summer the direwolf


Summer lapped at the water and settled down at Bran’s side. He rubbed the wolf under the jaw, and for a moment boy and beast both felt at peace. Bran had always liked the godswood, even before, but of late he found himself drawn to it more and more. Even the heart tree no longer scared him the way it used to. The deep red eyes carved into the pale trunk still watched him, yet somehow he took comfort from that now. The gods were looking over him, he told himself ; the old gods, gods of the Starks and the First Men and the children of the forest, his father’s gods.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why have we lost two direwolves this season? what is the point of killing the direwolves, who have done nothing but love their stark owners? is this foreshadowing character deaths? is it showing us that the stark children do not need to depend on their direwolves as much as they thought they did? and what did the direwolves do to deserve death? david and d.b. really need to get their acts together and stop senselessly killing these beautiful creatures. also if ghost ever dies, i will stop watching the show.
potential spoilers ahead

so in this pic we see of s7 arya from the EW photoshoot in her full costume she holds a dagger.

now this is interesting because we have seen this dagger before.

see the pointed tip and the jewel? very distinctive features. and this dagger has a history. this is a valyrian steel dagger with a dragonbone hilt and won by robert baratheon from petyr baelish in a tournament before joffery baratheon takes it and gives it to a catspaw for an assisination attempt on bran stark after he’s been paralysed. you’ll remember summer, bran’s direwolf, saved both bran and catelyn. after that catelyn took it to kings landing and gave it to ned stark to continue his investigation only to be taken back by petyr baelish while betraying him very dramatically 

this dagger was last seen still in possession of littlefinger in s4. he really wouldn’t give up a valyrian steel dagger and we can presume by the start of s7 he still has it.  SO WHY DOES ARYA HAVE IT NOW??? and  h o w. what can we assume from this knowledge. 

  1. arya at least meets littlefinger. (we know she’s heading north)
  2. arya most likely reaches winterfell where littlefinger is and wants to stay and try and influence events there.
  3. so littleinfger is with sansa all of s7. i don’t see him going elsewhere.
  5. arya could have been involved in the imminent death of littlefinger to have gotten the dagger.
  6. in terms of storytelling sansa is most likely to kill littlefinger so perhaps it’s a tag team effort of the stark sisters. or sansa gives the dagger to arya later like her version of needle. 
  7. all my dreams come true and happiness is achieved