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Opinion, Celestial Season’s Lemon Zinger is…

Not a big tea drinker, but have a lot in the past few days due sore throat and feeling awful. I enjoy Apple Cider Rooibos and Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong from Teavana (no I don’t have money like that, they were gifts).

Sounds delicious!

I uh, might have ordered six boxes of I Love Lemon off amazon yesterday…

ok! i washed and dried the violets, picked off all the petals, discarded everything else, and have the petals steeping in a bottle with hot water! now they steep for 24 hours

i’m just going to throw my 2 cents in and just say that i don’t understand music award ceremonies (like even the grammys) because they continue to just throw artists into all these categories that don’t have anything to do with the artist and their sound (like lorde won best rock album that one time at that one award show and it just confused me because even though she’s a brilliant artist - it was unfair to the other acts in the category). you wouldn’t put an andy warhol painting within a renaissance collection - so why are they doing that with music?!

so to put a pop punk band like 5sos up against a pop girl group like fifth harmony never fails to confuse me, because they’re complete different genres, complete different styles in performance, so it feels unfair having the two against each other. for both sides (and the other nominees).

so basically all i want to say is ‘fuck you’ to the music award ceremony culture - for being inaccurate and unfair. and simply meaning nothing. because in the end, any music can be good music as long as someone somewhere enjoys it.