summer soccer

The Soccer Player - pt. 1

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Messing around with the star footballer of the university was not the best idea, and you knew this, but instead of following your head, you followed your heart. It began on a sunny afternoon, when you’d come to see your friend at the track of the school who was just finishing practice.

You sat down on the bleacher where all the teams’ things weren’t and looked out over the turf trying to find Charlie. The men’s team was on the right side and the women’s was on the left side and it was a pretty spacious field but they made it seem like it was built for ants. You quickly locked eyes on the short, blond hair but lost it in between the other heads of hair. They were jogging suicides, you guessed to cool down, all of them dripping with sweat at this point. It was hot out today, one of the cooler days though, and you knew she’d be glad to see you with your cold bottle of water and small towel you’d gotten into the habit of bringing for her.

Your eyes wondered to the other side of the field, watching the men do the same cool down, jogging slowly back and forth and looking exhausted. Your eyes found a few tattoos littering some players arms and one on someone’s thigh but none caught your interest like the one on the jersey with HOOD on it. He was done, apparently, as he was jogging towards the bleacher with everyone’s belongings. His calves and thighs flexed with each step and you wouldn’t lie, he looked good.

He sat down and your eyes drifted back to Charlie, who was now walking towards you with a smile on her face. “Hey!” She greeted happily and took the towel from your outstretched hand. She wiped her face and the back of her neck, leaving it resting on her shoulders. “Thanks for the water and towel.” She said, sitting down and gulping down water.

“No problem. How was practice?”

“It kicked our asses.” She said. “It’s really hot.” You nodded, looking back to the other bleacher where a few ladies smiled or waved at you as they’d grown accustom to seeing you here by now. You waved back and smiled and then you saw Hood, number 23, if you remembered correctly because now he was shirtless. He was talking to his teammates, occasionally drinking from his bottle, at ease.

“You can say that again.” You finally spoke when you realized you hadn’t.

“Are you staring at Calum again?” Charlie asked, not looking in his direction but staring at the cement below her cleats.

“How’d you know?” You chuckled, looking away and down at your own shoes. She laughed and set the empty water bottle down on the bleacher next to her, rattling the whole metal set. It brought a few eyes to look at the two of you, including Calum’s. “Did you just do that a little too hard on purpose?” You asked, onto her act already.

“Maybe, but here he comes. Thank me later.” She whispered the last part as Calum and his friend Luke walked over to you two, cleats clicking on the cement. You smiled up at the two, having had small conversations with them before, mostly listening as they talked to Charlie. They both shared a toothy grin with you arriving in front of you.

“Hey, Y/n.” Calum said, his jersey shirt dangling in his left hand, almost touching the ground.

“Hi, Calum. Hi, Luke.” You greeted, sitting up straight again.  

“I didn’t notice you or I would’ve come talked to you sooner.” You knew that was bullshit as Calum was one of the first to come back to the bleachers, and he’d obviously seen you. But that was the way you two worked. You were always flirtatious but just enough to not seem like it. He’d talk to you some days and some days not. It was an ego thing, you assumed, and left it alone.

“That’s alright.” You offered a grin while Charlie stood up, putting the towel next to the bottle.

“I’m going to go change and quickly shower.” She smiled at you saying the word quickly because she knew you’d been waiting for over 30 minutes for her one day and when she got out you were furious.

“A shower sounds amazing.” Luke said, beginning to walk with her to the locker rooms where players had already been trickling into.

“And then it was just the two of us.” Calum said, sitting down, dropping his jersey on top of the towel. He leaned forward, elbows on his knees, looking at his cleats and shin guards.

“Aren’t you going to take those off?” You asked and he chuckled.

“I was just thinking about that.” He said, reaching down and untying one of his shoe, biceps flexing. You urged your eyes to the field, watching as coaches and players helped pick up equipment from the days practice. The sound of Calum’s cleat hitting the ground brought your attention and thoughts back. He peeled off his sock and his shin guard fell to the ground with it, and he started working on the other foot.

