summer soccer

“What Season Is It?”

“It’s [spring/summer/winter/autumn].”: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces 

“It’s [insert name of current sport] season.”: Aries, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius 

“It’s [insert current zodiac sign] season.”: Gemini, Leo

The dark haired main character who is basically a prodigy at their sport look.

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A Fine Line-Part 4

Calum Hood Imagine

 A/N: This is the last part of this series! Thank you everyone for reading/requesting and I’m sorry it took so long to post this but I’ve had a good time writing this and I hope you guys like it! *unedited whoops 

 Summary: He’s a star soccer player and you’re just a face in the crowd. But you mean more to him than anyone in the world and he was finally going to show everyone how much you mean to him.

~Approx 2.8k words~
~Warnings: Sensual behavior~

 |Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three|


“C’mon just one more question and then we’ll call it a night. You’ve been doing so well Cal!”

“Babe if I even have to continue looking at this textbook I’ll go blind don’t push me.”

“Calum Hood you’re better than that.” You scolded.

“Jesus how do you do this shit night after night, we’ve been at it three hours and I think I’m actually about to die.”

“Oh you’re just a big baby.”

“I am not a baby.” He pouted, his thick eyebrows knitting together.

“Yes you are, you’re a tiny baby.”

Calum grinned, standing up from his place on your bed before suddenly reaching over to you and tackling you onto the mattress.

“Calum!” You squealed as he pinned you, kissing up your neck as you giggled at the feeling.

“You and I both know there’s nothing tiny about me, isn’t that right princess.” You could barely form a proper thought with his lips on your skin, doing nothing but letting out a barely audible agreeance complete with a nod. You could feel him smirking but you didn’t care as his lips met yours in a deep kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into you. His plump lips felt so good against your own, his tongue invading your mouth in the most intimate way. His body was almost all the way on top of yours, his bicep protruding as he held himself above you. The only sound in the small dorm room was the sound of his lips kissing yours, the cute smacking sounds echoing off the walls. You let out a small whimper as he took your bottom lip between his teeth and gave it a small tug.

“Come to my game tomorrow.” He whispered as his hand slipped under your shirt, his fingers brushing your skin and leaving goosebumps in his wake. “I want you to wear my jersey.” He mumbled against your skin as he buried his head in your shoulder.

“What?” You gasped, pulling away from him so you could look at him properly.

“I want everyone to know who you belong to.”

“And who would that be?” You mused, your eyes sparkling with playful mischief.

“To me princess. You belong to me.”

“Oh do I? And who made that decision.”

“I did.” He growled, kissing your lips hard. “You’re mine and tomorrow everyone is going to know.”

“I don’t belong to anyone.” You huffed, pushing him away from you.

Calum raised his eyebrows as he pursed his lips before delicately moving your hair behind your shoulder, his fingers lightly brushing the skin on your collarbone. “Then why does my touch do this to you?” He asked, referring to the raised skin. “Why does your body react so well to my kiss?” He asked, leaning in again to place his lips were his fingers had been. “Why does the sound of my name make you shiver? Why does the pleasure I give you feel better than anyone else’s” He teased, nipping at your earlobe. “Face it baby. We belong to each other. Always have and always will.” He delivered a light slap to your backside making you yelp and cling to him. “I think it’s about time everyone else knew that too.” He gave you one last kiss before hopping off the bed and snagging his backpack from where he had left it on your desk chair. “I’ll have someone bring the jersey over. Game’s at seven. I’ll leave tickets for you at will call.” He smiled before leaning in for one last kiss. “See you soon, love you.” He said casually before walking out the door.

Holy shit. Your brain was humming with all the information he had just given you, you had almost missed his last words to you. Had he meant them? Was he serious, or was it just an absentminded slip up like telling the pizza guy you loved him by mistake? Whatever the explanation was you couldn’t deny the buzzing in your brain and the butterflies in your stomach at his small confession. Did Calum Hood love you? Or was this all still just some game to him. How could two people drift from one end of the spectrum to another so quickly? Either he had always loved you or he was lying, and you were going to find out which one it was.


You hadn’t been able to sleep at all that night, Calums words floating through your subconscious and haunting your dreams. Two months ago you had hated the boy. Hell you had only started tutoring him to better your own academic goals and you almost hadn’t gone through with it out of pure disdain for the dark haired soccer player.

