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The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This (BOXINLION & Vyel Cover Remix)

(photo taken after eating 2 veggie burgers on an empty stomach)

there are days that you feel in love with your body; you’ve been eating well, drinking lots of water, and exercising almost daily and your body reflects it.

this photo was taken two weeks ago and it’s a photo I often look back at because when I restarted my journey to fitness, I was doing really well for the first few weeks. i fell back into eating healthy and exercising easily and some of the weight I put on during my break easily melted off.

so I was greedy, I kept expecting that result from my body; and when it didn’t happen as easily through the following weeks and I experienced bloating n etc I became very dissatisfied with my image and began thinking unhealthy thoughts.

you don’t eat the same exact foods everyday, you don’t exercise the same exact way everyday, so in tangent your body will not look the same everyday. don’t become greedy with your results; small, gradual change is better than yo-yo dieting and change.

you will achieve your dream. just be nicer to yourself and change will come, albeit slowly, but you’ll find it will stick around much longer than before.

Enouement- 18

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: Lots????

Warnings: None

Master   Part 17

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The living room was full of boxes, shoved up against walls with Sharpie scribbled on the sides. The windows were open, a gentle breeze flowing in and carrying the music of an old CD player through the house. The floors shined, freshly mopped, and you hummed along to the song as you wiped down each and every surface of the kitchen.

The screen door squeaked open and Bucky huffed, pushing through the open door with a heavy box in his hands. Steve was on his heels, carrying a box he could barely see around, and the two pairs of sneakers squeaked on the floor as they sat the boxes down among the others. Poking your head around the corner, you frowned at them both.

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