“Oh my god!” You stood up, fingers plugging your nose as Calum looked at you confused. “You reek.” You bent over, fake vomiting while he laughed at you and stuck out his foot to try and touch you, causing you to bolt the other way. “Stay over there with your smelly feet, Hood.”

“Oh come on, Y/L/n.” He said, giggling and pulling off his other sock. He stood up. “Don’t you want me over there?” He batted his eyelashes before lunging forward and as he moved so did you, turning to run towards the field. But Calum was faster and stronger and his strong arms coiled around your waist and picked you up off the ground, legs still swinging.

“No!” You said through laughter as he began walking towards the bleacher again. “Put me down, you smell so bad. I’m puking.” You made a sound to sound like you were and he just laughed at you before hitting the concrete and releasing you. “Go shower.” Your voice was nasally as you pinched your nose shut and he laughed at you, eyes crinkling at the sides as he picked up his clothes and shoes and shook his head at you.

“Your wish is my command, princess.” And he winked before sauntering off towards the men’s locker room, leaving you to think of his pet name for 10 more minutes while Charlie showered.

A Fine Line-Part 3

Calum Imagine

Summary: The line between love and hate becomes thinner and thinner as Calum and you become closer than you ever could have thought possible. 

A/N: Part 3 of my attempt at the enemies to lovers trope. This was super requested so I hope you guys like it. Part 4 will ensue if it’s requested and receives the attention :) happy reading! 

|Part One| |Part Two|

~Approx: 3.2k words~
~Warnings: Smut~


You didn’t have much else to do that afternoon and so it was no surprise that you found yourself sitting on the cold metal bleachers overlooking the soccer field. The team was in the middle of a warmup, Calum at their head as the group of boys jogged around the field. You had hoped that he wouldn’t see you, but practically the second you sat down he managed to find your eyes and shoot you that familiar smirk before jogging off to join his teammates to which you of course responded with an eye roll. You don’t know why you had decided to come watch him practice, but deep down you knew the way he looked sprinting around the pitch in his soccer shorts definitely had something to do with it.

As charming as he was off the field he was equally as graceful gliding across the field, barking orders and moving his feet like nothing you had ever seen. You didn’t know much about the sport, but anyone with eyes could see that Calum was a king on the field. You always knew he was talented. You had been able to see a portion of his backyard from your room and you could remember watching him for hours as he practiced. His mom would call him back inside for dinner but he wouldn’t go, opting instead to stay out and play until the sun went down. You had been fascinated by his persistence, that is until one of his soccer balls was hurtling towards your head.  

The practice lasted for about another hour after you got there. Much too soon for your liking the coach was calling the players in for a final huddle before sending them to the locker rooms. You sighed as you grabbed your things and thudded down the bleachers, hoping to make it out without anyone else noticing you. This wasn’t exactly your scene and you didn’t want to start anything. As you descended the final steps you heard his unmistakable voice.

“Hey baby.” He was leaning against the handrail, his arms crossed and his signature smirk plastered on his face. He clearly hadn’t been to the locker rooms yet as he was drenched in sweat, his practice jersey clinging to his muscled frame.

“Not your baby.” You said, your eyes refusing to meet his as you kept walking.

“But you want to be don’t you pretty girl?” He jogged after you.

“In your dreams.”

“I thought we promised not to lie to each other?” He reached out and grabbed your hand, bringing you back to him, his arm slithering around your waist and you let out a small gasp as how close he was to you. “I need to hit the showers. Wait for me?” He said it more like a command, but his eyes pleaded with you.

“Well if I remember correctly I did still have a few things to teach you.” You took your bottom lip between your teeth and you could’ve sworn you felt him twitch.

