a person my age to be belting out Disney songs in public, because usually I’m doing it along side the kiddo.

5. This ones a little harder to explain. Summer makes me happy. It’s smelling freshly cut grass, or going outside right after a rain. It’s feeling the sweat roll down your back when you’re at the pool or playground. It’s having your iced coffee made just right, the windows rolled down, the wind blowing and your classic rock pandora playing. Summer makes me the happiest.

Taako gets the gold!

(99% of the reason i wanted to do this was to draw taako being flung in the air at terminal velocity and smashed against a wall, which is abundantly clear what i spent less time on,. yeehaw)

  • Me,every day during summer: I'll meet my friends every day, go out, workout, learn new hobbies, meet new people, eat healthy, sleep enough, don't spend to much time in front of my computer, start living life at its best
  • Also me, every day during summer: *counting down days until hiatus ends, while making tumblr edits and rewatching all seasons of my shows*

Things heard in a conservation lab this afternoon:

  • “Well you see, the reason we have this is because murder
  • “King Henry VIII’s armor fits me best, but his thighs are strangely skinny”
  • *hits an antique gun several times with a hammer*
  • “You see, I brought this here in several pieces over many weeks so I wouldn’t be brought to jail if someone caught me with a full 19th century rifle on the subway”
  • “If someone points this one at you, run
  • “I would’ve brought the swords out but I was worried you might cut each other’s limbs off”
Long summer nights with new friends are always fun. Learning about each other in different ways. Getting drunk under the sunset, acting like fools. Being high as the night keeps going on and on forever.
—  summer nights // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #16