summer solstice

Celebrate Midsummer


  • Collect Herbs and Flowers
  • Make Sun Tea
  • Build a bonfire
  • Have a sunrise or sunset picnic 
  • Sunbathe
  • Leave out honey offerings for the Fae
  • Cleanse and charge your magical items under the sun
  • Watch the sun set on the longest day of the year

In the Home:

In the Kitchen:

In the Bath:

  • Soak in a golden honey bath
  • Scatter sunflowers through your bathwater
  • Bathe around fiery solar colored candles
  • Treat yourself to a chamomile Tea Bath

On your Altar:

  • Represent the sun using colors of yellow, orange or gold
  • Incorporate solar imagery
  • Decorate with green stones like jade or emerald
  • Try decorating with woods of oak and pine
  • Use golden candle holders and decorations
  • Incorporate dried or fresh picked herbs

Master Post: Five Ideas for Celebrating each of the Eight High Days, designed with the solitary practitioner (or a family) to do together, put together by chronarchy for The Magical Druid.

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Piety isn’t simple: it’s okay to do something small to mark the season. Don’t let complexity get in the way of what you need to do, though. Small things go a long way.

Summer Solstice & Full Moon

Reminder that this year, at least here in the Western side of the world, Summer Solstice AND Full Moon gonna be on EXACTLY the same date (June 20th, 2016).

This only happens every so many years. Like, the last time was in 1986, and the next time gonna be I’m 2062, as far as I know.

Therefore, get ready for A LOT of magic, energy, and blessings for all of you.

Summer Solstice/ Mead Moon
Honey Cake

sorry this took me so long to post. I know the full moon and the solstice are already over, I just wanted to put this recipe out there because I made it for the first time and it was really good :)
-picture by me-

1 cup butter (softened)
1 cup honey (I used raw local honey)
1 ½ cups self-rising flour
3 eggs

1.) cream the butter and honey, then add the eggs.
2.) add the flour ½ cup at a time.
3.) pour into a greased 8 inch cake pan (I used a loaf pan)
4.) bake at 350 for about 45-50 minutes, until a skewer comes out clean.

1 cup powdered sugar
1 tbsp. melted butter
1 ½ tbsp. milk
1 teaspoon honey

1.) warm up milk slightly and mix in the honey until dissolved.
2.) mix in butter and then powdered sugar.

after the cake is cooked and cooled down, slice it up and pour the frosting over entire thing :)

So a few weeks ago I decided to make this special Summer Solstice/Full Moon be all about new beginnings for me. I’ve been in sort of a limbo place in my life for over a year. A lot of huge changes happened that left me lost and with no idea what to do next. I’ve had problems with depression for a very long time and being this lost made it more than I could handle. I began to hate myself and who I had become. This solstice is a tipping point in my life that I’m determined to use to change myself back to who I want to be. So in honor of that I created a self-transformation jar to help me amplify my intent to expel all my negativity and overcome my inner demons and self hate. Keep in mind this bottle is personalized to what I needed help with while I go through such huge changes in my life and it can easily be altered to focus on your own troubles. I was mostly limited to a budget and working with what I already had around the house, so here goes!

Self-Transformation Jar

I made my base with Fire Salt instead of table or sea salt. This is optional and any salt will work, but the fire salt gives an extra kick of energy and passion. To make fire salt, combine the following and warm in a small pot on stove:

-Chili Powder
-Crushed Red Pepper

Then I added dried, used coffee grounds from the pot of coffee my husband and I shared this morning. Used coffee grounds by themselves are used for promoting productivity and banishing bad habits. As an added bonus, because it was from a pot my husband shared with me, it represents his love and support of me while I get a grip on myself and my life.

Next I added a blend of herbs:

-Rosemary (for intellectual improvement)
-Sage (for healing, both mental and physical)
-Thyme (for change and transformation)
-Basil (for expelling negativity)
-Parsley (for strength, vitality and passion)
-Apple stems (for personal and magical growth)

Although you can’t see it, I also added a cinnamon stick for healing and passion. If you don’t have or don’t want to add a cinnamon stick, you can add ground cinnamon to the Fire Salt.

Finally I topped it off with:

-Dried rose petals given to me by my sister (to remind me of all the love in my life that I sometimes forget when I’m really hurting)
-Quartz (for spiritual growth and development)
-Tiger’s Eye (for willpower, prosperity, and courage)

I didn’t want to seal this one with wax so I “sealed” it with a red ribbon (for passion, energy, enthusiasm, strength and courage) and then left it in the sun to charge for a few hours. 

The sigils are my own and in order from top to bottom:

- “I will persevere”
- “I will overcome myself”
- “I will conquer my demons”

If you try this recipe, please tell me all about it! Let me know if it works for you! And if you make changes I’d love to know! I hope you all have a lovely Summer Solstice/Full Moon!