“Christ, I’ll be ten minutes.” He growled, pulling you in for a quick, rough kiss before pulling away and looking into your eyes. “Shit, make that five.” He pulled away from you and sprinted back to the locker room, leaving you extraordinarily excited for him to come back.

After around fifteen minutes however, your phone dinged, Calum’s name coming up on the screen,

Meet me in the locker room. Cleared it out just for us baby ;)

“Oh my god.” You mumbled under your breath. He was so difficult. What if someone was in there? You weren’t supposed to just waltz into the locker room for christ’s sake you weren’t an athlete, you’d be kicked out for sure. But you curiosity and sheer desire to see him won out and you found yourself heading towards the concrete building. You couldn’t help the sheer feeling of nervousness as you crept inside. You didn’t hear any whooping and hollering as you walked in like you would have expected inside a boy’s room but the butterflies persisted still.

“Cal?” You whispered, poking your head around the corner. The locker room was empty, a few towels littered the floor and some of the metal doors were left hanging open the only sign that anyone had been there at all. “Cal!” You said a little louder, taking another step inside. “Calum- ahh!” Two hands grabbed your waist and spun you around, one hand clamping over your mouth as a pair of deep brown eyes met yours.

“Shh, it’s just me.” He chuckled, moving his hand from over your mouth as you glared at him.

“Ugh, I hate you.”

“You wish you hated me as much as you say you do.” Calum laughed, peeling his sweaty jersey from his body.

“I thought you were going to shower.”

“Didn’t have time. I had to get the rest of the team out of here so you and I could-”

“Could what?” You interrupted him, as if daring him to continue.

He smiled, advancing towards you. His body was glistening in a way that was almost sinful, his shorts hanging low on his hips.

“So we could do this.” He wrapped his arms around you, his lips attacking yours with fervor and his hand immediately finding their way to your ass and giving it a squeeze. He tasted like salt from his workout but you didn’t care. His lips felt too good for you to stop now. You wrapped your arms around his neck, practically throwing yourself on him. “So eager aren’t we?” He chuckled, his lips ghosting over yours.

“You know what I want, just give it to me.” You growled, surprising yourself with how serious you were.

“You should know better than to demand things of me by now babygirl.” He said.

In one quick motion you tugged your shirt off and unbuttoned your jeans, leaving you nearly bare in front of him. You watched with glee as his entire demeanor shifted, his face clean of his once cocky smirk.

“I said, give it to me.” Your voice was cool as you stared at him, your brow lifted as a challenge.

“God, you’re so fucking sexy.” He growled, stripping himself of his shorts before gripping your hips and squeezing slightly. He turned you around, backing you against the locker doors so your back was pressed against the cool metal. His lips found your neck again, his fingers digging into your naked thighs. “Do you want to tell me what you want sweetheart?”

“You-I-ah! I want you to fuck me.” You moaned against his lips. You hated the smirk on his face as the words left your mouth, but you were too desperate for him to care.

“That’s what I thought.” In one swift move, he pushed your panties aside and slowly slid inside you, your wetness allowing him an easy passage. Both of you let out a long sigh at the contact, his forehead pressed against yours and his eyes squeezed shut. When he was finally all the way in he held himself there, enjoying the feeling of being buried deep inside you for the first time.  He groaned, grunting your name as he began to move his hips.

Your fingers gripped his hair, pulling at the roots harder as he moved faster. He pounded into you relentlessly, all the pent up aggravation the two of you felt for each other, the harsh, messy, mixed up feelings you two had harbored for each other surfacing as you were brought back to your most raw, animalistic state of being entwined in each other.

“You feel just like I imagined babygirl. So tight and wet and beautiful, just for me.” He buried his face in your shoulder, his teeth biting down on your supple skin. You cried out, both in pain and pleasure as the tip of his cock pounded into your sweet spot over and over again. He groaned as you tightened around him and pulled his hair even harder so that his head was jerked back. In retaliation he pounded into you as hard as he could, your back jolting into the metal of the locker doors.