“Fuck.” You mumbled as you paced around the small dorm room. It was a quarter to six and you were about as anxious about it as you could possibly be. A sharp knock on the door did nothing to calm your nerves. You practically jumped out of your skin at the sound, but managed to pull yourself together enough to answer it.

You were surprised to see a member of Calum’s team, whom you recognized as Kai Brooklyn, standing at your door holding a large box with a red bow. “Calum told me to swing by and give this to you.” He announced, handing you the box. You took it, muttering a thank you and a good luck before shutting the door. You let out a shaky breath as you opened the box, four white letters standing out against the solid red making your breath catch in your throat. There was a handwritten note inside as well, the lettering unmistakably Calum’s.

I’m playing for you tonight baby girl. -CH’

A smile creeped its way onto your face as you pulled his namesake jersey over your head. You studied yourself in the mirror, his shirt reaching down to mid-thigh on you. You bit your lip, loving the way it looked on you. You grabbed your university sweatshirt and pulled on a pair of leggings, snagging a beanie for warmth just in case the game ran long before heading out the door and making your way to the field.


The stadium was packed with people, the ticket line to get in wrapping around the corner but all you had to do was walk straight up to will call. You gave them your name, the girl at the front counter chuckling as she handed you the tickets. “I don’t think Calum’s ever left tickets for anyone.” She said. “First time for everything I guess.”

“I guess.” You mumbled, taking your ticket before walking off to find your seat. You were seated in the front section of the large arena, so close to the field you were sure there wouldn’t be a second of the game you would miss. It was almost seven and the crowd was bustling with excitement. You could feel the stares of the other students burning into your back, Calum’s last name like a beacon to anyone who attended the school. Everyone knew who he was and everyone wanted to know who the lucky girl who bore his name on her back was. You sat down in the red folding chair, putting your bag on the chair next to you as you settled in and watched the band warm up.

A tap on your shoulder made you jump and you turned to see a short girl with long soft hair and deep brown eyes staring at you with the same color soccer jersey you had on adorning her small frame.

“Hi!’ She said with a smile, her white teeth standing out against her dark skin. Her makeup was done perfectly, her smile matching the color of the jersey.


“I’m Zakira!” She waved. “I think I have the seat next to you.” She smiled as you reached to move your bag that was in her seat. She turned and you gasped as the name ‘Hemmings’ in white block letters flashed across her back. She noticed your shock and let out a cute laugh. “I know who would’ve thought Luke had it in him to find a girlfriend.”

“No, it’s not that! I just had no idea he was with anyone.”

“Neither did anyone else. It’s been…” She hesitated as if finding the right words to say. “Complicated between us for the last few months, but we’ve finally got it figured out.” She laughed again.

“I know how you feel.” You joined in on her laughter.

“I suspect you do. The Hood and Hemmings names don’t come without all that it seems.” You were about to agree with her but you were cut off by the sound of the announcer introducing the starting lineup. The moment Luke’s name was called Zakira was on her feet, cheering and yelling her boyfriend’s name. You thought you saw him shoot her a wink and the smile on her face confirmed your theory. When they called Calum’s name, you did the same although he didn’t have the courtesy to acknowledge your presence like Luke had with his girlfriend. Zakira noticed as well, shooting you a sympathetic smile before returning to her cheering.

Before you knew it the game had begun. For as amazing as Calum played during practice, he played a hundred times better during the game. He seemed to be able to anticipate each movement, detecting exactly where the ball would go at all times. He was amazing and you weren’t the only one who noticed. Practically the entire stadium was cheering his name as he zoomed across the field.

During half time as the band and the dance squad did their respective routines, Zakira had gone for snacks at concessions, leaving you alone. Calum still hadn’t even looked your way and you were upset to discover exactly how disappointed you were. You could hear the snickering of a few jealous students from behind you, your name being passed around as they discovered the same thing you had. It seemed that the whole school knowing you were Calum’s girl wasn’t as good of a thing as you had hoped it would be. If nothing else at least you had good seats to a good game.

Finally, as the end of the game drew near the score was tied. Both teams were fighting hard and you were on the edge of your seat as the forward for the other team had the ball and was racing towards to goal. Suddenly, out of nowhere Calum came barreling towards the opposing forward, his footwork unbelievably quick as he stole the ball from under his feet and sprinted in the opposite direction. You rose to your feet as he dodged players coming at him, the ball a few feet out in front of him as he ran towards the goal.

