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I made this for fun, but may continue these girls’ story if there’s any interest. I really want to draw them reacting to future episodes of SU, and make there relationship progress. We’ll see. 

All drawn traditionally with watercolor and Uni pens. 

Steven Universe and Puella Magi Madoka Magica Comparison

1. Homura and Pearl deep love for pink hairs 

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2. Madoka and Steven better solution 

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3. Red and blue 

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4. Able to summon weapons from their gems 

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5. Gems are their life source 

6. Corruption 

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I just realize that Madoka Magica and Steven Universe are pretty similar

I Can’t Do This Without You

 Ashton Irwin x Reader

Fandom: 5SOS

Warnings: Angst

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: Ashton’s girlfriend threatens to leave

Author: Sapphire

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“I can’t do this anymore Ashton! What don’t you understand about that?”

“Please don’t leave me baby. I can’t do this with out you.”

“I’m home. All the time. Alone!“ I turned away from him, tears stung my eyes.

“I know babe. I’m sorry. But you knew this was going to happen when the band got big.”

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