“Fuck, Calum that hurt!”

“It wasn’t meant to be gentle princess.” He spoke through gritted teeth, his voice becoming raspy as he reached his climax. You clutched his toned biceps, hanging on for dear life as he thrusted into you. He felt so good, filling you up completely as he pounded you to orgasm.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna, I’m-”

“I know, I can feel you, go ahead baby come on my cock.” You didn’t even need his permission before you felt your legs shaking, fire racing through your entire body as you came around him. With a loud grunt, he suddenly pulled out of you and came all over your stomach and thighs. You watched as his face scrunched with pleasure, his eyes screwed shut and his mouth hanging open. There was a comfortable silence before he spoke again, his voice a low whisper. “Fuck.”

“I’ll say…that was-.”

“Amazing. Fuck that was amazing. I think I just felt my fifteen year old self pat me on the back.”

“Agreed.” You muttered, pulling away from him to fish your shirt off a pile of towels.

“Hey,” He said, tugging on your arm. “Shower with me?”

You grimaced. “That sounds like the kind of thing couples do after they have sex, which means I’ll have to pass.”

“Baby c’mon we both know we’re not a couple.”

“Well I’d prefer not to act that part.” You chuckled, his puppy eyes melting into something that looked too much like disappointment.

“I just want another round, don’t act so high and mighty.”

“Ah, there’s the asshole I know. It’s refreshing to hear you be a dick. Reminds me why I can’t stand you.”

Calum scowled, throwing a towel at you. “You know you standing there covered in my cum makes your insults a lot easier to bear.”

You felt your cheeks flush, your body becoming hot with anger as you wiped the evidence off your skin. You dressed in silence, throwing your post-sex hair up in a bun and grabbing your bag before walking out of the locker room.

You heard him jog out behind you but you didn’t bother looking back.

“Hey! Just wait for a second I have something to ask you.”

“Then ask.”

He paused for a moment as if not expecting you to even allow him to speak before he took hold of your hand and laced his fingers in yours. “I want you to come to a party with me tonight?”

“A party? What the fuck, why.”

“Because I know you’ve never been to one and I think you’d have a good time. It doesn’t have to mean anything if you don’t want it to.”

You raised your brow at him. “Do you want it to mean something?”

Calum sighed, letting go of your hand so he could run his fingers through his hair. “I want you to meet my friends. And don’t ask me why I just do okay.”

“You just can’t get enough of me can you?” You shot him a playful smirk, which he returned as he pulled you in by the waist for a kiss.

“Guess not. Now will you go?”

“Fine, but if for a second I stop having a good time I’m bailing.”

“Okay, that’s fair. I’ll stop by your place around nine and we can go together okay? It’ll be casual.”

“Okay.” You gave him a tentative smile, his eyes lighting up as he kissed you again.

“See you soon.” He said before jogging back into the locker room for his long awaited shower as you headed back to your dorm, your mind still clouded by the thought of him.


You had decided on a pair of leggings and a nice top, a pair of sneakers adorning your feet as you waited for him. Your clock read 9:17 and you sighed, hated the little voice in the back of your mind that told you he wasn’t going to show. Right before you were about to write him off and call it a night your phone buzzed, signaling he was outside and waiting for you. With a huff, you grabbed your jacket and headed out to meet him.

“Hey.” He greeted you, throwing his arm around your shoulder. “Party’s across campus, I figured we could just walk.”

“Who’s all gonna be there?

“Everybody who’s anybody, babygirl.”

“You know, no matter how much you say it I’ll never be your baby.”  You could have sworn you heard him mutter something that sounded like ‘we’ll see’ but as soon as you were about to question him about it like the smartass you were he had changed the topic again.

“You’ll love the guys. I’m sure they’ll love you.” He said reassuringly, but you couldn’t help but feel like something was off.