“C’mon Cal.” You said under your breath, wary of the scoreboard clock ticking down as he ran. He neared the goal and you watched in amazement as he took a brief pause to line up before shooting the ball. You felt time slow as the ball was in the air, the entire stadium holding its breath.

You should have known after hours of watching him play exactly what the ball was going to do. It sailed into the net with a satisfying whoosh, the roar of the crowd wild as the buzzer sounded. Calum had won! But what he did next, no one could have predicted. You gasped as a pair of brown eyes met yours, a smile adorning his face as he pointed directly at you.

“For you!” He mouthed unmistakably, the jumbo screen catching his every movement as it all eyes fell upon you. He had dedicated the winning goal to you and the entire school had seen. Your mouth hung open as he proceeded to blow you a kiss from his place on the field before his teammates rushed out to him and lifted him onto their shoulders, the entire arena cheering his name. He looked like that was where he was always meant to be and you suspected it was. His arm was still in the air, pointing at you as he smiled from his place on top of the world.


You waited up for him after the game, the security allowing you to wait next to the fence and away from the crowd. The second coach let them out of the team huddle Calum came bounding over to you. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Luke sprinting towards Zakira, a huge smile on his face as he picked her up and spun her around. You felt happy for the tall boy, despite how much of a dick he had been to you the last time you spoke with him. But you figured if a girl like Zakira wanted to be with him then he couldn’t be all bad.

“You came!” Calum smiled. Hopping the fence, he bounded over to you, scooping you into his arms in a tight bear hug.

“Of course I came.” You laughed as he set you back down on your feet.

“God, you look so hot right now.” He mumbled, pressing his forehead against yours as his eyes raked over your body. “My name looks good on you.” He smirked.

“I didn’t think you even noticed me up until the end there.”

He snorted. “Of course I noticed you. I just knew if I took one look over at you I’d spend the whole game with you on my mind instead of the game.” You felt heat rise to your cheeks at his words, a small smile creeping onto your face.

“I told the guys I’d meet them in the locker room. Wait for me?”

“Of course.” You smiled, giving him a small peck on the cheek before pulling away from him. He frowned however, grabbing your wrist and pulling you back into him.

“You call that a kiss? I did just score the winning goal you know, I think I deserve something better than that.” You rolled your eyes before leaning in again. He closed his eyes, prepared for your lips on his, but this time you gave his nose a quick kiss before running out of his reach.

“I’ll see you soon superstar.”


It certainly didn’t take him long to finish up in the locker room. When he emerged his hair was still damp from the shower and he had changed into sweatpants and a university tee shirt with his name on the back.

“There you are princess.” He smirked, opening his arms for your to run into. You wrapped your arms around his waist before giving him a big kiss on the lips.

“Congratulations superstar.”

“Well I wouldn’t be here without you ya know.”

“What do you mean?” You knit your brows together in confusion.

“Got my latest grade report back.” He smiled. “Got all of my failing grades up to C’s.”

You gasped. “Calum! That’s amazing I’m so proud of you!”

“Coach said I could stay on the team. Between the grade change and that goal I don’t think he’ll ever consider dropping me.”

“That makes me so happy.” You beamed at him.

“You make me happy.” He said softly, kissing your forehead.

“Calum.” You said suddenly, looking up at him with a serious expression. “What you said to me before you left yesterday…”

“I didn’t mean to say it.” He interrupted.

“Oh. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring it up.” You looked away in embarrassment.

“No, no,no sweetheart that’s not what I mean.” He took your face in his hands, his expression sweet.

“You’ve turned my world upside down. You’ve had a place in my heart from the day I met you, you know that. I just didn’t want the first time I said I love you to be so awkward and rushed.”

“Oh that makes sense.”

“But I do.”


“I do love you. Princess you take my breath away and I don’t want another second to go by where you doubt that.”

“Y-You love me?”

“I love you.” His thumb stroked your cheek and you couldn’t help but let a tear slip from your eye, which he quickly wiped away. You couldn’t believe that the person you had hated most in the world was now someone you couldn’t bear losing. The thought of it made the next words roll of your tongue much smoother as you looked into the deep brown of his eyes .

“I love you too Calum Hood.”