summer style with white t shirt

british vogue quickfire questions
  • lace or leather?
  • fitted or flared?
  • white t-shirt or white blouse?
  • french or british style?
  • new york or paris?
  • hiking or swimming?
  • biker or bomber?
  • square glasses or round glasses?
  • lipstick or lipgloss?
  • denim or leather?
  • favorite film?
  • minimalist or maximalist?
  • ready-to-wear or vintage?
  • sweater or hoodie?
  • handbag or backpack?
  • always early or running late?
  • night in or night out?
  • edie sedgwick or jane birkin?
  • 60s or 70s?
  • mini or maxi?
  • heels or flats?
  • morning or evening?
  • sheer or leather?
  • suitcase or carry-on?
  • dream date?
  • chain or ribbon?
  • all or nothing?
  • spring/summer or autumn/winter?
  • eyes or lips?
  • sporty or romantic?
  • town or country?
  • black or navy?

likestarstrewnskies-deactivated  asked:

Hello, I hope you're having a good day. What is a typical outfit for the 104th and vets in a gender bent modern AU? (With an agender or gender neutral Hanji). - from a fan artist in need of some inspiration.

Mikasa: Gothic style, black clothes, many accessoires
Reiner: A nice summer dress with print on it
Bertholdt: Plain skirts and flat shoes (he is very tall after all)
Annie: Punkish outfit, ripped clothes, leather and jeans
Eren: Typical neo grunge clothes, crop shirts, plateau
Armin: Mom jeans, striped t-shirts and chucks
Jean: Casual look, white blouses, jeans, t-shirts
Marco: Preppy style, school girl skirts, sweater
Sasha: Casual, Flower shirts, relaxed pants
Connie: Classic girl next door style, striped shirt, jeans, sneakers
Historia: Girly fashion (genderbend version adores girly style)
Ymir: Oversized look, long sleeves, skinny jeans, loafers
Levi: 90s Grunge, plaid shirts, hot pants, doc martens
Mike: “Tomboy” style, bottom up shirt, loose fitting jeans, flat shoes
Erwin: 70s style, whide cut jeans, flower prints, colourfull
Nanaba: Trendy, modern jeans, bomber jackets
Moblit: Artsy style, combines a hat and other small accessoires, blouses
Hanji: Neutral grungy look, inspired by many other fashion styles, Hanji just wears something comfortable, not too tight, not too loose, not much colour, but fashonable

I am deeply sorry I didn’t answer it with pictures, but I have a problem with too many pictures on my blog and with longs posts, they stress me very much. I hope this will do anyway 💙

The Barbie Fashionistas Guide

Because I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE ELSE. This is the guide for the names of each Barbie Fashionistas character (post 2015 reboot).

This isn’t a perfect guide. It’s a work in progress. I’m posting both the official and theorized names for the characters and molds. I’ll try to keep the post updated as new dolls are released, so bookmark this if you need it, I guess. Message me if you know the name of a head mold for any of these dolls.

This is a very long post, and not all the images are great quality.

UPDATE!: On January 28, 2016, Mattel released 3 new body types for their fashionistas line.

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