You heard the party before you saw it, the bass blasting through the air. You saw Calum’s wide smile, but couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

Clearly the nervousness was written on your face because suddenly Calum gave your hand a little squeeze. “Hey, I’ll take care of you tonight okay? Me and you.”

“Okay.” You shot him a reassuring smile as the two of you walked into the party.

The music was almost painfully loud, reverberating through the house and shaking you to your core. You watched shyly as a couple guys came up to Calum and dapped him on the back, none of them even giving you a second glance. Finally, a tall, blonde boy who you recognized from the soccer field came up to you and Calum.

“Luke! I was looking for you. I have someone I want you to meet!”

Luke smiled down at you, a wide smile on his face as he looked back and forth between you and Calum. “You must be Y/N. I’ve heard so much about you. This kid can’t seem to shut up about you.”

“Oi! This giant doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Calum laughed as he steered you away from the taller boy.  “Do you want a drink?” Calum yelled over the music.

“Uh, sure I guess.”

“I’ll get you a drink and then we’ll dance. Luke, keep an eye on this one. Make sure she doesn’t get into trouble, because she likes to do that.”

“Hey!” You protested, lightly smacking his chest.

“Yeah looks like she’s a real spitfire.” Luke laughed, taking a sip of his beer.

“Tell me about it.” Calum playfully rolled his eyes before disappearing into the crowd.

“So you play soccer too?”

“Yeah, it’s a good way to keep busy. So tell me, what’s the deal with you two? You guys together or some shit?”

“No. I don’t even like him that much.” You lied. You weren’t about to let on how much you really did care for Calum to his best mate.

“Wow he wasn’t kidding.”

“About what?”

“You really hate him.” You just shrugged, crossing your arms in front of your chest. “He’ll never get you to fall for him.”

“Is…Is that what he’s trying to do?”

“I mean, between you and me he really doesn’t want to write his own papers if you know what I mean.”

“Wow. There must be something in your gatorade there on the field because every single soccer boy I meet is a grade A asshole.”

“Jesus, you are a bitch. Calum was right.”

You tried your best to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. It was one thing hearing Calum poke fun at you, because at this point it was just your guys’ thing. But to hear that he had been tarnishing your reputation to people you had never even met? How long would it take for the entire soccer team to know you had let him into your pants in an abandoned locker room? You’d be surprised if they didn’t already know the intimate details of your hookup. You felt so stupid. He had played you, just like you thought he would.

You turned away from Luke, moving through the throng of people, wanting to get out of this stupid party you never should have agreed to.

You made it out of the building and halfway across the quad before you heard your name being called. Once again you just kept walking away from him.

“You’re bailing already? What did I do?”

“I thought we weren’t going to lie to each other.”


“God I mean, I knew this was a bad idea but I can honestly say this took me by surprise.

“Baby, what the hell are you on about?” He asked, reaching up to stroke your arm.

“I am NOT your baby.” You yelled, pulling out of his grasp, disgust written all over you face.

“Well you should be.”

“Don’t patronize me. You’re a liar and a jerk you know that? You’re just a stupid boy who will never learn and you’re a jerk. Don’t talk to me.”

“No! You do not get to just shut down and not tell me what’s going on.”

“Like you don’t know.” You huffed, trying to walk away, but his grip held you once more.

“Educate me princess, it’s what you do best isn’t it?”

“Luke told me about what you said to him. Tell me, how long will it take for the whole team to know the intimate details of your little conquest. I’m done playing the fool for you Calum, I’ve been doing it all my life and I’m fucking tired.”

“Oh don’t act all self righteous. It’s not like you started this relationship with good intentions either. You wanted your little scholarship or to be the very fucking best or whatever the hell you geeks love so much you didn’t ever give a damn about me.”

“Like you care.”

“Fuck you I do care. I like you okay? There I said it, I fucking like you and I am not going to let you just walk away on me again.”

“You…You like me? Is this a joke?”

