summer sun celebration

Litha! June 21st

Hi everyone! Here are some very EASY ways to celebrate midsummer!

  1. Open up the curtains and let some good sunlight cleanse your room.
  2. Open up the window.
  3. Clean cobwebs from the ceiling and other places.
  4. Go on a picnic!
  5. Eat some berries.
  6. Pick flowers.
  7. Light a candle that reminds you of summer or of the sun.
  8. Wear a floral print.
  9. Make a honey and sugar face scrub.
  10. Make a flower crown.
  11. Garden, or water your plants.
  12. Just sit in the sun, relax for once and soak in new beginnings :) -Jen

 ☀️Very Merry Litha To Everyone!☀️

Litha is a time full of the energies of the sun. It is the celebration of the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. 

Often during this time oak is burned in bonfires. Grounding yourself in nature is a wonderful thing to do as well. Be it dancing, eating, singing, get out there and enjoy the sun!


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FINALLY POSTING THESE the Summer Sun Celebration Fun~!!!

As I imagine it goes (and before she runs to her surgery ffbbt so its kinda timeline…likeee…?) She goes and partys it up at the beach with ask-heartstringspone ask-kagalia and ask-lovestruck and of course takes a selfie with them all. (congrats to heartstring being the only male pony she went to the celebration with XD )

And then met up with the girls at the Summer Sun dance thus another selfie this time a big group >v< !! Blessed by:


Finally ModMe (Gingercorn) and dreamofserenity626 pony Day Dreamer partying it up as Mods do! Woot Woot!

This took forever I hope you all like -v- *puts hand on ice for a little bit ffbt so much use today*

I try to keep the blog focused on the Academy, but this only comes twice a year.

So for the fourth solstice pair, I thought I would try something different. With this past year being very much about building my foundational skills and improving my humans, I wanted to try applying that knowledge to our biannual solstice work. As always, it will be fun to see how things change by the winter solstice in six months.

It’s been four years since I got into this crazy show. It’s something I like to do, to take moments like these to judge how far my work has come in the past year, and how far I’ve come in that time as well. Is where I am better than where I was, and where do I want to be? I hope you enjoy this day, our longest day, and have some fun in the sun.

MLP:FiM is © Hasbro, yadda yadda.

Johnny Lighting and Sarsaparilla Hoofer: Summer Sun Celebration 2014.

Drawn by the soon-to-be established blog and my talented friend, ask-johnny💕


A lump formed in Celestia’s throat whenever she gazed upon the suit. The curved, golden plate had been crafted by an expert more centuries past than she could recall. Such a work of art did not belong on a battlefield, she felt, but it was not her place to say. Whatever her ponies needed her to be, be it leader, warrior, or idol, she could and would be.

A thin smile graced her lips as she examined the coat of dust that had come to cover the plate from top to bottom. It was rude to the suit, of course, and rude to its creator, but she left it all the same. It was, to her, a sign of her success, of all the decades that her leadership had forestalled war and strife reaching Equestria. For as long as she could, Celestia would shine like the sun, and keep the lands and ponies she had worked so hard for safe.


In general, I try to keep this tumblr concentrated on the comic and the comic alone. If any of the art I do is related to CAoM, then I will post it here. However, in this instance, I will make an exception. If you would like to see a bit more work not related to CAoM posted (in all likelihood still restricted to ponies), feel free to shoot me a note. Or shoot me one if you want to see the content stay focused.

So here we are again. Another half journey around the sun, our moody but unyielding anchor in the cosmos. This year, we had the opportunity to watch the reincarnation of Cosmos, which did a fantastic job of capturing the wonder not only of the scope and possibility of the known and unknown universe, but told our maturation to our current day as a tale of mighty accomplishment, with a still more glorious accomplishment to go. In the words of the show’s original creator, I believe “it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”

Why do I bring this up? Well for starters, I followed Summer Sun Celebration customs and stayed up until sunrise, so I’m working on about 4 hours of sleep. But more importantly, I believe we, as whatever group we might identify as, have come to some understanding that kindness, imagination, and wonder are not the misgivings of children, but the driving powers of our people. So today, on this longest of days, and hopefully all days, give someone a smile, or do something kind for another. And give our sun, the closest we have to a cosmic parent, a nod of thanks for carrying us through the cold and the dark.


Dean of Undergraduates, CAoM




shining star -pinkie pie - prism - inkie heart - pinkie cakes - thundella magica

mod note: for the summer sun celebration me and the other group members will present a mini story arc, each of the 6 parts will be drawn by a different artist from the group, sit back and enjoy!


Midsummer by Hannah