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Cullen leaned against the fire truck, helmet tucked neatly under an arm, trying not to look too useless and failing. Calls like these were cakewalks, rarely requiring every member of the squad, and so Cullen delegated his subordinates to take charge of the situation. An old man with trouble breathing after a fight with his granddaughter was hardly a situation that warranted the directives of Lieutenant Rutherford. And so Cullen leaned against the truck, hiding out from the summer sun in the shade it cast, picking idly at his teeth until they were allowed to go.

The quick pulse of a police siren’s wail caused Cullen to prick up, both at the harshness of the sound and the interest at who might be arriving on scene. He was relieved to recognize a familiar form, an auburn head looming conspicuously over the crowd. Alistair was the only one on scene who towered over Cullen, and it was an unprecedented relief that Cullen felt at the sight of him.

“Hey,” he greeted, a wide, toothy sort of grin on his face. “I was starting to think you guys wouldn’t show up. Only one slower than you is the gosh danged ambulance. Did you know EMS actually stands for Earn Money Sleeping?”

Grinning at his own pathetic joke, he pointed quickly to the building in question. “Domestic disturbance, but just a verbal altercation from what I gather, though that’s not the official report.  I’ve already got Romero inside with the old man on O2 until the bus gets here, but the granddaughter who called dispatch took off. So I don’t expect you’ll be in there very long.”

Cullen smacked impishly at Alistair’s arm with the back of his hand, relaxing at once into a more comfortable register. “Where you been, man? The last two calls we’ve gotten, I had your boy show up—  Anders, I think? Whatever. Let’s just say he wasn’t half as charming as you would have been. I didn’t hear what he’d said, but I did catch the little old lady taking her rubber slipper off and throwing it at his head. If it was you in there, I’m pretty sure she would have been throwing her Depends at you. Like, but in a sexy way.” 

The Best Summer Shades

Freshen up your look with a new pair of sunglasses

An essential for sun-blaring days and the perfect signature accessory, a good pair of shades can last you a lifetime (unless you tend to lose them, of course). Even if you have a go-to pair, it’s always nice to have multiple styles on hand to suit your outfit or mood, or even the weather. Whether you’re look is more rugged, polished or hipster, we have no-fail options for any style.

1. Hugo Boss Plastic Flat Top Frame Sunglasses

2. Hugo Boss Matte Black Rimless Aviator Sunglasses

3. Oakley ‘Holbrook LX’ 55mm Sunglasses

4. Shwood ‘Belmont’ 48mm Wood Sunglasses

5. Spy Optic ‘Helm’ 57mm Polarized Sunglasses

6. Ray-Ban ‘Classic Wayfarer’ 50mm Sunglasses

7. Carrera Eyewear 55mm Sunglasses

8. Oliver Peoples West ‘Piedra’ 58mm Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

9. Persol ‘714’ Folding Polarized 54mm Keyhole Sunglasses

10. Ray-Ban ‘Clubmaster’ 51mm Sunglasses