“Jesus, you’re so fucking stubborn. Yes I like you. God, I really fucking like you and I don’t want to keep pretending that I don’t. I promised not to lie to you remember?”

You stared at him, your mouth hanging open as you took in the fullness and sincerity behind his words. “Well?”

“Fuck you.”


“Fuck you Calum Hood. Now kiss me.” You growled, stepping into his arms and pressing your lips against his. He inhaled sharply, surprised to feel your lips on his instead of your hand smacking him like he had fully expected. It didn’t take him long to recover though, as his hands found your waist and held you close to him as his lips molded to yours.

He could get used to this, he thought. And he was going to make sure everyone knew it. Calum was finally going to let everyone know the truth. You were his girl.


Part 4


Distance (C.H.)

Background: Calum is a professional football player, assistant captain to be exact, and goes away for three months for tournaments around Europe. However, you don’t get the chance to tell him some vital piece of information before he leaves and he’s in for a surprise when he gets back.

A/N: I will actually write this imagine in first person just to see how it goes. Also, THIS GIF IS NOT MINE.

Masterlist || Ask


(First Person POV)

I hunched over the toilet once again as I emptied the contents of my stomach once more. I felt my hair being secured into a makeshift ponytail behind my head in one hand while another rubbed soothing circles onto my back.
“Babe, that’s the third time today that you’ve been sick. You were also sick a few times yesterday too. I think you should go to the doctors and get yourself checked out,” Calum told me worriedly.
I sat back onto my heels as I spit into the toilet. “Yeah, I’ll schedule an appointment for tomorrow,” I reassured him and stood up to go brush my teeth.
He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist as he nuzzled his face into my neck as I brushed my teeth. “I’m just worried about you, babe. You don’t get sick often.”
I spit the toothpaste out into the sink, rinsed my mouth, and dried myself off. I spin around in his arms and loop mine loosely around his neck. “You always worry, Calum, but it’s okay because that only means that you care. I feel fine, aside from the sickness. I’m sure it’s just some food poisoning from the food we ate yesterday.”
He still frowned at me. “Still get yourself checked out, okay?”
I rolled my eyes. “I will, Mr. Worrypants. I’ll try to get one around the same time as your meeting tomorrow.”
He nodded, satisfied with my answer. “Just to put my mind at ease.”

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Soccer Star- Calum Hood

Originally posted by imagines16

Summary: Cal tries to teach you soccer but doesn’t know you used to play 

A/N: A lovely anon requested this, tanks v much xx. Lol i got a lot of cal requests and i just wanted to say that you guys can request other boys too lol much love

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Calum Hood - I’m Not Here For My Ball

You may or may not have seen something like this, but in fewer words and less details. I saw it from tumblr on my instagram and I screenshotted it and wanted to expand on it, so I take no credit for the idea of it, but I did write this because of it :)


I’d been struggling to write this next chapter all afternoon. It needed to be written and edited and posted tonight, but my mind was blank. I simply couldn’t think of any words to write down let alone form sentences. But I tried to stick with it, my family was out for the afternoon and I finally had undisturbed, quiet time to write. 

Frustrated I went to the kitchen to get myself a drink, maybe some time away from my laptop would give me ideas of what to write about. The doorbell rang just as I was about to walk back into my room to write, so I went to answer it, seeing my neighbour Calum standing there.

My eyes looked down his body, shirtless and slightly sweaty. Moving my eyes back up his body to meet his eyes, a smirk on his lips, was I that obvious? “Yes?” I asked, impatiently, I needed to get back writing.

“I kicked my ball over your fence, can I get it?”

“Yeah, I’ll go get it,” I turned around, leaving Calum at the door although I heard him follow me in. He closed the front door behind him and followed me through my house to the garden, I unlocked the backdoor and picking up his ball from the middle of the garden. He stayed near the door as I turned back around holding out the ball. I held it out with my arms out stretched, but he stepped closer into the ball. My arms bent as he pushed the ball into my stomach when he stepped closer. His hands were over mine, holding the ball and my hands, as we made eye contact once again. 

