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Do you have any murder mystery story ideas, I'm sorter stuck on inspiration?


Okay so some settings (these are if you want your characters in a confined area):
- Summer camp
- Ski lodge
- Camp ground
- College Dorm
- Cruise
- Party
- Island

- a particular team/club
- rich people
- friend group
- members of a certain organization
- criminals
- family
- members of a certain religion

- hate
- revenge
- “justice”
- greed/personal gain
- fun
- strategy

- ghost
- psycho
- monster
- leader of a group
- vigilante

The ‘detective’:
- an actual detective
- the ghost of a victim
- an almost victim
- someone close to the victim
- a curious person
- witness of the murder (who couldn’t see the murderer)

Okay, so those are just random categories you can mix and match. Here’s some specfic ideas:

- tell the story from the POV of the murderer, but the readers don’t know the MC is the murderer til the end. For example, maybe the murderer makes themself think that they are innocent to save themselves from their guilt.

- all of the ghosts of the victims work together to figure out who killed them.

- elaborating on the above, since they’re all new ghosts, they can’t communicate with the human world too well. So they find a medium, and try to relay the info they’re figuring out to the medium. Then, the medium is trying to tell the police the info. But the police think the medium is crazy, until some of the medium’s info matches up with the police’s discovery. Then, the police get suspicious that the medium is the killer stringing them along and take the medium into custody. The ghosts try to break the medium out. . . If someone doesn’t write this, I will.

- a vigilante kills people who weren’t convicted for their crimes, despite compelling evidence. One person suspects that they could be a victim, and decides to kill the vigilante before the vigilante kills them first

- a hacker finds the killer’s digital hit list. They tip off the police, but the police have recieved a ton of false tips (from the killer to throw off the cops) so they don’t do much. The hacker considers telling the police how they know the info, but don’t because it would get themself in trouble. The hacker takes it into their own hands to protect the to-be victims and find the killer

- in one of those confined area settings I mentioned above, people start dying off. The MC trys to figure it out before they themself are killed. It turns out to be the beloved SO of the MC (who’s also a very likable character and you know would be a fan favorite)

- elaborating on the above, the SO claims that they were killing people for the MC because the SO is part of a weird cult and is thoroughly convinced they need to kill people to protect the MC

- again, in one of those confined settings, people wake up to find out like 6 other people are dead. It turns out that each of the central characters killed one of them. (that would be a really weird coincidence though and would require you to explain tf out of how 6 people all decided to kill someone that night)

- a person figures out that the detective responsible for solving the murder case is the murderer so the person takes it into their own hands to prove the detective guilty

I LOVE THIS ASK. Please, please, please if you write a murder mystery tell me where to find it.