“Try not to kick it over the fence again, yeah?”

“Why? You busy doing something?”

“Yeah, I am actually,”

“I’ll try my best.” He winked at me as he moved his hands from the tops of mine and took the ball from me. Winking before walking back through the house, I followed him out and locked the door once he left. Now back to writing this new chapter.

I thought a change in scenery would be beneficial, so I moved myself into the living room. Just as I sat down onto the couch the doorbell rang again. Getting up I answered the door, instantly seeing Calum, still shirtless and sweaty. Turning around instantly, I knew what he wanted, his ball. Again, I unlocked the back door and grabbed his ball from the grass in my garden. Instead I threw it at him, “kick it over again, and I’ll pop it.” He nodded and muttered a thank you with a laugh, “I’m serious,”

“I know you are.” I shook my head at him with a smile as he turned and left my house once again. Again, I locked the front door, but left the back door unlocked this time. Moving back to the couch I began writing, finally something. 490 words in, the doorbell rang, again, for the final time. I got up, shutting the laptops lid, moving to the front door. “Seriously?” I asked, he had a smile on his face and nodded once. I started to move through the house, but his hand grabbed my lower arm. It turned me around and made me face him, “I told you I’d pop it.”

Calum simply took my other arm in his hand and moved closer to me. I stepped back, typically he walked me into the wall, moving our bodies together. I could feel the heat from his bare chest go through my thin shirt. “What?” I looked in his eyes, his smile still there on his face. He shook his head still smiling at me as he moved his head closer to mine, I looked down, roughly at his neck/shoulder/collarbone area. One of his hands moved down my arm into my hand and the other let go of my arm to move to my chin, lifting my head. 

“I’m not here for my ball,”

“Then why are you-” It was his lips on mine that cut my words off, shocked I didn’t kiss back. Calum pulled back, “Kiss me,” he breathed out on my lips before returning his lips. This time however, I did kiss back, it finally sunk in what was happening, and I was completely prepared for it.

//Part Two//

//Part Three//

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sergio freaking ramos :’)

Rockin’ modern earth day soccer-mom summer REALNESS

(super uncanon artwork super uncanon SUPER NON CANON)
Balgheera is my new favourite muscle baby. For some reason I’m diggin’ the Porcelain Black whenever I’m doodlin’ this boo. 

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losing him would be one of the worst things that could happen to this club

30 Minutes

Word Count: 1k

A/N: Soccer!Calum is my aesthetic and it’s what fuels my life so I’m not sorry if I post about 3 of these in a short amount of time.

Mobile Masterlist // Masterlist

30 minutes. 30 minutes until your shift at the local sports store was over. Business was slow today, and all you wanted to do was head out onto the practice field in the back and just mess around. Soccer was your life. You practically eat, breathe, and live soccer. Your skills were more advanced than anyone else’s around. Colleges practically begged you to join their team, and professional teams were already on the hunt to get you to sign a contract.

You didn’t think that anyone else was going to come in tonight, so you started to clean things up since it was your turn to close. It was calming to close/work by yourself. There was a speaker system hooked up around the store, so you were able to plug your phone in and play some of your own music to make the time go by faster. 

The music was so loud that you almost didn’t hear the bell above the door ring. Your eyes dart over and you see a younger looking boy standing there. His dark skin was practically glowing from the white shirt he was wearing. Tattoos littered his arms, and his hair was sticking to his forehead from the blistering heat outside. 

“Do you have any good soccer cleats I could buy?” His deeper voice brought you out of your gaze as you stumbled all the way through your sentence, “Uhm, ya we do. What kind do you want? There are a ton back there.” He nods and smiles the brightest smile you’ve ever seen as he follows where your finger was pointing towards the wall of cleats towards the back of the room. 

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